Social Victorians/1884-07-02 Hartington Reception

The Marquis of Hartington's Reception for the Duke of CambridgeEdit


  • 1884 July 2
  • Devonshire House
  • Hosted by the Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquis of Hartington in honor of the Duke of Cambridge

Who Was PresentEdit

  1. the Marquis of Hartington
  2. the Duke of Cambridge
  3. The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador and Countess Karolyi
  4. Madame Waddington and Miss King
  5. the Persian Minister
  6. the Brazilian Minister and Baroness de Penedo
  7. the Japanese Chargé d'Affaires
  8. Count and Countess de Florian
  9. M. Gavard
  10. Colonel Descharmes
  11. the Persian Chargé d'Affaires
  12. Count Steenbock
  13. M. Desmes
  14. Count Bettoni
  15. Blum Pasha
  16. M. E. Toutain
  17. Commander and Mrs. Chadwick
  18. Baron Haan
  19. M. P. Crozier
  20. M. and Madame Tachard and Miss Tachard
  21. Count Moltke
  22. Count and Countess d'Aubigny
  23. Mr. Henry White
  24. M. and Madame Gosch
  25. Madlle. di [Hornu??]
  26. the Duchess of Sutherland
  27. the Duchess of Richmond and Gordon and Lady Caroline Gordon Lennox
  28. the Duke and Duchess of Leeds
  29. the Marquis of Salisbury and Lady Gwendolen Cecil
  30. Maria Marchioness of Ailesbury
  31. the Marquis of Normanby [sic]
  32. the Marquis of Exeter and Ladies Isabel and Louisa Cecil
  33. the Dowager Marchioness of Huntly and Lady Elena Gordon
  34. the Countess of Jersey and Hon. Miss Leigh and Miss Wombwell
  35. Countess Gleichen and Countess Fedora Gleichen
  36. the Earl and Countess of Carysfort and Miss Heathcote
  37. the Earl of Powis
  38. the Earl and Countess of Romney
  39. the Countess of Ducie [??]
  40. the Countess of Rosebery
  41. the Earl of Home
  42. the Earl of Zetland
  43. the Countess of Mayo
  44. the Countess of Portsmouth and Lady Camilla Wallop
  45. the Earl and Countess of St. Germans
  46. Earl and Countess Bathurst and Lady Georgiana Bathurst
  47. Isabella Countess of Wilton
  48. the Countess of Morley
  49. the Earl and Countess of Cork and Lady Emily Boyle
  50. the Earl and Countess of Londoun
  51. the Earl of Dysart and Lady Huntingtower
  52. the Countess Howe and Ladies Curzon
  53. Viscount Eversley and Hon. Miss Shaw Lefevre
  54. Viscountess Chetwynd and Hon. Misses Chetwynd
  55. Viscount and Viscountess Hood and Hon. Miss Hood
  56. Viscount Lymington
  57. Viscount Barrington
  58. Viscount and Viscountess Lewisham
  59. Dowager Viscountess Galway and Lord Houghton
  60. Viscountess Anson and Lady Beatrice Anson
  61. Lord Campbell
  62. Lady Brassey and Miss Brassey
  63. Lady Perry and Miss Perry,
  64. Lady Constance Stanley and Lady B. Wilbraham
  65. Lady Colville and Hon. Miss Colville
  66. Lord Aberdare
  67. Lady Hothfield
  68. Lord and Lady Edward Pelham Clinton
  69. Lord and Lady Lawrence
  70. Lord Harlech and Hon. Miss Ormsby Gore
  71. Lady Mary FitzWilliam
  72. the Bishop of Carlisle and Mrs. Goodwin
  73. Lord and Lady Belper
  74. Lady Conyers and Hon. Misses Lane Fox
  75. Lord and Lady Kensington
  76. Lord William Compton
  77. Lord Mount-Temple
  78. Lady Catherine Weyland and Miss Weyland
  79. Lady Maria Ponsonby and Miss Ponsonby
  80. Lord Lamington and Hon. Violet Cochrane-Baillie
  81. Lady Emily Fitzmaurice
  82. Field-Marshal Lord Strathnairn
  83. Margaret Lady Sandhurst and Hon. Miss Mansfield
  84. Lady Alfred Hervey and Miss Hervey
  85. Lord Sherborne
  86. Lord Dorchester
  87. Lord Foley
  88. Lady Tenterden
  89. Lord and Lady Burghley
  90. Lord and Lady [Suffield?]
  91. Lady Spencer Clifford and Misses Spencer Clifford (??)
  92. Lord Winmarleigh and Hon. Miss Wilson Patten
  93. Lady Tweedmouth
  94. Lord and Lady Wrottesley
  95. Lord and Lady Windsor
  96. Lord Vaux
