Pyjamas is a port of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to the Python programming language. This learning resource is meant to help people learn how to use Pyjamas to create web apps and possibly even help develop the Pyjamas project.

Prerequisites Edit

Required Edit

  • Python - Students should be familiar with programming in Python

Recommended Edit

  • Git - Using Git is the preferred way to obtain the source code for Pyjamas

Getting started Edit

The documentation for Pyjamas is a little fractured so here is a compiled list of links to help get you started. Also, the best place to ask for help with Pyjamas is probably the pyjamas-dev mailing list which is linked to at the bottom of this page. Each of these links is slightly different and has slightly different instructions. I suggest looking at them all to get a more cohesive understanding of what to do until I can get fleshed out instructions on this page.

Once you get the source you will want to run the script to create a bin directory that will have the pyjsbuild command used to compile Pyjamas programs into Javascript/HTML/CSS.

Currently, I'm working on getting Pyjamas-desktop working, because for application development it appears that developing the app locally with Pyjamas-desktop and then compiling when ready to push it to a web server works best. After I get this figured out I will write instructions on how to get Pyjamas-desktop working on Ubuntu 11.04.

Activity: Get the source code for Pyjamas (preferably using Git: git clone git:// and build the module Helloworld in the examples directory and then view the output in a browser.

Teacher(s) Edit

  • Devourer09 (t·c) - I'm the one initiating this resource and I'll be here to answer any questions that anyone has. I'd prefer it if you asked questions on my talk page.

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