Regression test: testing that looks for regressions after enhancement
 Requirements traceability matrix: completeness of many to many relationship between two baselined documents
 Test Coverage Matrix: Feature, Module, Case Type, Test Case
 Case Type: Default Case, Negative, Boundary
 Integration test: unit test with dependencies between business and data layers
 Unit test: integration test using mocked up business objects and database mockups
 Unit testing framework: toolset essential for testing the code quality
 Integration and configuration errors: types of problems frequently encountered in production
 Code coverage: a measure used in software testing showing the code proportion tested
 Types of code coverage: function, statement, decision, etc.
 Black-box testing: test the functionality of an application
 White-box testing: test internal structures of an application
 Functional testing: a type of black box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications
 Exploratory testing: a black box testing technique, free-lance testing, cognitive engagement of the tester
 Test suite: a collection of test cases showing a specified set of behaviors in the software
 Test case: a set of conditions or variables to be considered in testing
 Test plan: definition of workflow for testers
 Test organization: based on available testing human resources, including developers available for testing
 Web testing: basic functionality, security testing, load testing, performance testing, etc.
 Ecommerce smoke test: at first round-trip testing involving all vendor web services
 Reducing acceptance testing surprises: involve the customer in design of acceptance test