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Neural Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Project
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Welcome to the Neural Symbolic Learning and Reasoning Project.

The project is hosted at the Artificial Intelligence Department of the School of Computer Science.

Project participants collaborate on research about integrating machine learning and symbolic reasoning using neural networks. Neural-symbolic computation is an interdisciplinary research area borrowing from computer science, artificial intelligence, neural computation, machine learning, computational logic, cognitive and neurosciences, psychology and philosophy.

The goal of this project is to come to a unified architecture that supports symbolic learning and reasoning using neural networks.

Topics of interest include: Network reasoning and inference, Reasoning about uncertainty, Learning from structured data, Statistical relational learning, Integrated reasoning and learning, Expressive reasoning with robust learning, Nonclassical models of computation, Computational theories of mind, Cognitive computation, abduction and analogy, Knowledge extraction from complex networks, Deep learning and reasoning, Combination of systems, Efficient implementations of integrated learning and reasoning.

Applications in large-scale data analysis problems including simulation and training, robotics, the web, multi-agent systems, fault diagnosis, bioinformatics, argumentation, normative systems, security, multi-modal learning, visual information processing, anomaly detection, fraud prevention.

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Active Participants
The following people are active participants in this research project:
  • Leo de Penning, MSc. - Research scientist at TNO, The Netherlands. Currently doing a PhD on Neural Symbolic Cognitive Agents
  • "Artur d'Avila Garcez, PhD". - Reader at Department of Computing, City University London, United Kingdom. Co-organizer of the Neural Symbolic (NeSy) workshops.
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  • 14 July 2010 - Project started at Wikiversity!

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