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I used the stumble toolbar and randomly came across this interesting site and after a few tutorial pages I decided to share my passion for philosophical inquiry with some other enthusiastic philosophers. Currently I am interested in A. N. Whiteheadand his Philosophy_of_organism. By eliminating substances as real, Whitehead creates a reality that's made of interchanging and somewhat eternal processes.Here is a video that gives a good and brief introduction to his ideas I am also into cognitive philosophy and the idea that language acts as a social institution, which then constructs spacial and temporal identities, that is we are always forming cognitive maps of reality biased on sense-datum gathered and filtered by our bodily-apparatus behaving independently of our current conscious cognitive state. I end with this, which I have been asking myself for a while now:

How do you get to where you know you need to be?--Joerhoka 03:04, 15 December 2011 (UTC)

Hi all. I stumbled across this page not too long ago and found it to be interresting. Although I've never heard of futilism, it sounds alot like nihilism? Has anyone else heard of this and why can't I find anything else about it? Not real good with computers so I hope this is the right way to post this. If not sorry.

Hi again i'm just posting everywhere i'm not suppose to, I am quite sure now this is where new people are suppose to post or ask questions but my question on the discussion page stands so I won't repeat it, i'd love to learn from this school though just tell me what to do. I am very interested in Existensialism. (The preceding unsigned comment was added by Wikilife (talkcontribs) 05:20, 9 March 2008)


My philosophy is unique to me. My philosophy is about old principles and ideas in modern life. My observations have concluded that modern life if wasted and everyone leads a cloned life - everyone is the same. This is especially the case in Universities and Colleges; everyone is artsy, but have no substance to their being and replicate the person next to them because they cannot come up with their own identity. I've promised myself i'd write a book on it, but i am afraid that by the time i die it would still not be finished.

im a studio art dropout. i took a philosophy class in high school but mostly we talked about football. the first philosophical conclusion i ever came to was in that class when i turned in the homework thought 'i know enough to know that i know nothing at all.' well, since then ive made a point of avoiding all forms of published philosophy because i didnt want to end up hating it like every other class and also i wanted to arrive at all my own conclusions. i have little formal education in philosophy but everything i know is from experience. the last few years have been a metaphysical freeclimb and ive fallen into a lot of dilemmas and absurdities, some almost fatal. i relate to those speculative metaphysicians that were criticized by kant for being unable to support any of their claims, however so far my intuition has been all i felt comfortable to depend on since im no logician, i have no science, and i dont trust common sense. its gotten me to this point, from which i have a clear view of the rest of my expedition but i need more tools to continue. im interested in learning logic, epistemology and aesthetics so as to organize my thoughts and prove my points. since ive been back home ive taken on a full time study of philosophy which im taking very slowly in order to branch out into all categories and also to avoid adding anything to my repitoire that i havent tested for integrity. so far ive been working on aristotles metaphysics, some existentialist writings, ortega y gasset, descartes, kant's prolegomena to any future metaphysics and the critique of pure reason. i think alot of artists and musicians have a lot of valuable knowledge as well. after a few years of independent study i plan to devise a way to get back my scholarships and go back to college as a philosophy major. anyways, im kindof socially impaired so i dont have many friends and i need people to talk to so i can learn how to debate. is there some kind of forum? oh, uhhh... heres me link emc

Hi... I would just like to say that you guys are doing a good job. Include more philosophy of Thoreau, Rand, Nietzsche, and some other abstract ones I have forgotten of.

Hi there, I've just joined the Philosophy school with the intention of debating questions and (hoping) to start a dialetic between over members. My main philosophical interest is consciousness and the humand mind. Rather than debating the origin of consciousness, I prefer to explore the implications and effects that arise from the condition. In relation to this core interest, I study human instinct, psychology, neurology, and have touched upon theology. I am familiar with political philosophy (particularry Plato's republic, and most of the works of Orwell). I am currently reading works by Winston, Darwin and Swarbrooke. Please feel free to contact me if any of you are interested in raising and discussion. Thanks, Budiah.

