Social Victorians/1885-03-17 Duchess of Bedford Reception

Reception, or Evening Party, hosted by the Duchess of BedfordEdit


  • 1885 March 17, Tuesday night
  • The Duchess of Bedford's residence, Eaton Square
  • Host: Elizabeth Sackville-West Russell, Duchess of Bedford

Who Was PresentEdit

  1. the German Ambassador George Herbert Münster and the Countesses Olga and Marie Münster
  2. the Turkish Ambassador and Madlle. Musurus
  3. the Brazilian Minister and Baroness de Penedo
  4. the Spanish Minister
  5. the Portuguese Minister and Madame d'Antas
  6. the Netherlands Minister and the Countess de Bylandt
  7. the Swedish Minister
  8. Madame de Staal
  9. Baron de Plessen
  10. Blum Pasha
  11. Count N. Adlerberg
  12. Count and Countess Francis Lützow
  13. M. and Madame de Zulueta
  14. M. Anatole Kroupensky
  15. Captain Oldekop
  16. Baroness de Brienen and Madlle. de Brienen
  17. the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk
  18. the Duke of Argyll and Lady Evelyn Campbell
  19. the Duchess of Roxburghe and Lady Sarah Spencer Churchill
  20. the Marquis of Northampton
  21. the Lord Chancellor and Lady Sophia Palmer
  22. Earl Manvers and Lady Mary Pierrepont
  23. the Earl and Countess of Denbigh and Lady Clare Feilding
  24. the Earl of Arran and Lady Mabel Gore
  25. the Earl and Countess of Rosebery
  26. the Earl and Countess of Wharncliffe
  27. the Countess of Bradford and Lady Mabel Bridgeman
  28. Earl Fortescue
  29. the Countess of Cork and Lady Isabel Boyle
  30. the Countess of Lathom and the Ladies Wilbraham (2)
  31. the Countess of Airlie and Lady Griselda Ogilvy
  32. the Earl of Sefton
  33. the Earl and Countess of Derby and Lady Margaret Cecil
  34. Earl and Countess Beauchamp
  35. the Earl of Ducie and Misses Oakley (2)
  36. Earl and Countess Waldegrave
  37. the Countess of Galloway
  38. the Earl and Countess of Mar
  39. Elizabeth Countess of Harrington
  40. Countess De-La-Warr
  41. Earl Stanhope
  42. the Earl of Dalhousie
  43. the Countess of Lytton and Lady Betty Lytton
  44. Viscountess Strangford
  45. the Dowager Viscountess Canterbury
  46. Viscountess Bury and the Hon. Misses Keppel (2)
  47. Lord Gerard
  48. Lord and Lady Auckland
  49. Lord and Lady Arthur Russell
  50. Lord Sudeley
  51. Lady Abercromby
  52. Lord and Lady Alexander Russell
  53. Lady Lucy Hicks Beach and Lady Frances Fortescue
  54. Hon. Lady Cotterell and Miss Cotterell
  55. Lady Antrobus and Miss F. Antrobus
  56. Hon. Lady Biddulph
  57. Lady Fanny Marjoribanks
  58. Lady Henry Somerset
  59. Lady Boston and Hon. Miss Irby
  60. Lady Brassey and Miss Brassey
  61. Field-Marshal Lord Strathnairn
  62. Lady Francis Gordon and Miss Gordon
  63. Lady Georgiana Peel and Miss Peel
  64. Lady Elizabeth Romilly and Miss Romilly
  65. Lady Hermione Graham and Miss Graham
  66. Lady Maria Ponsonby and Miss Ponsonby
  67. Baroness Burdett-Coutts and Mr. Burdett-Coutts
  68. Lady Elizabeth Biddulph and Misses Biddulph (2)
  69. the Right Hon. Sir Henry and Lady Elliot and Miss Elliot
  70. Hon. Miss Henniker
  71. Hon. Kenneth Howard
  72. Captain the Hon. Randolph Stewart
  73. Hon. Eric Barrington and Miss Dallas Yorke
  74. Hon. Mr. Hastings
  75. Hon. Gilbert Hastings
  76. Hon. Mrs. William Lowther and Misses Lowther (2)
  77. Hon. Mrs. Hallyburton Campbell
  78. Captain the Hon. E. Dawson
  79. Hon. Ashley and Mrs. Ponsonby
  80. Hon. F. Hanbury-Tracy, M.P., and Mrs. Hanbury-Tracy
  81. the Prime Minister and Mrs. Gladstone
  82. the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Erskine May and Miss Laughton
  83. General the Right Hon. Sir Henry Ponsonby and Miss Ponsonby
  84. the Right Hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, M.P., and Miss Childers
  85. Sir John and Lady Burgoyne
  86. Sir Francis Deny
  87. Sir William Rose
  88. Sir Philip and Lady Pauncefote Duncombe and Miss Duncombe
  89. Colonel Sir R. and Hon. Lady Loyd-Lindsay
  90. General Sir Francis and Lady Seymour
  91. Sir John and Lady Lubbock
  92. Sir Arthur Sullivan
  93. Mr. and Lady Selina Hervey
  94. Mr. and Lady Margaret Graham
  95. General Higginson, C.B., and Miss Higginson
  96. Colonel and Mrs. Malet
  97. General and Hon. Mrs. Cecil Ives
  98. Colonel and Mrs. Haygarth
  99. Colonel Arthur Collins
  100. the Dean of Westminster and Mrs. Bradley and Miss Bradley
  101. Mr. Herbert Malet
  102. Mr. Arthur Malet
  103. Mr. Francis Stephens
  104. Mr. and Mrs. Warre Malet and Miss E. Warre Malet
  105. Mr. Cosmo Romilly
  106. Mr. Algernon Turnor
  107. Mr. Owen Morshead
  108. Mr. and Miss Biddulph
  109. Mr. Ralli, M.P., and Miss Ralli
  110. Mr. Henry Clarke
  111. Mrs. and Miss Villiers
  112. Mr. George Russell, M.P., Mrs. Ward and Misses Ward (2)
  113. Mrs. Arthur Kennard
  114. Mrs. Peel and Miss Peel
  115. Mrs. Oakeley
  116. Mr. Austin Lee
  117. Mrs. and Miss Cavendish Bentinck
  118. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Seymour
  119. Mrs. and Miss Hervey
  120. Mr. Alfred Denison
  121. Mr. George Moreton
  122. Mr. Augustus Hare
  123. Mr. E. Hamilton
  124. Mr. and Miss Munro
  125. Mr. Conway Seymour
  126. Mr. Willoughby Maycock
  127. Mr. Henry Oppenheim
  128. Mr. R. Bagot
  129. Mr. C. Clifford, M.P.
  130. Misses Cotes (2)
  131. Mr. George Repton, M.P.
  132. Mr. and Mrs. Leeky
  133. Mr. C. Ford
  134. Mr. Fitzroy
  135. Mr. Long
  136. Mr. and Mrs. Spottiswoode and Miss Spottiswoode
  137. Mr. Biddulph

Questions and NotesEdit