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The New Definitions. edit

Written 2010


All of the work in this book is done in concert with my wife Jean Caldwell McMillan whose love and support had its own special effect.

The purpose of this small book is to offer a new method of definition that was especially helpful to me in understanding better the concept examples given, concepts that I, normally, in the past, took for granted. It is a book about a new and very simple process of definition that provided me with the means to discover, and use, the relationship between words on a page, and how they affected my thought processes, and indeed processes beyond thought that I contend are triggered somehow by particular concepts, concepts that can be categorised as being Primary or Secondary.      

There is no doubt that the implicit meaning contained in them can be readily interpreted through definition, but their real purpose is to overcome the bonds that prevent true human development.

In approaching such a weighty subject such as language and definition I make no claims other than to offer a new and simple method of definition with no other references than those found in most dictionaries.

The concept subjects I have randomly chosen to redefine are basically simple outlines of the definition process, and are meant purely to focus attention on the contrast between dictionary given definitions, and the new definitions.

I am sure any reader would be astute enough to recognize that I am not pretending to present these concepts with any knowledge other than those dictated by dictionary given definitions.

As I presume a universal use of the same word construction and their concepts with varying degrees in the language in which they are spoken, and how the concepts are defined, as a layperson I will presume also that there exists a kind of universality that will allow any reader the potential to experience the radical change in understanding that was my good fortune to achieve.


Used as an epiphany experience.

Additional explanation of an epiphany experience.

Perhaps my perception of the concepts, and their new definition process might not evoke the same cognition response to reality for the reader. That of course can only be speculative on my part, but only by attempting to have this book published can it be put to the test.

It may be that my initial experience is responsible for the construction I now place on the new definitions. Given that possibility, it may be that the reader will have to undergo the same cognitive experience that I did.

Indeed the only credentials I have to offer are my own subjective experiences of what facts are, and I may say that achieving that experience is not necessarily found down the path of so-called 'logical thinking'. What I did was to find a relatively easy context in which the definitions obviously apply, and from experience, that comes about by ‘seeing’ what is. Match up your definition to any area or activity of life, and it is my hope that you will begin to see the reality as I did. We do define ourselves through our actions.

It will be said that these definitions can be made to apply to almost everything, as though this diminishes their value. It is true that they apply to every aspect of life, but the relevant implicit principles involved were, I am now sure, not understood.


Albert Einstein said `we cannot solve the problems we have by the thought that created them`.

I take that to mean that we must find new ways of learning, new ways of understanding, new ways of experiencing, that will provide us with the means to resolve the many issues that confront us.

Too numerous for me to mention, there have been many academic, scholarly writers, and poets who have clearly embraced the height of human consciousness in touching reality, but their experiences may not necessarily have been born out of academic achievement alone, but perhaps because of their intense interest in their use of language.                

                                                                                                                                                                       It has been my experience in dealing with some of the concepts outlined in this book that redefining them in the manner shown, opened up areas of cognition that I had never before been aware of, and that certain words on a page, and the new meaning I derived from them made me conscious of the strong relationship between language and thought. Indeed is there any separation between them?  

What is set out here is not the presentation of a belief system, certainly not theism, nor do I pretend that it is remotely related to any scholarly attempt at linguistics, or semantics. You may find the whole presentation mundane, and hardly worthy of your attention. This was exactly my initial reaction to the subject of definition, but the more I concentrated on the relationship between the principles, and realised how it affected my thinking, an understanding of their importance became clear.

When we can understand the principles, or factors involved in any manifestation, then we should conclude that the basic premises were the same. With every manifestation it is axiomatic that the precursor is the Original Cause.

The value of this presentation could be likened to the difference you can experience between a Model T Ford, and a Rolls Royce. You may come to the end of this book having ridden in a Model T, or you may emerge having ridden in a Rolls Royce. Viva la difference!

If you do proceed, and if and when you arrive at any experience through definition, it will be important for you to keep it in 'mind', for you can then go on exploring the concepts for yourself without the necessity of seeking other opinions, or be influenced unduly by historical opinions that may well be less than factual. I found it to be part of the heuristic principle. In effect you will discover for yourself whatever value you can draw out of it.

There are of course well established linguistic disciplines whose complexity is beyond my humble efforts and it is not my intention to make a virtue out of lack, but to state simply and honestly my experiences, and express them to the best of my ability

Go back again to the observation that we must learn to understand in a new way. Linear thinking became for me a constant process of repetition, and fragmentation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   My objective was to look at the vertical scale as a ladder we must climb to escape from that process. The linear process is, as I see it now, a deterministic movement in mechanicalness, which when considered, changes nothing. The only thing that changes that process, and our attitude to it, is the way we see, and experience it, and for most of us, I suspect, that requires something new that has the potential to make sense of the kaleidoscope.

A vertical scale

It would be foolish, and indeed stupid, to address the lower extremes of the vertical scale, and current dictionary definitions as being of no consequence, but they are a reality better addressed I found through the transposition of definition, to offer for me, any chance of lasting development, or understanding.

Think of the individual in conventional circumstances who complains that if only he, or she, could be somewhere else, or with someone else, everything would be so much better. No doubt you are well aware of such an individual, and you will also know that moving, or changing partners for that person did little to change their attitude to life.

We carry with us our personal history, emotional baggage, and prejudices, and we constantly repeat them without being aware of how mechanical we are.


My search throughout my adult life was always toward philosophical, psychological, and religious ideas. Never finding any real satisfaction, it seemed that metaphysical questions like, ‘Who am I’ were unanswerable, or too complex for a layman's mind.

This kind of searching, and self-worship I later came to acknowledge, was the actual barrier to any form of real understanding.

Utilising the idea that you could link concepts together in language to compose new definitions became for me a most valuable exercise that continuously formed new realisations. The most beneficial being that we are obliged to address the reality that ‘we are’, and in the process of re-defining concepts this affirmation becomes an inescapable conclusion, and the road to decisive cognitive development.These concepts were recognised some thousands of years ago.

Notably by Heraclitus and Chinese schools of thought.

Heraclitus with his “Unity of Opposites” and his famous quotation:

“No man crosses the same river twice”


Chinese schools of thought recognised that everything is in scale with the primary position at the top and a descending scale below.

In all things if we ask the wrong questions we come up with the wrong answers, or no answers at all.  

This small book is all that I have to offer, not in the sense that I can give you anything – there is nothing to give that you do not already have. It became clear to me that looking for what you already have, is a soul-destroying futile quest! Nothing that anyone can sell you, or that you can buy, will deliver up for you what you already have.

The greatest knowledge you can ever have is your own.

