R (programming language)

R is a

  • powerful, free and open source, cross-platform, statistical and graphing software package;
  • programming language;
  • software environment for statistical computing.

Downloading R


Visit the R Project home page.

Integrated development environments for R


R can be accessed from a command-line interface. There are a variety of graphical user interfaces that work well with R, including one that ships with it.

RStudio is a very popular integrated development environment that works well with R and other languages, as does Jupyter.[1][2]

RStudio supports RMarkdown, which makes it relatively easy for researchers to make their work reproducible by allowing them to mix text with code of different languages, most commonly R, in the same document. The platform supports mixing R with Python (programming language), shell scripts, SQL, Stan (software), JavaScript, CSS, Julia (programming language), C (programming language), Fortran, and other languages in the same RMarkdown document.[3] Jupyter notebooks provide a similar capability but may be more popular among Python users while RStudio may be more popular among people primarily using R.

Both RStudio and Jupyter are free and open-source software, but RStudio is developed and maintained by a commercial enterprise that offers paid support options.

RStudio in the cloud


There are web-based portals for RStudio, including the following:

  • RStudio Cloud[4] As of 2020-10-24 users can "get started for free".
  • RStudio Server Pro for AWS[5]



Books that are Helpful When Learning R

  • An R Companion for Applied Regression (2nd ed.) - ISBN 141297514X
  • An Introduction to R, by W. N. Venables, D. M. Smith, and the R Development Core Team (PDF)
  • R in Action - ISBN 1935182390
  • Efficient programming in R [6].
  • Advanced R by Hadley Wickham

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