Whey hey! I seem to be the first into this board. I'm and my philosophic interest is in poststructuralism; in particular, the work of Jacques Derrida. I'm (slowly) going through primary and secondary texts and applying his thought to executive education - which is my field. I'm keen to know if anyone here is interested in a linkage between, so called, continental philosophy and education, as this is where my passion lies. Other interests include philosophy of higher education; particularly the debate about liberal education versus vocationalisation, work-based learning and networked learning - all of which, I'd like to think, inform and are informed by the topic of wikiversity scholarship. Philosophically, I'm interested in Richard Rorty's pragmatism, Derridian deconstruction and communitarian political philosophy, believing these (foolishly) to come together somehow.


Hi there, this is my first edit on any wiki-site, But I'm quite looking forward to taking a class or two here, My main philisophical intrests are in Discordianism, Critics of Niezche, and Ayn Rand. If any of you are game for some philisophical discussion let me know, how ever it is wikipedians communicate with one another. Peace, NortonThe1st.

Greetings. I'm new here and I'm not really sure how this whole Wikiversity thing works, but I'm really interested in learning more about philosophy here. I'm a beginner in this topic, I'm studying the very beginning of western philosophy, Diogenes Laertius Lives', for instance, and some other texts about early greek philosophers, like Thales and the Pre-Socratics. I want to know how I can help this project and how I can benefit from it. Keops.

  • Hey guys. I sort of stumbled upon Wikiversity today, and I'm really excited about this. I mean, its not much yet, but if we can get organized (even that, though, is a task that I wouldn't know how to begin), this could be amazing. I'm a third year philosophy student at the University of Colorado, and since the day I arrived here, I've had a big issue with the way philosophy is taught in a university setting, especially lower level classes. I think that an emphasis on grades and exams robs the program of integrity, to an extent; I just cringe every time I hear someone ask, "Will this be on the exam?" Anyway, I would love to contribute, but I would have absolutely no idea where to begin. If someone has an idea for a little bit more organization, or if I see an opportunity to help out, I'll definitely jump in. All the best. Liftyrfists 15:28, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

I'm in the same boat as liftyrfists. I just discovered this wikiversity project and I want to contribute to this department. I just hope it's not dead. I am interested in Continental Philosophy from Hegel to Nietzsche (particularly Marx and the Marxists). exectuivezen: I also am interested in Philosophy of Education. I have done a little work on Marxist class consciousness and its educational implications and Paolo Freire's educational theories and Praxis, etc. etc. If you are still active here, contact me. CmdrRamon 15:58, 27 January 2007 (UTC)

Hi, i'm new here and i'm not really sure about how it all works, but i've done a broad range of study in Philosophy and religious studies and i'm willing to contribute, do i just contribute or do i need to submit to a board?? Markc 23:41, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Solution to the sloppy Philosophy Home Page!Edit

I just stumbled across this project (very cool by the way, I plan on contributing) and have some suggestions to offer regarding the messy front page. I have difficulty figuring out where all the content (or, more frequetly, soon to be created content) is located and if I was visiting this page in search of something specific, I would be lost. A better way to organize the front page would be to change the stuff under Divisions and Departments to the following catagories:

  • Introduction
    • This should include an introduction to, not only philosophy in general, but also to some general terms that people will come across, to some general ideas that are often discussed in the field, and to the various branches of Philosophy.
    • The Initial Questions catagory belongs here, if it belongs at all.
  • History of Philosophy
    • This category could include courses such as Western Philosophy (most likely broken up into multiple corses), Eastern Philosophy, I even saw an African Philosophy thing on here.
  • Branches of Philosophy
    • If I come here wondering what the branches of philosophy are, this would be an obvious place to look. If I came here wondering what analytic philosophy was, this would be an obvious place to look.
    • I believe that if this were its own catagory, it would keep the front page more organized and would place the catagories such as Analytic Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, etc. in much more intuitive place.
  • Movements
    • This needs to be its own page simply because, if I come to the philosphy department wanting to learn about the nihilist movement, I don't know where to go. If this were its own page it would be easy to figure out.
  • Specific Philosophers
    • If I come to the department wondering what Hegel believed, I wouldn't know where to go.
    • Actually, I think I saw Hegel under History of Western Philosophy (which should itself be a sub-section of a greater History of Philosophy tab). If people aren't looking for history, they wont' want to see History of Western Philosophy (it's too specific), but if they are, it should be under a more intuitve History section.
    • Plus, it would just be nice to have a list of philosophers handy to look up and reference quickly.

