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Biomedical Sciences applies the principle of biological and other natural sciences to clinical practice. It provides insight to the scientific background of health and disease.

The department of Biomedical Sciences is for coordinating the activities of Wikiversity participants who contribute to biomedical science-related pages of Wikiversity.

Students can complete core courses in biomedical sciences here but there is no degree or official recognition - Wikiversity is not a degree awarding institution, students cannot be given any sort of official certification.

News and current events
  • May 15, 2016 - Department of Biomedical Sciences founded.
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Learning Resources
  • Biomedical Sciences: Essential Laboratory Medicine (Raymond Iles, and Suzanne Docherty) (ISBN 978-1-119-96241-0)
  • Biomedical Science Practice (Nessar Ahmed, Hedley Glencross, Qiuyu Wang) (ISBN 978-0-198-71731-7)
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