Reddit for learning

Using Reddit for learning is quite possible. Reddit is a social media website. This is meant to explore how Reddit can be utilized for learning. Research related to using Reddit for learning can be coordinated here. Reddit can be used for learning through Ask Me Anythings (AMA's). There are also many sub-Reddits that are directly and indirectly related to learning online and offline. Twitter can also be used to facilitate learning, teaching, and research.

Comparison to YouTube edit

As a dedicated discussion platform, Reddit's comment system can be expected to be more sophosticated than YouTube's, whereas YouTube is built around video, with dedicated functionality such as automatic caption generation and/or synchronisation, and machine translation.

Discussion lifespan edit

Reddit conversations are locked after six months since posting while YouTube comments are opened indefinitely.

Retention edit

An essential benefit of Reddit is that a post deletion does not destroy existing conversation, whereas on YouTube, the removal of a video always takes comments with it.

Comment format edit

Reddit conversations differentiate themselves from linear online forum threads by being structured, where replies appear a level below.

YouTube comment replies appear as response one level below a top-level comment (which has no parent comment), even if responding to a lower-level comment.

Accessibility edit

Like Reddit, YouTube comments support hot linking, but can only be loaded through AJAX, whereas Reddit discussion can be read without JavaScript through the and front ends.

Sorting edit

Reddit comments can be sorted by "best" (algorithmic), "top" (most upvoted), newest, controversial (voted in both directions), old (first posted) and "Q&A" (questions with answer comment replies). Sorting is also accessible through an URL paramter. YouTube only supports sorting algorithmically or by newest, and not through URL paramter.

Discussion questions edit

  • What are some possible topics to learn about on Reddit?
  • How can the educational parts of Reddit serve as a model for how to sustainably grow this site?
  • What percentage of Reddit do you think is utilized for learning, research, and teaching?
  • How does Reddit Work?

Essay questions edit

  • How do you want to learn Reddit for learning?
  • How do you utilize Reddit for learning?

Examples edit

Here are some examples of learning related posts on Reddit.

Discussion questions edit

  • Could individuals host open interviews on this site? Open interviews can be done on this site for learning and teaching.