  97. General Lord Mark Kerr
  98. Lord Thurlow
  99. Lord Stanhope
  100. Lady Baring
  101. Lady Blyth and Miss Blyth
  102. Lord and Lady Alfred Churchill and Miss Spencer Churchill
  103. Lord Frederick FitzRoy and Miss FitzRoy
  104. Lady Caroline Gordon Lennox
  105. Lady Rayleigh
  106. Lord and Lady Greville
  107. Lord and Lady Belper
  108. Lady Clarence Paget and Miss Paget
  109. Colonel Hon. W. P. and Lady Emma Talbot and Misses Talbot (2)
  110. Colonel Hon. William Colville and Miss Colville
  111. Hon. F. Leveson Gower, M.P.
  112. Hon. William Ponsonby
  113. Hon. Chandos and Mrs. Leigh
  114. Hon. Mrs. Glyn and Misses Glyn (2)
  115. Hon. Mrs. Meynell Ingram
  116. Hon. Mrs. Dundas
  117. Colonel Hon. Charles Thesiger and Miss Thesiger
  118. Colonel Hon. Henry and Mrs. Corry
  119. Hon. Mrs. Alexander and Miss Schuster
  120. Hon. G. Brodrick
  121. Hon. R. Milnes
  122. Captain Hon. E. Dawson
  123. Hon K. Howard
  124. the Right Hon. David Plunkett, M.P.
  125. Hon. Lynlph Stanley, M.P., and Mrs. Stanley
  126. Captain Hon. Randolph Stewart
  127. Mr. W. B. Beaumont, M.P.
  128. Mrs. and Miss Gordon
  129. Hon. Lionel Ashley
  130. Hon. Mr. Leigh
  131. Hon. Sir Alexander Cordon, M.P.
  132. Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Brand
  133. Hon. Misses Henniker (2)
  134. Hon. General and Mrs. Fielding and Miss Fielding
  135. Hon. R. Meade and Miss Meade
  136. Hon. W. Lowther
  137. Hon. G. Leigh
  138. Captain Hon. R. Stewart
  139. Colonel Hon. W. Colville and Miss Coville
  140. Hon. Philip Stanhope and Countess Tolstoy
  141. Hon. H. and Miss Willoughby
  142. Hon. Mrs. Pereira and Miss Pereira
  143. the Right Hon. the Master of the Rolls and Lady Brett
  144. the Right Hon. Sir Arthur and Lady Hobhouse
  145. the Right Hon. A. [S?]. Ayrton
  146. the Right Hon. Sir Lyon and Lady Playfair
  147. the Right Hon. George and Lady Constane [?]haw Lefevre
  148. the Right Hon. J. G., and Mrs. Dodson
  149. the Right Hon. W. E. Forster, M.P.
  150. the Right Hon. George and Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck and Miss Cavendish Bentinck
  151. Hon. George Brodrick
  152. the Right Hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mrs. Childers and Miss Childers
  153. the Right Hon. Sir Henry and Lady Ponsonby and Miss Ponsonby
  154. Sir Henry and Lady Thring and Miss Thring
  155. Sir George Balfour, M.P.
  156. Sir Charles Forster, M.P., and Lady Forster
  157. Sir Beauchamp Walker
  158. Sir W. M'Arthur, M.P., and Miss M Arthur
  159. Sir Curtis Lampson
  160. General Sir Daniel and Lady Lysons
  161. Sir John Branston
  162. Sir Thomas Chambers
  163. Sir Thomas Erskine May and M?? Laughton
  164. Henry and Lady Maine
  165. Sir William Drake and Miss Drake
  166. Sir John Conroy
  167. Sir George Dasent
  168. Sir G. Macpherson Grant
  169. Sir W. Stirling
  170. Sir Hedworth and Lady Williamson and Miss Williamson
  171. Sir Evelyn Baring
  172. Sir C?. K. and Lady Kay-Shuttleworth
  173. Sir Arthur and Lady Hayter
  174. Sir Algernon and Lady Borthwick
  175. Sir Edward Wilmot
  176. Sir John Ogilvy
  177. Sir William Muir
  178. Sir James Carmichael
  179. Sir Dighton and Lady Probyn
  180. Sir Reginald Welby
  181. Sir John and Lady Leslie and Miss Leslie
  182. Sir Charles and Lady Tupper
  183. Sir Henry and Lady Dashwood and Miss Dashwood
  184. Sir Reginald Barnewall
  185. Sir Saul and Lady Samuel and Misses Samuel (2)
  186. Sir James Carmichael
  187. Sir Edward Dering and Miss Dering
  188. Sir Charles and Hon. Lady Du Cane and Miss Du Cane
  189. Sir William and Lady Gregory
  190. Sir Henry Meysey Thompson
  191. Sir Thomas Brassey, M.P.
  192. Sir William Anson
  193. Sir Henry and Hon. Lady Cotterell
  194. Baron and Baroness de F?errieres
