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45 FWE 7A 1 New School 25+

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Preface edit

This lesson is built almost entirely around the textbook chapter. I did this for some of early lessons, but soon I moved away from this using some textbook exercises and more activities that fit into the same topic.

Lesson edit

Introduction edit

OBJECTIVE[1]: L4 - Orientation to text, students will be able to "identify the role/relationships of the speakers."

Plan edit

  1. Warmup Conversation
    • What did you do on Sunday? & then follow up questions.
    • What do you do on the first day of school?
    • Did you remember to bring your notebooks?
  2. Page 2 Exercises A & B
    • Ask for volunteers to read the boy and girl parts.
    • If no volunteers, read it myself.
    • After each conversation ask the class if they are "old or new friends?" and then "why?"
    • Then, have them write "old friends" and "new friends" after each conversation.
  3. Page 2 Exercise C
  4. Page 3 Exercise A
    • Read it by myself.
  5. Page 3 Exercise B
    • Read it by myself.
  6. Page 4 Exercise B
    • Read it by myself.
  7. Page 5 Exercise B
    • Read it by myself.
  8. Name Check & Seat Assignments
    • Have all the students stand up.
    • Go through their names, and give them seats based on their number. Check to make sure all the names/pictures are correct.
    • Do this by picture and explain to them what's going on.
  9. Game
    • Ask if they remember what game we played the week before?
    • 2 Truths, 1 Lie[2] - Class 4?
    • Run For Your Friends - Class 5
    • Simon Says

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Notes edit

  1. 2009/2010 East Meets West China Information Booklet. Beijing: East Meets West China. 2009. 
  2. Wagner, Jennifer. "2 Truths & 1 Lie MS Word Document". ielanguages.com. Retrieved 2011-02-15.

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