Reality Cybernetics

Any evidence-based reality construction acts as system since it maintains an inter-subjectively differentiated validity of stable communicative acts (terms). With terms human acting becomes ‘synchronized’ so far, that system-relevant sources of energy are optimally exploited, means evident for almost all human individuals as “things”. All the “term-thing entities” realize the request for consciousness that orients any kind of action and maintained at a synergetic expenditure. The energy comes from humans and is of biological origin. It uses tensions, which develop from anthropologic discrepancies, in order to construct a World of Things. But the latter enables humans as the world of acting to exploit energies which are necessary for the preservation of its biological integrity and are won usually from so-called materials. Social administrations maintain names, which are also terms. Their value-relevance becomes particularly visible, if for instance a road designation must be changed. The money considers however only one part of the energies, which are used up to maintain and if necessary renew a designation. Most important resource of an information society, the attention, is in as much energy intended as it demands memory resources of intra- and inter-subjective networks. Thus a relation between energy and information, when the purpose first is, consists to that extent to keep the physical or social integrity upright in the anthropogenic world. The units of the social integrity are terms, which - more than only words - are highly differenced complexes, which constitute anthropomorphic reality construction almost like the cells an organism. (by Leon R. Tsvasman)