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This page is for comments/discussion on the front page of the curriculum (as a whole). The "Curriculum" here is a framework upon which a specific curriculum for a particular school/institution may be based. Some of the learning resources may be useful with a little modification.

Structure of the CurriculumEdit

The syllabus began as a step by step walk through a proposed process (community based learning) for a set of learners in an institution in South Africa. Ideally, it should be more generic and in a form which is easy to customise for different situations.

Consider structuring it for self-learners - "becoming a social entrepreneur". K 17:20, 3 September 2009 (UTC)


Variation on Community based learning but activities and resources may be provided with other approaches. Social Entrepreneurship is not the same as Community based learning.

Proposed New ModulesEdit

  • Facilitating and Catalysing Change
    This could be about organisational development and change management in a "developing" context.

Template for Social Entrepreneurship Learning ResourcesEdit

Would it help to have a template or a consistent way of presenting each section. For now we could try:

  • Anticipated Learning Outcomes
  • Activities
  • Relevant Tools and Other Resources
  • Outputs
See Discussion on draft template
We could also design a template (or a collection of templates) for learners to start with for their reporting. What could this look like?


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