Robotic Mechanics and Modeling



This course describes the mechanics and modeling of robotic manipulators and locomotors. The suggested audience will be advanced undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, science, or the arts. The expectation is that students will have some familiarity with ordinary differential equations, vector calculus, and linear algebra. The course will draw on material openly available with inspiration from key relevant texts [1][2][3][4].


  1. Kinematics
  2. Inverse Kinematics
  3. Dynamics
  4. Trajectories
  5. Control
  6. Mechanisms
  7. Vehicles


  1. Installing Python and Jupyter for Robotic Modeling
  2. A Whirlwind Tour of Python


  1. Peter Corke's Robotic Toolbox
  2. Lynch and Park's Modern Robotics
  3. Siciliano, Khatib, and Kröger's Handbook of Robotics

Courses on Robotics

  1. Wikiversity Introduction to Robotics
  2. Wikiversity Robotics
  3. MIT OCW Introduction to Robotics (Fall 2005)
  4. MIT OCW Underactuated Robotics (Spring 2009)
  5. MIT OCW Cognitive Robotics (Spring 2016)
  6. MIT OCW Design of Electromechanical Robotics (Fall 2009)
  7. EdX Robotics (Columbia) (Spring 2020)
  8. EdX Hello (Real) World with ROS (TU Delft) (Spring 2020)
  9. EdX Robot Mechanics and Control, Part I (SNU) (Spring 2014)



Please feel free to add content and improve this course as you review the material.

  1. Aaron Mazzeo, Rutgers University
  2. Team 1: Jess Strauss, Luis Rafael Miranda Rodriguez, Chris Kalafatis
  3. Team 2: Jaewook Jung, Bharg Shah, David Ezrapour,
  4. Team 3: Albert Kraus, Daniel Adelman, Devin Lorusso
  5. Team 4: Alvin Chen, Liwen H, George Youssef
  6. Team 5: Andrew Ferraro, Chris Ragusa, Jan Chih-Hao
  7. Team 6: Alex Sanducu, Sharmad Anaokar, Vinit Pakhale, Meng Yu


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