Scientific information on environmental issues in the age of digital media

- A critical analysis of the actual management model of scientific information
and some possible alternative models through collaborative platforms.

Author: [Mariano Senna da Costa], September 2006

Certified by:

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook 1st. Thesis Adviser, International School of New Media / Luebeck, Germany

Prof. Dr. Richard Scotti 2nd Thesis Advisory, International School of New Media / Luebeck, Germany

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Abstract edit

This paper consists of an investigation about the past, present and future of
internal structures and processes of scientific information production and its
management, with the focus on the analysis at institutions of environmental studies.
Considering three dimensions of the communication process at academic institutions
(technological, cultural and institutional), the research drawn near a philosophical
review about some relations (economic, political and social) among these dimensions and
therefore examine some aspects of the specialized information production and distribution.

Index edit

1. - Preface - The idea of this research
2. - Introduction
3. - Short review of philosophical aspects of Science, Technology and Social Communication

3.1 - Technology's Interrelations
3.2 - Science as a New Religion
3.3 - Characteristics of Contemporary Science and Technology
3.4 - Impacts of Science and Technology
3.5 - Why Environmental Issues?
3.6 - Information / Power / Society Control
3.7 - The hypothesis of this work

4. - Subject and Methodology

5. - Results and early conclusions

6. - General Conclusion

7. - Further Research

8. - Bibliography

9. - Attachments

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