Psychometric instrument development/Quiz

Exploratory factor analysis practice quiz

1 A measure of general intelligence is completed by 221 people on each of two occasions (4 weeks apart). The correlation between the two attempts was 0.85. What does this correlation demonstrate?

Inter-rater reliability
Internal consistency
Concurrent validity
Discriminant validity
Test-retest reliability

2 To determine which variables relate to which factors, a researcher would use:

Factor loadings
Eigen values
Beta coefficients

3 Averaging the scores for a set of related items creates what type of composite score?:

Both of the above
None of the above

4 Cronbach's alpha (α) is a measure of:

Internal consistency
Test-retest reliability
Construct validity
None of the above

5 In SPSS, if the "Alpha if item deleted" value is lower than than the Cronbach's alpha, what should probably be done?

Keep the item
Drop the item
Impossible to know
None of the above

6 Measurement error consists of:

Systematic error
Random error
True score

7 Measures designed for individual assessment need _______________ measures designed for research.

higher reliability than
lower reliability than
equivalent reliability to

8 When calculating regression-weighted composite scores, where do the weights come from?

Reliability analysis
Validity analysis
Exploratory factor analysis
Multiple linear regression

9 A fuzzy construct is best measured by:

Multiple related items
Multiple unrelated items
Single item

10 In psychometrics, validity is:

Internal consistency
Inter-rater reliability
When a measure measures what it is intended to measure