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Welcome to the School of Religious Studies's Task page! This page is designed as a simple place where our Departments (Areas of Studies) can list things that they need help on, so that you can dig in and get involved contributing to Wikiversity. If any of the following sound like things you'd be interested in doing, jump right in! Be bold !

Administration edit

With the Browse system in place at Wikiversity, categorization is important. Please be sure to add any categories your for Area of Study where appropriate.

General edit

  • Clean Up - Portal:Religious studies - purpose to avoid a lot of duplication of appearance and to direct students/searchers to the School page.

Core Curriculum edit

  • Introduction to Religions Studies
  • Methods in the Study of Religion
  • History of Religion
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Psychology of Religion

Course Lists edit

  • Introduction to Western Religions
  • Introduction to Eastern Religions
  • Introduction to Indigenous Religions
  • Introduction to New Movement Religions

Departmental Task Pages edit

Each Department will have tasks listed below. If nothing listed, then no tasks exist.

Western Religions edit

Eastern Religions edit

Indigenous Religions edit

New Movement Religions edit

Historic Religions edit