Therefore all I can do is compile and formulate the factual concepts, and principles that have always existed, that they might allow you to achieve the same understanding.

Somewhere along the way I will seek professional help in finishing its layout, and composition, for the benefit of the readers. My main objective is to leave behind some written evidence of the ideas formulated through my experiences, and complement them through general ideas expressed in available literature that resonated with my own understanding, and hopefully put it in the public domain so that others may make the best use of it they can. It is not my intention to try and monopolise this material, but to make it available for others to reconstruct, develop, and improve.

Over an adult lifetime, most of the material found in this book has been the result of the aforementioned experiences.

At the outset it should be stated that this book is about a new process of defining concepts in contrast to dictionary given definitions, however dictionary given definitions were defined.

Like any process of learning something new it may take a little time to recognize the relationship between the concepts we use, and how to derive benefit from re-defining them.

In contrast to any belief system, this material essentially seeks to draw attention to the hardening beliefs and ingrained behaviour passed on to us primarily through language. Our greatest necessity is awareness of our condition – the blissful acceptance that we are fully conscious.

Carl Jung

In each of the random subjects I have chosen to define, these are simply brief examples of my interpretation of the headings of the chosen matter.

As each of the subjects would require a massive computer in its own right to examine such a vast literature, what I have endeavoured to point out is the basic principles that adhere to each of the subject headings, and these for me are best expressed in terms of ‘necessary factors’.

Scholars in these subjects may choose to explore their chosen field utilising the techniques of new definitions to promote a new awareness of the subject.

Any endeavour should always operate with the basic assumption that all basic principles are interrelated, the same, and equal.

That expansion is all derived from a very general source, as the concept of definition has a universal derivative readily available to anyone interested in the subject matter.

The idea of ‘New Definitions’ is based on a very simple basic premise ‘we are’. All of the definitions, and all of the connected links have this proposition as an absolute.

If you do proceed, and any reader should find the compilation of material of interest in their own particular field, please feel free to use it in whatever manner you consider would best suit your personal needs. Copy it, debate it, disseminate it, and extend it. I may say that from experience, and my understanding of the basic concepts, it is futile to use this material other than for the greater good. Self-interest, aggrandisement, profiteering, are all of themselves the very barriers to real understanding. But I may say that by its proper use, experience tells me that we are capable of realising the wonder of our everyday existence.

It may be of interest for readers to know that quite late in my adult life I attended a four year Liberal Studies course at Canterbury University, New Zealand, from which I graduated.

One of the tasks in English literature was to write an essay on ‘The Millstone’ by Margaret Drabble.

Having left school at 14 years of age, this was my first attempt at an assessment of any literary work. Using the techniques of definition I had acquired I went through every chapter and defined all the concepts that were used, shaping my essay around the definitions. The result of this exercise was that as a male it gave me a profound emotional, and practical insight into the life of a young single mother, with a young child, and all that that means.

The astonishing result was that I got an ‘A’ plus pass, which established in me the validity of using new definitions in any endeavour.  

If you have read “The Millstone” you may wonder how it is possible for the concept of ‘necessary factors’ to be the least beneficial in relating to the very sensitive and humane portrait of a young single mother as written by Margaret Drabble.

Words on a page in and of themselves have no real poetic or emotional content unless we understand their real meaning. It is the underlying universal relationships between them that offers us true guidelines to the very nature of who we are.

A vision of wrong words

The lists that are offered seem of themselves to be of a very pedantic nature, and as they are, it is doubtful if they will evoke strong emotional, meaning that enlightens, but linking them together and using conjunctions to connect them do provide a pathway to our true consciousness. New definitions are the transforming power to new knowledge.

As far as I know I have not infringed copyright law in any part of this material, and would encourage any reader to freely adapt it to any enterprise they may see fit.

Nothing is ever rejected, everything that is, everything that we are, is a measure of ‘necessary factors’. Conventional definitions, which include negativity are not discarded as useless. They are used as stepping-stones to a greater reality. When they are placed on a reality scale they can then be correctly measured for what they are. It is that basic recognition that allows us to go beyond the conventionally accepted definition. Because of this acceptance we are where we are – it is time to move on.                

The process of investigating opposites in terms of definition was by itself very interesting, and has been the referred subject matter of many philosophies, the most contemporary one that I know, one GI Gurdjieff, as expressed by Dr Maurice Nicoll in his Psychological Commentaries on the teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.        

That material had some parallels to that which I will endeavour to express.                                                               

The following is essentially my report, and my extended interpretation, and I have since concluded that only because of my dramatic change in perception through the medium of that which we call conscious experience, would it have been possible for me to attempt to write about this subject. Although words on a page will never be a substitute for direct experience, I am compelled to try.  

Lost Shadows

The shadows move

Lost in confusion

Lost in despair

Imagination shrouds the Real

Looking back

Looking forward

Is this the Centre?        


All conditions of mechanicalness were for me extremely difficult to recognize, or accept, but once that viewpoint was accepted through experience, (and conviction comes through experience) it offered me a stepping-stone to that which is real.

Lost Shadows is my commentary on the general human condition as I came to understand it, and there are of course many exceptions. This condition is acquired, from my understanding, through socially and culturally determined habits, and attitudes, and there is an apocryphal story that lends itself to the value of shock that allows one to contemplate that condition first hand.

The story tells of an intermediary stage after death, where a dozen or so people of varying race, colour and religion, find themselves in limbo, wandering around knowing that they are dead, and expecting to move onto a higher plane.                                    

On their travels they each meet characters that are quite distasteful to them -- they see them as mean, avaricious, cruel, stupid, and pretentious, which fills them with hatred, and anger. After some time they group together, seek out an attendant, and demand to know who these people are, and why they are allowed on the same plane as them, instead of being banished to Hell as they rightly deserve!  

With a wicked satisfying look the attendant turns to them and quietly repliesː

‘Oh don’t you worry my dears they are already in Hell. There are no others here, what each of you sees, and experiences, are mirror images of your own character. In a very, very long time you might get to be like me, I suffer no reflections’.

"Oh wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us"[1]

(Robert Burns 1759-1796)                                                                                  

The question is would we welcome the truth about ourselves?

Language is a code, and it has taken about one thousand years to secure the modern day dictionaries we have. The purpose of dictionaries is essentially to offer meaning. We reach for a dictionary to have defined for us certain concepts, and we take, more or less for granted, the definitions provided.

Obviously much of this information has been instrumental in us progressing as we do - but to understand this progress I needed to seek new and more constructive methods of defining, and for me the idea that you could redefine for yourself these concepts and give them new life and meaning was indeed a revelation. In utilising this new way of defining, it has established for me consistent realities that are the precursors to creative enlightened cognition.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

However complex, or diverse human societies may be - could it be argued that they all may have basic fundamental principles that are recognisable, and available to be evaluated?

