Power Supply Testing/Tutorial on measuring the voltage with the multimeter

1. Turn off the power supply.
2. With the wire strippers remove the insulation from two wires. (One of the wires must be the black wire because its voltage is 0).
Removing insulation from the black wire
Removing the insulation from the other wire
Wires without insulation
3. Turn on the multimeter to 20 in the DC.
4. The black cable from the multimeter: place it near the black wire.
5. The red cable from the multimeter: place it near the other wire.
6. Tape them.
Taping them
7. Turn on the power supply
Turning the power supply on
8. Record your observation.
Measuring the voltage correctly
Measuring the voltage incorrectly — don't touch with your hands

Measurements edit

  • white and yellow wires: 12 volts
  • blue wire: -12 volts
  • red wires: 5 volts
  • orange wires 3.3 volts
  • black wires: 0 volts