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Backgammon, an ancient gambling game.

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Board Game Studies is an interdisciplinary discipline that involves the history and reconstruction of games, the analysis of their impact and effect upon society, and the investigation of the development and mechanics of games to the modern day. This project is a collaboration of like-minded individuals from areas as diverse as mathematics and history, to create an open body of knowledge regarding the history, mechanics, and development of games. This project is divided into papers and commentaries from each of its component disciplines that contribute to a broader knowledge of games in general. While individuals are encouraged to contribute articles of very specific and specialized nature, they are equally encouraged to write from the perspective of a neophyte in their discipline. That is to say, if you know maths very well and you've got an idea for an article on probabilities in Mah-Jongg, you should try to write it as though your intended audience was an archaeologist or historian without a strong mathematics background.

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"Dvorak is a card game where all of the cards start out blank. Players choose a theme, make up enough cards to get started, shuffle and deal, and start playing. If anyone has a good idea for a card during the game, it gets shuffled into the deck."
"You can use the Dvorak system as a skeleton for making a solid and standalone card game, you can play it as an experimental or cut-throat Nomic, you can use it to kill half an hour drawing pictures and forcing your friends to perform forfeits, you can throw together a card game based on your favourite film or sport or in-joke, or you can even build your own collectible card game from the ground up."
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