Is it possible to address these basics, and draw some reasonable conclusions that can provide direction, and understanding?

Is it possible for any fellow human to experience a reality beyond, and above their everyday existence through their use?

My answer to the above questions, is an emphatic yes! - otherwise I would not focus my remaining years in this endeavour.

                                                                                                                                                                      When experienced, true knowledge is at once transcending, and unquestionable. It establishes reality in the present time, and allows us the potential to see all values in absolute terms. It is a momentary realization of our innate essence, our natural self, without adornments, and it has a momentary flash of sweet terror to realise what we really are.

Any intellectual, scientific, or technological development throughout mankind's history depends entirely on some basic understanding of truth, either laboriously worked through to conclusion, or a Eureka moment when that which is, is recognized, and acted upon.

When we contemplate that every moment of existence has implicit within it a Eureka experience, then it implies to me that our conscious level is more or less, nonexistent. We in effect conduct our lives in a state of sleep, living with the illusion that we are fully conscious aware beings.

The New Definitions as I have outlined them are a form of translation that will allow the reader to make sense of who we are.

Living as I believe we do, in such an ossified state, we continually perpetuate a very presumptuous attitude that does nothing to penetrate to a higher conscious level. My own early experiences in working through the simple processes I will outline, allowed me to see some of the reality that surrounds us.                                                                                                      

The most significant experience I had as a young man happened when I temporarily worked in a processing factory on a night shift. It was a very noisy, and dirty environment. The smell of hot machine oil in the stale air, the workshop lit by fluorescent lighting, and the incessant pounding of the machines stamping out metal components was not an atmosphere conducive to experiences of enlightenment. Throughout the working shift one had to break from the tedium and noise of the machinery, stand up and stretch your body to give it some relief. Walking to the end of the row of machines I worked on, I came across a female co-worker kneeling down brushing up metal shavings. I knew her to be an elderly spinster with a reputation in the factory of not being very communicative, nor of being very sociable. Have read over the years various accounts of enlightenment experiences (epiphanies), but nothing then, or since, has matched what took place.

The best and mostly deeply moving interpretation of what happened will never do it justice, and for the moment my simple explanation is all that is available.

The environment around me did not change in any way, but my association with this world was altered forever. There was no sense of my individuality, or personality, only unification with everything there is.     Somehow I was in an eternal timeless state observing the elderly woman at her task, and she became the epitome of "pure action" conveying to me the innate, and fundamental love, compassion and connection that is part of our human existence. The realisation was not only of her true being, but that of my own. 'It was ‘pure communion’. It was clear to me that the concepts of separation and division were the constructs of the human brain, and bore no relation to that which is real. The most simplified construction I can put on that experience is that that which we conventionally call natural, became supernatural. In that experience our being ness is Universal, and totally removes the mythical concept of individualism, and separation. We live a Primary, and Secondary existence, where the Primary (that which is Real) is rarely experienced.

Throughout my experience there was no concept, or appeal toward any dichotomy. They did not exist. That certainly only takes place when we return from the experience, and our brain and the intellect take over again in their attempt to explain the experience, which leads one back to a world of fragmentation, and the usual conformity to mythical constructs.

When such experiences abate, and we return, as we must to our secondary state, inevitably we conform to our own ingrained prejudices and opinions, which by degrees can be transformed by our attention to the new definitions. This experience and action acts in slow parallel with the process that automatically occurs after any vision of Reality.

Fortunately for the ‘experiencer’ there seems to be a measured retention of values in which a characteristic change takes place where standards and ethics are developed. There is also a sense of freedom, and a release of positive energies hitherto held captive within us.

How long in numerical time the experience lasted, I do not know, probably no more than a minute, but I knew (and of a knowing that I had never experienced before) that I had been in the presence of something that is eternally ours, and infinite, and throughout the many years that have passed since then, I have had varying degrees of cognition that ensured in me that other reality. At that moment it was clear that all that my personal life span had experienced was for nothing, and I was left with nothing, other than that incredible experience which dissolved all conflict. Because of that experience I now endeavour to disseminate the concepts that may, or may not be useful for others.

 Throughout these pages there will be some references to mind, and thought. These are commonly taken to be the highest products of man's existence, and indeed thought appears to have taken precedence over "real experience", and seems to dominate all human activity.                          

 In the 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am".  It seems to me now, given the experiences I've had, that this must have had a very detrimental, polarising effect, on most Western philosophies.

It must be emphasised that for me thought, when properly controlled, is essentially used only to guide us to what I consider, a reality beyond thought.  

I have given credence to its limitations, as I understand it, and tried not to allow it to take such a dominant place in my life, although admittedly, that is easier to say than do. It seemed clear to me that thought processes by themselves will never give us real understanding - that only comes (I contend) when it seems as though thought stops, and natural intuition, and inner essence knowledge takes over.

In a land called Honali.

The simple exercises I have constructed in new definition techniques introduced to me a new reality, and allowed me to penetrate beyond the barriers of day-to-day thinking, and for me it's stultifying mechanicalness. Breaking through the thought processes, and experiencing something that seemed to be other than thought, I became aware of the limitations of our so-called mind, and in that experience there is a kind of peaceful release.

What success you may have if you use these simple techniques depends, I believe, on how much the process may attract you, and if so, its continuous use by you. I can only say that it is possible to find relevance, and real meaning in words.

Truth is not a deeply religious or philosophical mystery! Just know that "everything is"!

As I understand it, most religions, and schools of philosophy make reference to the question of opposites. The very term itself creates divisions, and where there are divisions there is ambiguity. My concern in introducing these new definition concepts is to allow the reader to create for them a true relationship to reality, without that ambiguity.

The negative sides of dichotomies to me are not meaningless, in the conventional construct we use them, but I did acquire a new understanding of their place in our lives and found it useful to treat them as myths, and search for a better construct in language that would give me a positive basis to extend from.

 The lists of words I've chosen are simply irrefutable principles that are the basis to form any reasonable extension. If we expose the myth of dichotomies through awakening to the facts, then we no longer need to address them as being real.                               8                                                                                                                                                                                

Language is also a social event that should be used for everyone's benefit and put into a simple context that will help convey real knowledge and understanding.  Because we are born into a world where language precedes us, in general most of the conceptual meaning in language is taken for granted. That circumstance has such a powerful hold on us that it is almost impossible to break through.

