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What is PreKindergarten Skills? edit

PreKindergarten Skills is the teacher's guide for teaching science at the kindergarten level.

Each unit is numbered and can be taught in one day. Each unit also contains scripted instructions for the teacher. Many units contain workbook pages and activities.

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Unit 1 The Human Body - Overview edit

September science lessons deal with taking care of the body through cleanliness, rest, and healthy eating. The teacher can develop healthy habits at the beginning of the year and assist children in following procedures all year long that are developed in September. It is strongly suggested that the teacher request children wash their hands prior to any food consumption.

Review proper ways to cover the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing and to wash after sneezing and coughing. Provide opportunity to eat healthy foods at snack time. Emphasize the importance of rest and how the body requires time to 'recharge' if nap time is a part of your day.

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