Session recording

How is it possible to electronically live stream, record and share learning session multi-media (e.g., audio, video, slides, text, conversation etc.) in general and also with Wikiversity?

Method 1. uStream>Youtube>Archive>Wikimedia edit

  1. Design your presentation content into 10 min chucks
  2. Deliver, stream and record on ustream and onto tape/hard drive (backup)
  3. Push ustream recording through to youtube (this is a feature in ustream)
  4. Download mp4 from youtube
  5. Convert mp4 to ogg/ogv (e.g., using SuperC) for uploading to and Wikimedia; or upload mp4 to (pretty sure they transcode it to ogg).
Equipment to live stream
  1. Laptop with ustream producer and SuperC on it
  2. HD camera or webcam. (HD camera simply gets a better picture in low light)
  3. Wireless lapel mic, or mic on webcam (wireless lapel simply gets better audio, especially from a moving speaker)

Method 2. Shoot>Miro>Upload edit

  1. Shoot your video. Get out there and record your video. Tip: Join a WikiProject or visit MakeInternetTV for help on composition.
  2. Convert your video to an open format. Get Miro Video Converter and convert your video file to ".ogg Theora." Tip: To skip this step, Firefox users can install Firefogg, so the browser will automatically convert when you upload.
  3. Turn on the video upload beta. Create a Wikipedia account, log in, then visit this page to turn on video uploading.
  4. Add your video to an article on Wikipedia (or Wikiversity) Go to the article and click edit. Then click the add video button and follow the instructions to upload your video to the Wikimedia Commons.

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