An example is the idea that we can be independent! It is a concept that is constantly encouraged - yet it is a myth! I came to realise that no one can be independent, and that no one ever was! You can be responsible for your own actions - but that is a far cry from the mistaken view that you can live in this world, and be independent.


Please stop for a while and examine this assertion. From the moment you were conceived you required air, food, and water. You were administered to, and cared for, through to an age when you could provide your own sustenance. Extrapolate from that to where you are now, and see if you can honestly accept the idea that you as a being could ever be independent.

Chapter One.

Dependent. edit

The essence of dependence.

My putting forward the proposition that there are no dichotomies may well be difficult to comprehend, given their place in our consciousness, but taking for granted such conceptual myths is similar to being a captive in Plato's cave - being chained to the floor watching shadows of real life cast beyond the firelight on the cave walls, unable to turn round, and see outside the cave - believing that life consists only of those shadows.

To define any concept using the list you compile (do not be limited to the list I have offered), use any two that you consider form part of the basic construct of the principle involved, and which will establish for you a 'correct meaning'. This provides you with the potential to evaluate, understand, and recognize your true relationship to that basic principle. Throughout the process the reader may find it easier to recognize the relationship between the concepts. Indeed philosophically you may come to accept that they each have a profound relationship, one to the other.

To come to the realisation that being dependent is our basic condition, and a positive one, nullified the idea that I had a choice in the matter, and it gave me a proper alignment to extend from.

This material is about simple basic concepts in language - not about grammar. Each individual, or group, can make grammatical adjustments as found necessary.

There is a need for information that is less academic - information that is common to us all - correct - and available to anyone who wishes to use it. Because opposites exist in language, we take them for granted  - but when you actively explore what is real, you may find there is something more fundamental.

When we establish facts, we establish what is! Nothing is hidden! The facts that we can establish are necessary for true definition. Everything is in scale! Everything that is - is a measure of these factors.

My acknowledging my dependence on everything external for sustenance was a step towards realisation, but it did require my commitment to accept that change in perception, until I experienced its reality.

In the following pages I will use the list of  'necessary factors' to redefine the concept of dependence, so that it might become an observable fact that you may be able to accept, more readily so, when you yourself come to make up your own definition.

It may be appropriate at this time to point out the value of a good dictionary, and a good thesaurus. A dictionary provides us with definition, and meaning. For example if we want to understand what the word 'definition' means, the Oxford dictionary states ' a statement about the precise meaning of a term'. So when we want to understand the precise meaning of a term - we consult a dictionary.

A thesaurus on the other hand is distinct from a dictionary in that it provides us with thousands of synonyms, and antonyms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Synonyms are words that can be substituted without losing or affecting meaning - for example: modest - timid - shy could all be easily used to substitute each other.                                                                          Antonyms are words that have an opposite meaning - for example:

War - peace, hate - love, rough - smooth.

The dictionary given definitions I found rarely utilise any of the principles implicit within the concept that would offer greater precision, and direction. This new form of definition using basic principles has the potential to provide us with that precision, and direction.


Dictionary: 'dictionary given definition' -  

'book containing usually in alphabetical order the words of a language with their meaning, and usage, or equivalents in another language, or the terms proper to a subject with explanations, or a number of biographies, or other homogeneous articles'.

Key factors: order, meaning, usage, equivalent, proper, explanations, homogeneous.

Above is the dictionary given definition of the word 'dictionary'. In each chapter I will introduce a concept in this way as I used it, and point out the key factors as they are expressed. The process, I suggest, is to then go on to re-define, and enhance that dictionary given definition, so that meaning has the best chance to be made transparent to the reader.

Below is the new definition that will be outlined as we progress.

Dictionary: New definition:  

'Organised principles that establish meaning of true standards, designed to provide information that is correct, and trustworthy'.

Key factors: organise, principles, establish, meaning, true, standards, design, provide, information, correct, trustworthy.


For me anyway this definition is noticeably improved, and in a fashion that is self explanatory in that it has universal meaning, and above all makes acceptable commonsense.

"Necessary factors" are positive concepts that we hold in common, and we construct our lives around their everyday use, and to repeat, we have compiled dictionaries in our historical attempt to understand their full meaning. That they can be expressed in the grammatical sense as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and by using the two words "We are" to precede them, was for me a simple method to enable their best use, and an extension to conventional use.

Standard definitions are never wholly rejected; they are the stepping-stones toward newer, and broader definitions. Within them we can identify "necessary factors" that can make up powerful additions. It would seem logical to me to utilise their use and further extend the definition process.

All that I intend to do is place before the reader my personal viewpoint on this subject matter, and how I interpret it. You may agree with these interpretations or not. Certainly there is no expectation on my part that you accept anything I present as being self-evident, and it will become clear that this is not a scholarly or academic attempt at linguistics or semantics.

It may be helpful to consider how we have arrived at the definitions we have in standard dictionaries, and why we believe them. When we read the definitions contained in them, do they have any real meaning for us? Would it be presumptuous to consider that we could improve on them, and find a meaning that resonates within us?

Meaning for me is a conscious experience that has relevance in my life, and the pool of basic simple words I have compiled were again the stepping-stones to a new and simple process of definition that made the definitions relevant.


Chapter 2.


The dictionary definition of principle is:

‘A fundamental truth used as a basis of reasoning’

Key words: fundamental, truth, use, basis, and reasoning.

In my attempt to construct the following chapters as examples that were relevant to me, I have utilised basic methods that were effective for me to recognise that which is implicit within each concept, which allowed me to go beyond conventional concepts.

Academia by its very nature imposed on me severe limitations on my ability to assimilate critical information, and I personally have found these simple methods of definition infinitely rewarding in allowing me to understand the concepts that were of vital importance to me.

In reality I discovered there are no dichotomies.               

How we come to that realisation is, I believe, a developmental process, and in that process we can be a little humble in any approach to new ideas.

Just because we find the definition of words in a dictionary, it does not necessarily follow that we derive meaning from them, or learn anything about the concepts involved.

My experience through this simple form of defining was that meaning was amplified through another understanding of the basic principles involved. In essence there was an elementary association of principles, and that association may only become clear for others when there is the temporary complete destruction of personal history and knowledge as I experienced it.

 In the initial introduction, the word 'principle' deserved more attention, and a particular presentation to establish its worth in our language.


Archimedes (2nd cent AD) in a Eureka moment understood the principle of leverage, and throughout history since we have applied that principle to many applications, and to a very sophisticated degree. It is a question whether anyone using it now has the same understanding that Archimedes had!

The dictionary given definition of 'principle' is:

'A fundamental truth used as a basis of reasoning'

Key words: fundamental, truth, use, basis, and reason.

