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"A thousand times zero is only zero, and nothing can be abstracted from zero. Euclidean geometry is used in this irreversible and unilateral sense: it's oriented. And all the geometries, apart from situography, are the same as it.

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The point of departure of situography, or of plastic geometry, must be Situ analysis developed by Poincaré, and pushed in an egalitarian direction under the name topology. But all talk of equalities is openly excluded, if there aren't at least two elements to equalize. Thus the equivalence teaches us nothing about the unique or the polyvalence of the unique, which is in reality the essential domain of situ analysis, or topology. Our goal is to set a plastic and elementary geometry against egalitarian and Euclidean geometry, and with the help of both to go towards a geometry of variables, playful and differential geometry."

Asger Jorn, Open Creation and Its Enemies , Internationale Situationniste #5 (December 1960) Translated by Fabian Tompsett

What is situgraphy?


Situgraphy originates in:

Situgraphy is related to

Developments and detours of situgraphy


Printed situography


Study the following resources at (also see thumbnails on this page) What are the differences in this newspaper and a conventional newspaper?

Can you spot all the following features:

Some features of situgraphy


1. non oriented: no correct way up or fixed viewpoint (land)

2. layered: more than one set of text/images at any one point

3. multi trimensional: using trimensions of space time and class

4. hypegraphical: using letters/texts from different alphabets

5. metagraphical - neither abstraction nor symbol.

Trimensional DKPGraphy


Also see the /DesaKalaPatraGraph

Metagraphy, Psychogeography or Situography: The use of found objects/ready mades


The use of ready-mades (Dadaism) or objet trouvé/ found objects (Surrealism) in compositions - either for street art/ interventions or for gallery work - could be labelled under metagraphy, psychogeography or situography. This would necesitate that the nexus or matrix of locations of discovery, display and construction are brought into consideration in a way that aesthetic theories would not.

There is an existing line of developemnt in fact through the Ultra-Lettrists and onto Le Nouveau Réalisme (which as an antecendent to Pop Art) established the metagraphical technique in an aesthetical form.

Particularly interesting is how Laboratoire Agit-Art's use of this kind of situography has been labelled by some art critics as an école de récupération (school of recuperation) and an récupération aesthetic. The term mégotage has also been used.

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