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Welcome to the Department of African History Part of the School of History and the School of African Studies.

The Department of African History wishes to provide a comprehensive understanding of the history of the African cultures.

Division description edit

The scope of this division is the following:

  • To create a comprehensive annotated bibliography of publications and materials on African history.
  • To improve the quality of Wikipedia articles on topics related to African history.
  • To develop free teaching materials for schools outside of Africa. African history is a severely underrepresented topic in school curricula. As a result, misconceptions about Africa, often originating in racist ideologies of the colonial times, are still widespread among Europeans and Americans. To solve this problem, course materials should be developed that can be used by history teachers in Europe, America and other parts of the world.
  • To develop free books or teaching materials about African history for primary school and pre school level so that educators and parents can work against the formation of misconceptions about Africa at an early age.
  • To develop free teaching materials for African schools. The teaching of history in African school curricula is often highly eurocentric and based on European curricula of France and the United Kingdom so that students often learn more about European history than about the history of their own country and continent. The teaching materials for African schools might or might not be identical to the teaching materials for non-African schools or might share modules with them. They might be more detailed in some areas than the teaching materials for non-African schools and might be complemented with regional materials that provide in depth coverage of the regional history of certain parts of Africa and can be used regionally.
  • To develop free textbooks and teaching materials for academic level education about African history.
  • To discuss how such teaching materials can become incorporated into the curricula of Schools inside and outside of Africa.
  • To do original research in African history.

The scope of this department is not limited to written history but may include knowledge on African history gained from other disciplines like archeology, oral history research, linguistics, comparative ethnology, genetics etc.

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  • User:Nannus: will forward the Legendary brisf history of the Akans and particularly my family. Adako Royal family and our history since the 1100AD.

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