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About the Academy

The Wikiversity Preparatory Academy is a secondary school on Wikiversity. The focus of this school is to work on resources that will assist students in obtaining a high school diploma or GED, through the creation and coordination of relevant content. The Academy will also work to establish a list of individuals willing to tutor secondary students, making their chances of educational success even more likely. Wherever possible, the courses offered through this program will be of equal or higher level than those traditionally available. An increase in difficulty will make taking a high school course easier, as the student has already taken the more difficult option.

Course Recommendations

These course recommendations are based in part on the University of California entrance requirements. You must get a 3.0 in these courses for them to count. These recommendations are designed to produce a well rounded individual capable of performing at a college level.

  • Four Years of English
  • Four Years of Mathematics (3 required)
  • Four Years of Social Sciences (2 required)
  • Three to Four Years of Sciences (2 required)
  • Three Years of a Foreign Language (2 required)
  • One year of a Visual or Performing Art
  • One year of a college preparatory elective
Wikiversity Courses

Courses offered by Wikiversity that can assist you in high school will be linked here. Wherever possible, it is recommended that you take the most rigorous course possible.

Social Sciences



Geoff Plourde - English, Government and History, Mathematics (Through Calculus I)