  195. Sir John and Lady Ramsden
  196. Sir John and Lady Leslie and Miss Leslie
  197. Sir John and Lady Elizabeth St. Aubyn and Miss St. Aubyn
  198. Sir Seymour Blane
  199. Sir Charles Wilson, and Lady Wilson
  200. Sir Arthur Otway, M.P., and Miss Otway
  201. General Sir Charles Elliot
  202. General Sir Dighton and Lady Probyn
  203. Sir Arthur Sullivan
  204. Sir Joseph Pease, M.P., and Lady and Miss Pease
  205. Sir Frederick Halliday and Miss Halliday
  206. Major-General and Mrs. Paget
  207. Admiral and Lady Henrietta D'Eyncourt and Miss D'Eyncourt
  208. Colonel and Mrs. Napier Sturr?
  209. Colonel and Mrs. Lockwood and Colonel Prise and Miss Loveden
  210. Colonel Hegan Kennard, M.P., and Mrs. Kennard
  211. Colonel and Mrs. Alderson
  212. Colonel Pinney
  213. Colonel and Mrs. Henenge?
  214. Colonel and Mrs. Pearson
  215. Major Arthur Collins
  216. Captain Muir?
  217. Mr. and Lady Beatrice Lister Kaye
  218. Mr. T. B. Potter, M.P., and Mrs. Potter
  219. Mr. Mellor, M.P., Mrs. and Miss Mellor
  220. Mr. Hamilton and Misses Hamilton (2)
  221. Mr. Campbell-Bannerman, M.P.
  222. Mr. Turton
  223. Mrs. Henry Grenfell
  224. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Henry Sturges
  225. Mr. C. Lloyd
  226. Mr. and Mrs. Dasent
  227. Mrs. and Miss Mundella
  228. Mr. C. H. Palmer, M.P.
  229. Mr. and Mrs. George Drummond
  230. Mr. Francis Stephens
  231. Mr. R. Dickenson
  232. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, and Misses Smith (2)
  233. Mrs. and Miss Towneley
  234. Mr. Welby and Misses Welby (2)
  235. Mr. Charles Roundell, M.P., and Mrs. Roundell
  236. Mr. A. Farquhar
  237. Mr. Inderwick, M.P., and Mrs. Inderwick
  238. Mr. and Mrs. Bischoffsheim
  239. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw
  240. Mr. and Miss Nicholson
  241. Mr. George Hervey
  242. Mrs. Dudley Ward
  243. Mr. Asher, M.P., and Mrs. Asher
  244. Mr. Errington, M.P.
  245. Dr. Farquharson, M.P.
  246. Mr. Buchanan, M.P.
  247. Mr. Magniac, M.P., and Mrs. Magniac
  248. Mr. Francis Knollys
  249. Mr. Hugh Mason, M.P., and Mrs. Mason
  250. Mr. and Mrs. H. Walpole
  251. Mr. Roe, M.P.
  252. Mr. Jerningham, M.P., and Mrs. Jerningham
  253. Mr. C. Grenfell and Miss Grenfell
  254. Mr. R. Turton
  255. Mr. Serjeant Simon, M.P., Mrs. and Miss Simon
  256. Mr. and Mrs. Nepean
  257. Mr. Francis Wylie
  258. Mr. Rylands, M.P., and Mrs. Rylands
  259. Mr. Waugh, M.P., and Mrs. Waugh
  260. Mr. and Mrs. H. Reeve
  261. Mr. Henry Caleraft?
  262. Mr. Murphy
  263. Mr. Ralli, M. P., and Miss Ralli
  264. Mr. F. Cavendish-Bentinck
  265. Mr. Stanley
  266. Mr. Austin Lee
  267. Mr. Ogilvy
  268. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkinson
  269. Mrs. Ronald and Mrs. Reginald Ronald
  270. Mr. and Mrs. Crompton
  271. Mrs. Slagg
  272. Mr. A. Cockerell
  273. Mr. Balfour. M.P.
  274. Mr. Charles Wilson, M.P., and Mrs. Wilson
  275. Mr. R. Bagot
  276. Mr. Hardcastle, M.P., and Hon. Mrs. Hardcastle
  277. Mr. and Mrs. A. Hargreaves Brown
  278. Mr. Hubert Hervey
  279. Mr. Philip Currie, C.B?.
  280. Mr. Walter, M.P., and Mrs. Walter
  281. Mr. A. Denison
  282. Mrs. Bowring
  283. Mr. A. Bowring
  284. Madame d'Arcos and Miss Vaughan
  285. Mr. and Mrs. Eustace Smith
  286. Mr. Baldwin
  287. Mr. and Mrs. Holden
  288. Mrs. Brett
  289. Mr. Brigg?
  290. Mr. Brooks, M.P., Mrs. and Miss Brooks
  291. Mrs. and Miss Grenfell
  292. Mr. Claud Lascelles
  293. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Corbett and Miss Cor


From the Morning PostEdit

<quote>His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge honoured [Spencer Compton Cavendish,] the Marquis of Hartington by his company at a reception at Devonshire House last evening.</quote> (DevonshireHouse)

Questions and NotesEdit