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There are two types of running:

Jogging of two-year-old boy.

These two types or running require very different types of training:

Endurance Training


Muscles need to convert glucose into energy quickly and effectively a long period of time.

Sprint Training


Sprinting requires the body's muscles to ferment, transforming glucose into energy and lactic acid without the supply of oxygen.

Training Advice

Example 1: If you are training and you feel like you can’t run anymore, just keep running. It doesn’t matter at what speed, just don’t start walking. Once you start walking it is SO HARD to start running again, so just don’t do it.
Example 2: If you feel like you can’t run anymore, decrease your speed until you feel comfortable with it. You will see that after a few minutes you will come back to breath and your speed will increase automatically.
Example 3: If you aren’t able to run for three miles straight, you can implement this advice later on, when your shape has improved.
Example 4: Motivation helps a lot when you 'feel' like you can’t run anymore, but it is a bad advice when you break your leg ;) You understand what I mean. Don’t force anything, if you think it’s unhealthy to continue running, then simply stop.

Writing Running Articles

A few ways which will help you to keep on running:

Decrease your speed :

When you’re training for the long runs, try to run slower than you would like to. Try to force yourself to run slower and you will see that you can run for a longer time and a longer distance. Try running 10% slower so you can run 20% longer. Try running 15% slower and you will run 30% longer, serious!

My “pick a point technique”

This is too easy, but oh so effective.

When you’re running and you feel like giving up, simply pick a point and run at least till that point. This could be a tree, a house or anything else. It will help you to keep on running. Pick a point a few hundred metres in front of you, and don’t stop running until you have reached that point. Once you have reached that point, pick another point and focus on that. This worked fine for me, most of the time I forgot about giving up after I reached the point I had in mind. This will help you through the bad days, and bad days will come.

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