Sensor technology

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Chapter 2. Optical Sensors Edit

  • 2.A Summary (pdf)
  • 2.B Principles (pdf)
  • 2.C MISC (Log Scale) (pdf)

Chapter 3. Magnetic Sensors Edit

  • 3.A Summary (pdf)
  • 3.B Principles (pdf)
  • 3.C SQUID (pdf)
  • 3.D AMR (pdf)

Chapter 4. Temperature Sensors Edit

  • 4.A Temperature Sensors Summary (pdf)
  • 4.B Temperature Sensors Principles (pdf)

Chapter 5. Displacement Sensors Edit

  • 5.A Summary (pdf)
  • 5.B Displacement Sensor Type (pdf)
  • 5.C Displacement Sensor Type - Gyroscope (pdf)

Chapter 6. Detect Sensors Edit

  • 6.A Summary (pdf)
  • 6.B Eddy Current Sensor(pdf)

Chapter 7. Force Sensors Edit

  • 7.A Summary (pdf)

Chapter 8. Pressure Sensors Edit

  • 8.A Summary (pdf)

Chapter 9. Ultrasound Sensors Edit

  • 9.A Summary (pdf)

GPS Edit

  • GPS Tutorials
See Trimble GPS tutorial
See GPS tutorial 2
  • wikipedia pages on GPS (pdf)
  • wikipedia pages on GPS Software (pdf)
  • wikipedia pages on GPS Signals (pdf)

GPSd Edit

  • GPS Daemon
book chapter
gpsd client
  • NMEA sentences
nmea sentences
nmea catb
  • GPSd on RaspberryPi
adafruit ultimate on RaspberryPi

GPSd on Window Edit

  • GPSd using Cygwin

GPS on Arduino Edit

  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS
  • GPS logger
Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield
  • miniGPS (See the following)
Oscar Liang
  • connecting GPS module to Arduino
Parallax GPS
at instructable
at egineersgarage
at duino4projects
  • GPS tracking
Tutorial 15

PhidgetGPS Edit

Phidget 1040

Garmin Edit

Multiple Sensor Techniques Edit

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