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What is Relosophy?Edit

Relosophy is, generally speaking, the study of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors. It is a cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the human mind. In the study of Relosophy, it is understood that the lines between disciplines like Philosophy, Theology, and Political Science are often artificial constructs: philosophies, religions, and other ideologies are all manifestations of overarching relosophical viewpoints.

More specifically, relosophies are ideological paradigms held by individuals—be they religious, political, philosophical, or otherwise.

More generally, Relosophy is the analysis of all human knowledge, belief, thought, and behavior.

The goal of the School of Relosophy is to understand, using a cross-disciplinary approach, how these relosophies are formed, function, and interact in real terms.

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Right now, the Relosophy learning project is just getting its feet on the ground. Do you have any thoughts on content for the School?

  • A "sampler course" is pending to introduce new participants to the concept of relosophy.

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