Service Dog/Disclaimer

This learning resource is intended to present a general overview as a free public service and does not create a client, contractual or representatonal rerlationship of any kind. Attributed or non-attributed. contributors are not unless otherwise stated legal, veterinary or health Care professionals and this resource is not legal, veterinary or medical advice nor a substitute for it. Use is subject to Wikimedia Foundation rules, disclaimers and sttutory/common law/constitutional protections and perogatives as well as the K9 Alliance disclaimers. Please consult your attorney, veterinarian and healthcare professionals for advice on your particular situation. While every effort is made to check facts and present correct, up to date information, there are limitations and therefre you are directed to conduct thorough due diligence in fact checking, verification and updating information herein.

This disclaimer is in addition to all Wikiversity practices, rules rights and disclaimers and lthe laws.

This disclaimer shall be updated and expanded without notice. Any use of information herein is subject to any such update.giust, a

Neither a service dog nor Wikiversity is or can replace a friend, a psychologist, Mom, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist or a neurologist. Neither a dog nor Wikiversity can diagnose and treat illness. Neither Wikiversity nor a service dog is or can replace any professional nor is a service animal a guru, a shaman, a parent a robot.

A dog is just a dog.

Dogs can and do cause damage to property and persons. A service dog is not a for a