Robotics/What is a robot?

What is a robot?


A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.

Hexapod Robot


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Torque equation used for servo calculations:
C = Control surface chord in cm
L = Control surface length in cm
V = Speed in MPH
S1 = Max control surface deflection in degrees
S2 = Max servo deflection in degrees

The angle of incidence of the wing, stab, or fuse is zero (relative to the airflow).
Angular velocity and acceleration of the aircraft is zero.
Air flow may be modeled using Bernoulli's equation for dynamic pressure.
Conditions are: sea level, zero humidity, moderate (~55 F) temperature.
Control linkages have zero offset at hinge line and are perpendicular to horns at neutral.
Control mechanisms are frictionless and surfaces are mass-balanced.
The wing, stab, fuse, and control surfaces are basic scale shape.
No aerodynamic counterbalances are used. (Account for these manually, if desired.)
The pushrods are longer than the servo and control horns.

Webcam weighs roughly 200 grams
Motherboard weighs roughly 600 grams
RC motor weighs roughly 600 grams
Initial weight up top roughly 1.5 kg.