I extended the above definition to read:

'A fundamental truth used as a basis of reasoning to produce understanding'

I believe that these two added concepts (produce & understanding) are implicit within the definition.

William Shakespeare.."so much understanding"

It would be safe to say that most of us are interested in what makes sense, and would want to locate the factors to achieve that. Correlated facts make sense, that is why the above definition for me, is so important. It groups together a set of 'necessary factors' that are relatively easy for any one of us to recognize, identify with, and use. They seem to offer a sense of safety, and security, and if that is a common truism, we should ask ourselves why?

To put this definition into a simple context, if you are reading this, then you are conscious of its content. It is then a fundamental truth that you are present, and you are located. It would follow from that, that you can use basic reasoning to some degree, to identify that you have knowledge, understanding, and awareness.

In essence, you have followed the implicit instruction within the definition. All valid definitions should have implicit within them these fundamental factors, factors that we hold in common. Correlating these 'necessary factors' that provide correct definitions, starts to make sense of the things that are important to us.    

Plato's allegory of the cave


For me, now, the facts that I put together and define, offer a new dimension that has never before been brought to my attention.

Do educational processes actually begin by examining what is?

We cannot examine that which does not exist. We must give credence, and refer, to what is. Are there fundamental truths that we can use as a basis of reasoning? Would it be better to find out what sanity is, rather than insanity?

Given the above definition, (which to me is a very good one) I sought to extend the analysis further. It is hoped that this example will provide the reader with techniques for developing and evaluating what I consider to be correct definitions. Although the definition seems self-explanatory, it is useful for the purposes of assimilation to break it down further, so that we can take some action with it, and seek some predictability concerning those actions.

Key words, or concepts implicit within the definition: fundamental, truth, use, basis, reason, understand, produce.

 So grouping the basic concepts together into a simple sentence using conjunctions, I now read the new definition of 'principle' as:

'Use fundamental truths to produce a reasonable basic understanding'

Therefore, to me, in seeking out 'principles', or 'necessary factors', we must take into account their definition, and determine if what is being examined complies with that definition. Any discipline I should think of necessity, must conform to that prescription, or it falls short of the mark.

The good farmer will always use fundamental truths about good soil, irrigation, and fertilisation, to promote healthy crops. In that process, he must be reasonable in his application, and rotation of his crops. In all of that application, he in time acquires a basic understanding of the laws of nature. He, like the many other good farmers on this planet, has conformed to the principles within the definition (whether aware of it, or not), and has provided food for an ever growing population.

Although this may be elementary information on the principles of good farming it only became available to me through the process of definition as expressed above, and I used the farmer analogy to express it in this form.

Natural farming.

You will note that I have offered up the term 'necessary factors' as an alternative to 'principle’. My reason for this is that words, as we know, can become clichés when constantly repeated over time, and their value, and proper use, can become lost, and they can in fact be misused. The continuous adoption of cliché terms then becomes the reality for many, however false that reality is. The term 'necessary factors' has more chance I believe of retaining its value, and is less likely to be misused.                                       It would be suggested that you keep adding to your list of 'necessary factors'. They will allow you to extend your own definitions, and apply them as outlined above, to your own needs.                                    Try relating your definitions to whatever resolves you are seeking.  

To make these concepts a reality for me it was helpful to utilise as discussed before the two simple words 'we are' to head the initial list using nouns, verbs or adjectives to complete any sentence.

We, is the plural noun of I – it determines there is more than one. It is inclusive, it neither discriminates, nor excludes.

Are means ‘to continue to be’.

The term ‘We are’ then is used in a complementary fashion to highlight its inclusiveness, its permanence, and above all, its evident reality in conjunction with ‘necessary factors’. It provides us with an easily identifiable forerunner to the list of ‘necessary factors’.

It is never judgmental, and whenever any principle is redefined using the complementary implicit relationship with all other principles it reveals a self-evident reality, which in turn offers a new direction in consciousness.

The process of linking these ‘necessary factors’ through conjunctions can create a new language that addresses that which is.

Although this material never directly addresses any religious doctrine, the reader may experience a better understanding of the particular belief system they depend on, and will be able to make adjustments accordingly.




HONEST          RESPONSIBLE     SECURE                              


PROGRESSING         COOPERATING                                          

PRESENT   LOCATED            

Basic positive principles, or ‘necessary factors’ were for me easy to understand. They affirmed the very fundamentals of human existence, and provided true ‘measuring’ sticks for identifying what is.

Whatever subjective processes may come into play, it is the attempt to deny the existence of any of the above that creates problems.

It is self-evidently true that ‘we are communicating”.

It is self-evidently true that “we are successful” at doing just that, in many forms.

Simple basic realities, but unless we recognize, and constantly utilise their existence, we can go off at a tangent.

Dealing with dichotomies as being reality, removes us from the very life source that sustains us.

It would indeed be stupid to reject outrightly the negative dichotomies in terms of everyday reality that we experience. Hatred, prejudice, fear, stupidity, ignorance, sickness and disease are constant reminders that in our present state we are less than we can be by a very significant margin. What is necessary to experience is that they are in fact mythical constructs that have become accepted reality, and as such must be recognized for being just that.  

Doctors should not, and do not I believe, address sickness as a reality, but calculate how healthy a person is, and extend on that to make the patient healthier. Again this is not a process where any ludicrous leap of faith is expected to grasp the proposition. If a doctor approached a patient who was totally devoid of any sign of health – there would be nothing that he or she could do. We know that even under the most dire circumstances a responsible doctor will look for any sign of life, and attempt to resuscitate the patient. They address (in awareness or not) health.

When a person is pronounced clinically dead, we see doctors using every means available to resurrect them.

They are not to my mind trying to bring back the dead – they are trying to retrieve whatever health signs are available to bring them to recovery.

This is not my personal attempt to convert anyone to my particular view-point, it is only to express how I now see many aspects of life. It is critical to note that it is possible to view life experiences in a more than conventional way – and assess them accordingly.

When we deliberately focus our attention on what is – it is only focusing attention on an evolutionary process. We are by degrees already doing it, and we will continue to do so.

Archimedes did not invent the power of leverage, it was already in existence everywhere. He saw and experienced  the reality and the principle involved, and was able to make statements about it.

We see evolving miraculous new insights into the constructs of the human body – DNA and GENETICS, which have the enormous potential to improve human well-being. These are not the property of any one person or group – they are discoveries of what is, and must only be developed, and used correctly by appropriately skilled agencies.

Locating the true level of philanthropy and honesty will be an evolving reality we hope we can witness very quickly, but however quickly it does happen, it will evolve.  

