Primary Science Experiments/Melting ice cube experiment

See how fast ice cubes melt in hot and cold water! This experiment is intended for pre-k students and is appropriate for ages of 3-5.

Set-up for the ice cube experiment


Form a hypothesisEdit

Will an ice cube melt faster in hot water or cold water?


Get two clear glasses of the same size. Fill one glass halfway up with cold water. Fill the second one half way up with hot or boiling water.

Drop an ice cube in each glass. Optional: Start a timer.

Watch the ice cubes melt. If you are using a timer, write down the time at which the ice cube in each glass melts.


Optional: Repeat the experiment. Each time you run the experiment, this is called a "trial."


Which ice cube melted faster? Was your hypothesis correct?

If you did multiple trials, were your results exactly the same? </noinclude>