Primary English 1

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Welcome to the Primary English 1 course.

Introduction edit

The Primary English 1 course is aimed at 5-12 year old children who can read and write English at a very basic level.

Units edit

Here is a list of units you will look at:

  1. Tenses
  2. Should, Would and Could
  3. Question Words
  4. Writing Stories
  5. Pronouns
  6. Story Elements

Students edit

Teachers edit

To Do edit

If anyone can help create this course, it would be greatly appreciated. This course should be a basis for young English-speakers, as currently there is not an available course for the very young. Here is a list of objectives that need to be completed for Primary English 1, if you are willing to help:

  • Completion of units
  • Review, e.g. is the material suitable for its purpose?
  • Completion of PDF/teacher's version