This is a small beginning, the term WE ARE is inclusive, it implies relationship, and is self-evidently true. Finding out through definition the measure of truth in the terms added on, was for me a process of self-education, and affirmation. Actively identifying these factors in this simple fashion was part of the stepping stone activity toward a better understanding of whom, and what we are.   



I am sure you will be able to identify a measure of any of these factors operating in your own life. No matter how little, that is where you begin. Although these may seem very elementary observations I found it essential to re-establish them if for no other reason than to recognize their existence through the methods provided.  

To identify 'necessary factors' it is instructive to look at their so-called opposites, for instance:

Health - Sickness

Wealth - Poverty

Law    - Disorder

Success- Failure

Our conscious relationship with these concepts is, I consider for most people, normally taken to be unquestionable, and may well be very difficult to challenge given the extremes of condition that we can experience through our senses. We consequently accept these as the only reality available, and so long as we accept that there is no other reality, then it will always remain so.

As explained in the preface above there was for me a new consciousness, a new way of experiencing what is, and this is my endeavour to share that experience.

All negative dichotomies now appeared to me, to be denial of what is. Any complaint, or problem, was the denial of a 'necessary' factor. If this were so, then it seemed logical to address what is. That for me was the only basis from which I could extend. I found that before we can extend, we must establish reality.

Everyone is a success to some degree. Trying to improve on something that does not exist (failure), is chasing shadows! If we believe in myths - then we become subject to that belief.

Below I have compiled a supplementary list that might allow you to make some progress. They have been chosen simply because their opposites could not provide me with any guidance (try it).  Use them in whatever grammatical form you find most comfortable.


The list I have compiled of 'the necessary factors' have in common the collective term 'generalisation'. The processes of definition that will be applied, makes the use of each of them a guide to that which is implicit.                                                                                             

It was easy for me then to identify through their application, the very specifics required in any discipline that is normally taken I suspect, to be a function of conscious awareness. The education process can then be seen to be implicit within the generalisations. The process of definition in this manner makes it very easy to make the transfer from that which is a generality, to that which is quite specific.

All of the 'necessary factors' have connectedness to each other, and we can in essence, use the combination of any two of them to define any one. True definition has the potential to create internal balance, which in turn, alters perception, so that direct relationship with what is, is a unifying experience.

In this connection it should be observed that we really do not know what consciousness is, or how we arrive at the various states. Standing on a foreshore on a beautiful summer's evening, watching the sunset, can alter anyone’s state of consciousness. It is my contention (derived through experience) that powerful new concepts initiate the same processes. Conversely watching a child being hurt can offer the other extremes of consciousness.                                          

The dictionary definition of dependent.

'dependent or contingent on or upon, in the position of a dependent or subject, relying on another person, thing etc, for support'

Key words: contingent, upon, position, rely, another, support.

In the introduction, I classified as a myth the wide held assumption that it is possible to be independent.   The Oxford dictionary defines 'independent' as  'not dependent on others for validity '.              

This definition for me, presumes a kind of magical individuality, and invisibility!                        

It is an impossible task, to define something that does not exist. The fundamental basis for individuality is that it paradoxically depends on at least one other individual for its very essence -- its being -- its validity! Two is the basic number.

To further examine that assertion I have chosen 'dependent' as a 'necessary factor,' that which is creative, positive, and importantly, universal. Grouped in pairs, are six factors chosen from the list that will form a definition which I believe is real -- that is true --  and that it makes good sense, and it is useful! In utilising the list to define any concept, there is a personal awareness level that assists in developing the definition.

My choice from the list is:




In linking these together as I have done, they spell out conditions that are for me desirable, and readily recognized as realities in our lives, when we pay attention to them. The first two factors 'constant support' are easily identified in all our lives as a reality we are all dependent on. We need the constant support of the sun -- the rain -- the crops, for basic food, and drink.          

The second two  'community cooperation' clearly spells out conditions that are desirable, and to some degree or other, is available in every community.

Each individual in that community is dependent on cooperation for his or her well-being, and survival -- so implicit within these two factors there is real dependence.

'Sharing products' are two factors that clearly identify the social interaction we are all dependent on. We share -- food, money, technology, education, and most of all language. Without language, no knowledge could be passed on. Therefore, in combining all of these factors I have formed a new definition that provides us with evidence of its validity.                                                                              

To be dependent within this new definition [using conjunctions] means for me:


It is easily identified as being true. It confirms our condition, and I would contend, has a universally acceptable meaning.

Using the above definition go into your local supermarket and see if you can consciously apply it in relation to your own needs. These are simple methods that can offer you direction in proper awareness of your own beingness, as they did for me.

There is a nice analogy that might highlight our present condition -- the belief that we can be 'independent’.

Take a piece of blank paper -- imagine that to be a world of two-dimensional beings. Push a pencil through the centre of that world, and all the inhabitants could see, would be the cross section of the pencil. They never could describe to you what a whole pencil was, and it would be impossible for you to try to describe it to them. So long as we live in an artificial restricted dimension, we can never see the whole reality.

Consider again the concept of independence, and individuality, and hypothetically take the view that we can be independent self-reliant individuals. Taken to extreme (and we can find attempts to conform to these concepts at many levels), it essentially means that we deny, or negate, how dependent we are, and any attempt to deny how of necessity we are social beings. That kind of activity, with all of its ramifications, I feel can be corrosive and destructive. When we give credence to any negative activity, it gains reality from the belief we place in it, and clearly at this time of writing we endorse so much that is inhuman.                                

                                                                                                                                                                     We are all very busy extending our belief systems -- the only problem lies in the accuracy of those beliefs!

That we are social beings in no way diminishes our personal responsibility, and humanity. There are doctrines that would have us conform to propaganda designed primarily to instil belief systems that are dehumanising on a social scale. What I am attempting to do is offer open information for anyone to address, and to explore it, for theirs, and others benefit.    

My approach is to address correct sources. Give credence to the fact that there is a source. Source is the plural "We are".

That statement I believe is sensible, and difficult to deny. No one individual is the master of his, or her, own destiny -- we are. Any attempt to be independent is a kind of denial of all that it means to be dependent (as we have already defined it). We see only sections of it -- never the whole -- but that is where our true strength, and value lie. By all means 'be responsible for your own actions' but always within that context. The most difficult thing we can do is attempt to be independent.

We are brought into this world without any active will on our part, and introduced to an existence in which we are wholly dependent, despite wholesale propaganda to the contrary exhorting us all to be ‘independent’. It is my contention that complete realisation of these circumstances will paradoxically provide greater freedom, and a true understanding of our place in the community.                                      Clearly today in most societies, there is an imbalance in personal responsibility, and dependence. In its extreme form, it is most detrimental within the drug culture -- both legal and illegal.  

