Poetry/Practice/You Disturbed Me

I was in the corridor when I heard a thud… Minutes later I picked up a note …it read:

Why did you have to disturb me as I read my poems? Why did you just come into my room and disrupt my thoughts? I was seated on the bed – in the room – alone! Why did you come? I was reading silently – absorbing thoughts – seeing minds at work and you came with your mouth – humming and shouting. Why did you come?

I needed space. I wanted time to be alone. I didn’t want visitors. You came. Why?

You disturbed me. It was your fault. I wouldn’t have harmed you if you respected my privacy. I wouldn’t even have touched you! You went around touching things in the room – without permission! And you made a lot of noise.

I wasn’t even angry when I killed you. I was just a little irritated. And I didn’t hit you badly – just one simple blow. My aim was to silence you – but not silence you forever. Forgive me! I ask for forgiveness!

It was just a single blow then you cried… then you stopped…

Why did you have to die? Forgive me… but you... you are dead …you can’t even forgive me – I just hope guys will understand me:

I killed you because you disturbed me …you silly wasp!