Should mentally ill people be allowed to have children?

Depending on the severity of the case, people with mental illnesses are mostly incapable of taking care of others, especially children. In the case of neglectful parenting, the State´ social services intervene and regulates the tenency of the children. Should this public interference apply also to people diagnosed with a certain type of mental illness? How to establish objective parameters in order not to incur in injustices?

Mentally ill people should be allowed to have children edit

Relevant details, definitions and assumptions regarding the first possibility.

  •   Argument for Every human being, regardless of their condition, should be able to choose their path in life, including having or not having children.
    •   Objection If a person is unable to take care of children they should not be allowed to have children.
    •   Objection Mentally ill people might do all forms of abuse on the children.
    •   Objection Not everybody is capable of making informed choices.
  •   Argument against Sick people —especially mentally ill ones— have no right to force their illness on someone else by having children.
    •   Objection Not all mental illnesses are inherited.

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