Through attempts to gain relief from conditions that are as I see it, the result of a mechanical view of life, there is created a dependence that can lead to a lifelong addiction. The consequence of that is that personal responsibility, and health, can recede to the point of oblivion.

With a new way of understanding I believe it is possible to put greater  order into those circumstances, and utilise the responsibility factor in conjunction, and in balance with the society we live in, and depend upon. When we are over dependent it takes courage, and discipline, to change that structure, but each step taken allows the responsibility factor to grow -- so nurture it gently, and carefully -- I  am sure it will be found to be worthwhile.

As human beings we can all be subject in varying degrees to passionate opinions, whether it be about politics, religion, ecology, nationalism, or economics.

There is a desperate need I believe for those passions to be tempered by a factual understanding of the relationships necessary for them to be realised on an equitable, fair, and just basis.

                                                                                                                                                                       Redefining 'necessary factors’ is the methodology to expand our awareness levels.                                We are, all of us, interdependent -- we do not have any choice in the matter -- other than accept it as a blessing. Do not persist with passionate beliefs that are detrimental to your true nature, and well-being.   Be very careful of the drumbeat you march to!

Chapter 3.

Reality: edit

'what is' or, 'likeness to the original'.

Key words: likeness, original, is.

All of the 'necessary factors' I have listed are basic components of the recognition process. We cannot recognize anything unless we already have information that agrees with that which is presented. As all of the 'necessary factors’ are equal, the only distortion of value exists in our inability to recognize them as a reality. Much of that distortion can be attributed to the belief we have in dichotomies.

Everything is a problem unless it can be addressed for what it is.

Stupidity is a problem, unless we see it as the measure of intelligence, which it is.

Poverty is a problem, unless we see it as the measure of wealth, which it is.

Failure is a problem, unless we see it as the measure of success, which it is.                                             No one is an absolute -- complete -- total failure! When we can recognize that as the true reality, then we essentially deal with what is.

That is the point -- the basics from which we can develop -- then there is no mystery! We are at once in harmony with reality. Reality then dictates correct policy, not ideology.

As you proceed through this book, you will recognize various references that you are familiar with. Quite simply that comes about because all human endeavour is the result of the nature of language, and the compilation of 'necessary factors' implicit within it.

Words are of little consequence, unless we have the means to extract meaning from them - meaning which illuminates the mind, and allows us to see reality in all its wonderful manifestation. Through correct meaning we can begin to 'understand' one other, because we then have a common-meeting ground of agreement.  


When you give credence to negation, and use it as a basis to work from, that is, if we deal with stupidity -- poverty -- failure, it can gain reality for you from your belief, then, in extension as you deal with that, you are wide of the mark.                                                                                                                                      In that process, you lose sight of that which is real, and deny yourself the opportunity to deal with reality.

There is an apocryphal story of a young graduate medical student, hopping freight trains to head home for annual holidays. Jumping on to a good's wagon, he slams the sliding door closed when he realises it is a wagon used for transporting frozen goods. He immediately tries to slide the door back, but it is locked solid. When the train reaches its destination, the guards unlock all the wagons and find the young student frozen to death on the wagon floor. No one can understand how such a thing could happen, as the refrigerating units on all these old wagons had been disconnected for years!

 We can construct a hypothetical answer to the puzzle faced by those who found the young student. The internal conclusions, and beliefs, the young student operated on, were based on knowledge he had acquired throughout his medical training, and the effects of freezing on the human organism. He believes he is trapped in a freezer, and despite the reality of the situation, he succumbs. This is an extreme hypothetical example where paradoxically knowledge, and belief, has been the young student's downfall, but it is offered as a tool to expedite recognition of the common mechanical condition of knowledge, and belief, that we are all subject to.

Human tension as I now understand it, is the need for experience of True Reality. We have an underlying innate knowledge that we do not experience or realise our true identity, or potential.    

 We originate I believe from a timeless source where all values, standards, and ethics were complementary. They are still an innate part of our very being, and it is our obligation to unfold them through mutual growth. If we were looking for the means to progress, it would seem to be good sense to address those standards that will provide the right direction.

 We must go from basic to basic. A complete cleaning cycle is effectively addressing that instruction. There is no completely filthy dirty item. Washing exposes the cleanliness that already exists. The cleaning cycle goes from cleanliness to cleanliness.

As the language we are brought up with conditions us all, it instils habitual thought patterns (some good -- some not so good). We now need the ability to recognize that, and distinguish between them.                                       

 The dictionary given definition of reality  " what is" or, "likeness to the original" is important. Pay attention to both parts of this definition, it points to direct cognition of something you already know.

That knowledge is an innate part of our psyche, and it would appear that through many, various psychological, and spiritual disciplines we attempt to reveal that spiritual reality which constantly exists.

 Overlaying and nullifying those disciplines, is the contemporary drive toward self-indulgence, the present technological acceleration which in its wake breeds a kind of human apathy, and disregard for human reflection, and real exploitation of human feelings, and emotions.

 We are a collection of races of ever increasing masses overcrowding this planet, and creating an intensity of living together that promotes pathological conditions, Racism, nationalism, criminality, political and economic structures that never address the real needs that will support human beings to progress in saner, more civilised societies. Paradoxically the only place, the only environment where we can address, and recognize these values, standards, ethics, is here. They all exist within the societies we live in, and function primarily beyond our awareness level. They are the manifestations of our innate properties, the very things we aspire to, but do not give credence to, or recognize. It would be easy to speculate that unless we take stock of this present situation, reach for the reality that is present, and learn contentment through real knowledge, we will continue to function at a level that is very dangerous for the continuing survival of the species.

Western societies especially live in an ever-increasing culture of competition, decadence, fear and greed, disregarding sound scientific information that tells us we are overexploiting the resources of this planet to the point of extinction. That commonsense does not prevail is a tribute to the hypnotic, and desensitised state we are in.  

 You will note my above narrative is in a very negative vein. This is quite deliberately done to highlight the common relationship of negativity that exists around these subjects. Certainly, they paint a very bleak outlook for our future, and there is no question that the problems are very real. It is important to put these into a perspective that will give us a basis for hope.

No dichotomies mean exactly that, there are no dichotomies!!

The correct narrative we seek, is already available, it is present. 

Everything is in scale, and must be measured accordingly. We must see corruption, as the level of honesty, which it is. We must see weakness, as the level of strength, which it is. A baby can exhibit strength when it grasps your finger. All 'necessary factors' exist on a vertical scale.