I see this as a solution to the sloppy front page. However, I have no idea how to edit the page in a way to make this model a reality, hence its currently messy outline. So please help me fix the front page. One more thing. Please don't put the different courses in this category in little bullet points like this one underneath the main catagory. Make people click on the link to the Ethics page where they can see the courses/ subdisciplines of it. The bullet points just make the main page sloppy and difficult to read. Djdoobwah24 01:10, 1 March 2007 (UTC)

Ok, who centered half of the text on our page? It looks terribel and isn't consistent with other wikipedia/wikiveristy page layouts. I would also like to call attention to the following diagram that outlines how the pages are supposed to be organized (our page doesn't follow this model):

Djdoobwah24 22:23, 1 March 2007 (UTC)

Why are we here?Edit

Hi all, and it's great to see so many interesting and enthusiastic messages above! Such a broad range of interests (which I suppose is no surprise, seeing as this is the Philosophy message board) - so the question is: where do we go from here? I suppose School:Philosophy needs to be strengthened - just take a look at the divisions listed there, and if there's anything that takes your fancy, please step in and edit that/those page(s). If you have something that you think might provoke some thoughts in other readers, please add them. Or, if you have a question that you'd like to discuss, please put them in. We're still trying to figure out how learning works on Wikiversity (see Learning to learn a wiki way or Portal:Education/Wikiversity model). But there have been some fascinating discussions - see, eg. Talk:Developing Wikiversity through action research, which has led into Wikiversity as narrative. Myself, I'm interested in the philosophy of education - Freire, who CmdrRamon mentions, is a hero of mine - but there are many others, and many more that I keep meaning to read, but that i never get around to reading. (That infernal, ever-lengthening reading list..!) So, basically, there's nothing stopping anyone just getting stuck in, and adding whatever you find to be of interest to any page on the project. If people tell you that what you've added is not relevant to that page, so be it - this is a wiki - but you can always set up your own pages, or collaborate on other pages with other people who are more of a like mind (though editing with people of a very different mindset can be most worthwhile too..) If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them if you add them to my talk page. I'm very much looking forward to working on the philosophy section of Wikiversity myself, too - cheers! Cormaggio beep 00:21, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

African PhilosophyEdit

Hi everybody. A new Division has been started on African Philosophy (yes, something like that really exists :-). The first project will be to compile an annotated bibliography. If you ar interested, you are welcome to come, look and contribute. A lot of help is needed to explore this fascinating topic and close the white spots on the map of philosophy. Nannus 20:58, 18 February 2007 (UTC)

Continental PhilosophyEdit

Have a look at the expanded Division of Continental Philosophy and feel free to help build this endeavor. Or if you're looking for a gentle way into this subject why not play the Nietzsche Name Game.

Metaphysical PhilosophyEdit

Beloved I AM. Looking for a place to discuss the Creator of Creation and all things I AM. Metaphysical Philosophy

Old and new voicesEdit

It seems odd to me that the focus of this 'wiki' project' is devoted almost entirely to the works of men that lived thousands of years ago. Did these men have something to say during their age? Yes. Do they still have wisdom to pass onto our age?... I would also say yes; but at the same time I believe that we must too, in this 'project' include new voices, the philosophers of "our age" if you will.

If not the modern man risks losing his thirst for knowledge to the convienience of technology, the power of thought lost to the power of the machine. (Of course by the last paragraph I mean in general - the fall of man will, of course, not be caused only by this particular web page, or will it? :P) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 11:07, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

I couldn't agree more - er, about including new voices, not about contributing to the fall of man. ;-) The thing to always bear in mind is that Wikiversity is still very much in development - and so therefore needs to be developed. If you want to add some pertinent voices of "our age", please do so. :-) Cormaggio talk 13:27, 8 February 2008 (UTC)

A great new philosophy on the meaning of life can be found at It was written by Mark Morris and it is a philosophy wrapped in a scientific theory, and a great read!

Stoic PhilosophyEdit

No department. No comments. No mention whatsoever!

See Book By R. P. Mckeon. Epicureanism and Stoicism: The way to live.

Anyone interested in starting up that intro to logic course? I'd like to start writing something in there but I've yet to figure this whole wikiuniversity thing out. I'll keep you all posted. 7/12/14