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Welcome to the School of Marine Sciences here at Wikiversity! This school is part of Wikiversity's Interdisciplinary Studies portal, a categorization that reflects the broad range of topics studied within the school. This School is for those who are interested in any and every aspect of the ocean. Marine scientists may study the physics of fluid dynamics, the ecology of marine organisms, naval engineering or a variety of other subjects. The School of Marine Sciences encompasses both pure and applied science, and includes the departments of Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Physics and Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture.

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The ocean is a rich, interconnected tapestry. As a result, we believe that a deep understanding of any subfield comes from a broad knowledge base. For example, a naval engineer might need to learn marine biology, in order to recognize the environmental impact of ships on the ocean's flora and fauna. We are committed to studying all aspects of the sea and the interrelationships between them, and we reject a reductionist approach.

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  • 1 September, 2006 - school founded!

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