Profile of Kinner Village

Posted November 2008

Prepared By: S.R.Naik (Advocate, Kinner, Karwar The Kinner village is situated facing to south side of Kali river, which diffuses nearly 5 Kms from west side to East with 1.5 Kms, narrow band surface, spreading south side Sahyadri hills range and in North Kali river stream, which looks having wonderful sceneries of the Kashmir.

There is a assertion of old ancestors of our village that the word Kinner was derives from the dictionary of Sanskrit which describes as Human figure with a horse head of the deified man. This village starts from East to West with very stripe size and having small hill on East which is called “Siddaram-Gudda” was established the reign of chieltains of Kadamba dynasty in 13th century A.D. This gudda (hill) seems to be the head of the deified man, and its body itself spread towards West, expanding its hands towards north and south Kali river and Sahyadri hills and legs which were laid down towards West.

This village itself got geographical sceneries. If till today climbed on this hill and stand in Siddarameshwar Temple, and observed the surroundings, we can see the marvelous, structure of the Kinner village and surrounding village. Even we can see Karwar town Kodibag Bridge, Devbag sight house and Kurumgad. During night time the light sparked from Devbag itself spreading on the temple of Siddarameshwar.

The federal Chieftain of Kadamba dynasty who came to Konkan to expand the Kadamba Empire, first settled their dwelling on this hill which was suitable to see the enemy by both way on water and land. After their inhabitation they built temple of their family god and it was named by Siddarameshwar Temple. This temple is having Nandi (Bull) in front, there are also some inscriptive records on the plate black stones, which were written down in Kannada scripts of 13th Century A.D.

The temple has its own customs of worship. The people of Iyyar belonging to Basti have to worship and till today these persons of Basti with the help of locality, people yearly once that is during the month of Chaitra month celebrating the two days function with pump. But none of other inhabitants of this village have got right to make pooja except the basti persons.

There is also a history to say that after the departure of these chieftains of Kadambas, sometime Basti people stayed there and in due course of time after the invasion of ruins of Maratha, chieftain they ran away from Kinner and settled other places like Amdalli and Kone village. Because of this, the annual celebration was stopped. But with great venture of the family of Shiva Naik, Rama Naik and Mallu Naik of Madgar reopened this celebration bringing the Iyyar, Basti people who settled down in Amdalli.

Recently 2-3 years back with great task of Shiva Naik family with heavy contribution and other inhabitant of surroundings rebuilt the RCC structure temple, which was celebrated its opening ceremony of new temple in the year 2006.

There are also other places in Kinner inhabitants of Basti persons of Kadamba at Ghadsai means the place below the shadow of Sahyadri hills. They built a small temple of Shiva with magnificent Linga, carved in black stone which can be compared with the Shiva Linga Temple of Banavasi, the Capital of kadambas. Afterwards the temple was name after Mahadev Temple of Kinner village.

Some inhabitants of Kadamba Chieftain settled at Kinner village which is named after Siddawada in Digali Majare, 6-7 years back. One inscription written on black flat stone by the size of 4.5 inches X 2 inches of 13th century was found after the collapse of hill side which was written in Kannada script was taken away by the District Administration.

So, Kinner village has got its own descriptive image. The people who brought with the chieftain of the Kadamba dynasty to drag palanquin were remains in the village as inhabitants, even though the Basti people ran away after the invasion and these inhabitants now we called Aadivasi or Mirashis and we say then Gunagi people.

During the time of 12th and 13th century today’s village of Kinner was under Arabian Sea, and there was a old saying that ships of commercial trade used to come upto Kinner near Nirakar Temple, and now it is called after Kengar below the hill of Sahyadri. There is also an old saying that, Kinner village was only covered the area of Ghadsai, Khasarkhandwada, Nirakarwada, Devbag near Siddaram Temple. The today’s Ambejoog was under sea. After many years stream of Kali river brought huge fine gravel clay and simultaneously land become for cultivation. The swami of Partagali of Goa owned this land of Ambejoog called Ghade Gajin. He bought some labourers from Ratnagiri side to work in Gajini land. Till today there was a saying that the Ghade Gajin Swami of Partagali.

The Konkan Marathas of Kinner village originated from Goa reign called Khalwade. They are the main deites of God Shree Mallikarjun Temple of Canacona. During the time of Portuguese religious invasion and interference to change religion from Hindu to Christianity, during the Era of 16th century their forefathers, that is one of the eldest brothers left Khalwade, giving up their joint family shares to other brothers laying down some conditions in writing with Portuguese records to elder brothers that during the annual festival of Holi, for two days they have to feed them with meals and water. They even made arrangements between other family members to give first opportunity to worship god Mallikarjun during the time of Holi festival. This rituals till today followed by the Temple committee with due respect as Bolvekars in records.

The eldest family head who departed from Khalawade with fear of religious tranquility, cross the forest of Maigini south of Canacona, Goa and first established their inhabitation in Gopshitta, forest near the water lake. They have established their family hut there and established family deities, like Brahma, Wargo, Jini Khunti under the trees. They worship Vargo for the protection from tiger and evils.

The some of other family members further decided to expand their inhabitants south side of Kali river and they crossed Kali river from Balni with the help of Bamboo Vessels and settled their establishment in Bolve village which was covered with natural water fountain both in rainy and summer seasons.

After some years they once again decided to some west side of Kali river and some of family persons came downwards and settled their inhabitants in Sidder village called Ghatan. Which has got natural water fountain both in rainy and in summer seasons. Again some of family members descended west side and settled at Kinner below hill side, which has got natural fountain water both rainy and summer seasons. They built their dwelling which now days we call it as Garavai in records. It is called Ghartar Dev. After the settlement in Kinner these people have decided to build temple of Nirakar means God Mallikarjun putting the carved wooden pole (Khamba) during the 18th century era. This temple was built-up with carved pillars and beams with tile roofing.

Kinner is the biggest village in Karwar Taluka with highest inhabitants’ olden days. Kinner has got its town reputation in revenue department as Kinner was first having revenue inspectors, jurisdiction with all type of quarters. The village established first primary school in the year 1885 in Nirakar Temple under the ruling of British.