Power System Protection

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25A Curve B Circuit Breaker

In this course we will discuss Protection of Electrical equipment from Dangerous Over Voltages or Short Circuit Faults using Protection systems ( such as Protective Relays; Circuit Breakers etc… ). At the end of this course the student is expected to be familiar with the Principles of Protective Systems and their application in real life.

You are advised to read carefully through given material and attempt all quiz/questionnaires in this course and don't forget to follow necessary safety code that will be outlined in this course. We hope you will enjoy this course in Electrical Engineering.

Course Outcomes edit

At the end of this course the student is expected to be comfortable with the following:

  1. Faults and Fault Calculation
  2. Fuses and their Application
  3. Current Transformers ( CT's )
  4. Voltage Transformers ( VT's )
  5. Time Graded Overcurrent Protection
  6. Application of Overcurrent Protection Systems

Prerequisites edit

The following courses are considered important for the student to be at ease with material that will be covered in this course:

  1. Protective Relays
  2. Electrical Machines
  3. Power Systems

Organization edit

This course consists of:

  • 7 Lessons → [ 7 weeks ]
  • 1 Quiz Test → [ 1 Day ]

All the above Span about 7 weeks. Plan your time wisely, by starting a journal and track your progress. If you work consistently and keep to your planned Study Time, you will Do Very well in this course.

Here are some of the resources available to Help you understand and make better used of this personal Learning Experience:

Lessons edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Fuses
  3. Faults
  4. Current Transformers
  5. Voltage Transformers
  6. Over currents
  7. Applications

Resources edit

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Wikiversity has a respectable body of content related to this course, you are advised to use the resources wisely to achieve your success. This course includes a formula sheet that can help you remember important Formulae and principles.Do not rely on the formula sheet entirely without understanding course material.