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Idea edit

Remotes are needed to control robots. Remotes could be tethered, infared, bluetooth, wifi, adhoc wifi, or radio controlled. Remotes could have in them gryos, accelerometers, video and buttons. Remotes could be old cell phones, old mutlimedia pc parts, old vhs-dvd remotes, modern Wii motes and knumchucks. Most of these remotes can be connected through usb dongles to a PC. The remote codes can be captured by a PC. The trick is to substitute a robot, or the robot control system for the PC. This requires understanding the USB protocol and a USB host port on the robot.

Subsystems edit

  • ATI Wonder RF Remote
  • Wii Nunchuk
  • Wii Remote Plus
  • RC control Systems
  • Blue Tooth Adapters

Tutorials edit

USB Protocol Analyzer

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