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Amazon Relational Database Service (or Amazon RDS) is a distributed relational database service by Amazon Web Services (AWS), also included in the AWS Free Tier option.

You can create different types of DBs using AWS web page or AWS CLI.

Regarding possible cost while learning AWS RDS, just be aware that you will be able to stop AWS RDS instances from AWS Management Console or AWS CLI for 7 days period at a time, but after those 7 days, it will be automatically started by AWS.[1] [2]

Basic AWS Cli Commands edit

Describe some basic parameters of RDS instances:

aws rds describe-db-instances --output text --query 'DBInstances[*].[DBInstanceArn,Engine,DBInstanceIdentifier,DBInstanceStatus]'
arn:aws:rds:eu-central-1:4523523466:db:my_branches_name	postgres  my_branches_name	available

Describe additional parameters of RDS instances:

/usr/bin/aws rds describe-db-instances --output text --query 'DBInstances[*].[DBInstanceArn,Engine,EngineVersion,AvailabilityZone,MultiAZ,DBInstanceIdentifier,DBInstanceClass,AllocatedStorage,DBInstanceStatus,PubliclyAccessible,MasterUsername]'
arn:aws:rds:eu-central-1:4523523466:db:my_branches_name1	postgres	9.6.6	eu-central-1b	True	my_branches_name1	db.t2.micro	50	available	False	root
arn:aws:rds:eu-central-1:4523523466:db:my_branches_name1	postgres	9.6.6	eu-central-1a	False	my_branches_name2	db.t2.medium	20	available	False	root

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FAQs edit

  • What is the maximum Database storage size?
Since 08/2017 maximum Database storage size is 16TB[3], up to June 2015 max size was 6 TB[4]. Check official homepage for the latest information[5].
  • Can i limit the size of my Database under maximum AWS size?
  • Do i have to stop my database to increase storage?
In most cases, No.[6], your database will be in storage-optimization status for some time but will be fully operational.[7]

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