Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining are technological marketing tools that can increase effectiveness. A few large software companies sell these programs as additional modules to their business intelligence packages.

Learning Task edit

  • Explore methods of data mining[1]!
  • Explore mathematical methods of predictive modelling[2][3]!
  • Apply predictive analysis and data mining on health care services and health care facilities in a country! Define an objective for using predictive analysis and data mining in health care system! How can data mining and predictive analysis can be used to provide tailored recommendations for patients with specific requirements and constraints? What are obstactles and challenges for implementation of predictive analysis and data mining in health care systems (include also privacy concerns and commercial data harvesting)
  • Improve the Wikipedia page about predictive modelling once you gained deeper insights in predictive modelling and visit the talk page for predictive modelling in wikipedia first.

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References edit

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