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Ere afaha de manju hergen bi. Tuwame muterakūci ere afaha de dosireo.






manju gisun tachikū simbe okdombi

Welcome to the Manchu Department at Wikiversity, part of the Centre for Foreign Language Learning.

Manchu is a severely endangered language spoken in Manchuria. As the language of the Manchu people in the past days, it played an important role in the history of Manchuria and the Qing dynasty of China which was established and ruled by the Manchus. Today this language has been severely endangered since most Manchu people have converted to speak Chinese language. According to data from UNESCO, there are only 10 native speakers of Manchu out of a total of nearly 10 million ethnic Manchus. However, because of the significant academic and cultural value of this language, it is worth learning. Manchu Department aims to provide sufficient educational material from basic to advanced level for Manchu language learners. Have a good journey! (Read more...)

Wikisource-logo.svg Manchu Wikisource of Old Wikisource has recorded some Manchu books written in Qing dynasty.

Wiktionary-logo.svgYou can look up a Manchu word in English Wiktionary or Manchu Wiktionary Incubator for its meaning with Manchu script. (Under construction now.)

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