Pronunciation of 'S' before 'Y'

Many people get confused with the pronunciation s when precedes y. But here's a good point. An example could be shown, as in this year. Normally we pronounce it as /ðɪs jɪr/ (IPA), but this is actually pronounced as /ðɪʃjiə(r)/ (IPA).

Pronunciation of S edit

The letter s has a sound of /s/ (IPA) but it also sounds as /z/ and /ʒ/ and sometimes /ʃ/. For examples, mess /mes/, rose /roʊz/, vision /ˈvɪʒn/, and tissue /'tɪʃu:/.

Pronunciation of Y edit

Usually the letter y has a pronunciation of /j/ (IPA; spelled [y]). This letter is one of the two semivowels (the other is w). Words with the letter y are, youth /juːθ/, yolk /joʊk/ etc.

Pronunciation of S when precedes Y edit

As mentioned above, this year is pronounced as /ðɪʃjiə(r)/, other words such as pass you, guess you, miss you etc. are pronounced with the same method.

Likewise, if a word ends with the pronunciation of /z/ (e.g. as, is etc.) and precedes a word starting with y, the pronunciation of /z/ should turn into /ʒ/. For examples, as you /æʒjuː/, is your /ɪˈʒjɔːr/ etc.

It doesn't have to be only y, but the same rule will follow if a word starts with the pronunciation of /j/. For example, his university /hɪˌʒjuːnɪˈvɜ:rsətɪ/, miss universe /mɪˈʃjuːnɪvɜː(r)s/.