To date humanity's knowledge is that attempt to manifest a reality which of itself can never be recognized by the terms we impose on it. Consider the hypothesis that everything that ever was, ever will be, is in a constant state of existence. That nothing ever was created by man, nothing ever could be, or ever will be; therefore, ownership would be a dangerous mythical concept. That circumstance reduces man to no more than an instrument to manifest whatever is. The real wonder of that is lost, because mechanical ego is paramount, and devotes itself to its own idea of progressive change, without ever realising that inherent subjective reality, that inherent obligation to manifest whatever is, for the sake of all. Whatever is, is for the benefit of all. What could possibly be wrong with everyone being well off in every way?                                                                    

From the list I have chosen six factors and grouped them into pairs, thus:




From that I formed a new definition for reality.


 As an exercise, find a vantage point and look down on your own city, town or village. See if you can recognize 'visible standards '.

Is there community accomplishment?

Is there an effective organisation?

Is there evidence of reliability?

When we focus our attention on what is, it allows us to see reality, it is a matching process, and it is the complete cycle.


Measure the peace in your society, not the violence.

Measure the law in your society, not its criminality.

Measure the sanity in your society, not its psychosis.

Measure the success in your society, not its failures.

The real road to progress is, I feel, accurate recognition of what is -- it provides true yardsticks required for correct measurement. There are still many cultures and societies where 'necessary factors 'may be more than difficult to recognize, primarily where the rights of its people are denied them by cruel and autocratic rule where men, women and children are forced into abject slavery. What we must recognize is that victims of such cruelty are dependent on saner, more responsible cultures providing them support to deliver them freedom. That will be more forthcoming when people realise continuing development depends on us all acquiring that measure of freedom that creates natural balance, and allows us all to grow with the equality that is rightly ours.

 Where there is pure recognition of what is, then the observer is in direct relationship with that which is authentic. There is no question concerning the validity of that experience. It is the most powerful insight, an insight that exposes the observer to an original state of being.                                                               The process of becoming that again, and achieving that reality, is the prime object of living. The process of becoming that, whilst being that, is the philosophical paradox.

Cave painting thousands of years old.

 Authentic experience exposes mythical, life-long held perceptions that you are fully conscious, and harbour no illusions about values you hold dearly. We have already discussed the social source of many of these illusions, and perceptions. Concerning our state of consciousness, the catastrophic human events that impinge on all our minds, mass starvation, ethnic cleansing, nuclear pollution, pollution of land, seas, rivers, the air we breathe, all of these are of the order of things we know, and feel, and in the main, totally helpless in the face of their enormity. However bleak that knowledge is, it is essential for us to recognize that as we are, there is no hope that we can change. We are in fact the architects of all that we survey, and only the realisation that our present mode of existence is in real measure responsible for these human catastrophes, will open new pathways of thought.

 We must address the basic concepts we work from. If they are not couched in positive terms, or do not have universal positive outcomes, then, they are in error, and must be re-addressed, realigned, re-focused.   Concepts that breed nationalism, superior ethnicity, divisive religions, monetarism, class division, all go to make up the potpourri of thought processes that suppress human consciousness. The 'individual', who constructs their lives on any of these mistaken concepts, will never find peace of mind essential for that authentic relationship we all seek.

 Harmony, love, co-operation, peace, can only be realised when the barriers to achieving them are exposed. Whenever reality in its authenticity is experienced, the desire to be that might well be understood to be one of the barriers to its manifestation. That initial understanding of that which we are, is the catalyst for a human steady progression toward living within that reality, and its prescriptions.

Chapter 4.

Health. edit

Dictonary given definiton of healthː

'Soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment':

Key factors: soundness, mind, and body freedom.

The dictionary given definition of health relates to an ideal condition that is more predominant for its absence.

 On the gradient scale of health, we would find that definition occupying the top place, but all of us to some degree also occupy a place on that scale - that is our measure of health. Some clearly have more than others, and that to a large degree is dependent on economics, age, location, education, good medicine, and communal welfare.

 It was vitally important for me to discover that our sustenance comes not only from our food, water, and the air we breathe, but also from the myriad of impressions that we are confronted with daily.     

Healthy environment

In the main these are taken in, in a mechanical fashion without any real awareness of their benefit, or otherwise. Only if we, for instance, witness a horrible accident do we become aware of how that has affected us, or we may come across a beautiful sunset, and be overwhelmed by its beauty.

These are extreme examples that go to make up the experience that such impressions have on us - with little awareness of the constant influx of everyday impressions that are there mostly for our benefit. New definitions did provide me with a new world – view,  it depends on you, how you now view that world!

 Given the introduction I have given to this chapter I will redefine the concept of health as I now understand it, and see if it offers you the reader a new realisation.


Choosing again six factors from the list in Chapter two;

Sustenance. Stength. Comfort. Clear. Principles.Reliable.

New definition of health;

"The clear understanding that reliable sustenance and disciplined

principles that will provide comfort and strength".

Take a starting point each day, and walk towards an arrival point 15 minutes away, and return.

The 1/2-hour you have chosen, the walking, and the locations, display all the elements of the instruction given in the definition. You have conformed to the instruction within your own capacities.

Healthy physical training.

This definition not only describes what health is but also provides instruction and the merits of that instruction to meet our personal needs.

Remember you were asked to head your list of  ' necessary factors ' with two simple words  ' We are '. When we add the concept of health to this i.e., ‘we are healthy’, this is an inclusive statement.

In your society look for health operating as I have defined it, or as you have defined it with your new knowledge.  Health then is a factor that we all share  - the more you see the reality in operation, the more you will understand what health really is, much, much more than our conventionally accepted understanding.

We must be specific and address what is! Where does the new definition apply?

It applies in industry. All of the products it manufactures for our well being - clothing, food, technology.

It applies at home. The health of any household and its occupants is determined by cleaning, dusting, washing, cooking etc. - generally a thankless, and taken for granted occupation.

It applies in education. Without it, the health of any community is depleted. We need healthy minds, to have healthy bodies.

There also exists biological dictates of particular health straits that evolve genetically.

Also Nature in its evolutionary march provides serious health issues that require contemporary

science to constantly evaluate and make transparent healing solutions for both situations.

It applies in all aspects of medicine, nurses, doctors, and hospitals.

When we have a restricted viewpoint,  (people used to believe the earth was flat) we view our life for less than what it is - we do not view the whole. We have a right to  'see’ our health factors operating at every level. There is  'disciplined action of constant value that supports reality’

When you have knowledge of reality  - knowledge of that which is, then the imaginary field you have constructed  (or has been constructed for you) will in time, and with gentle discipline dissolve, and no longer be necessary.                                                                                                                                      Pay attention to any information, which confirms your new knowledge, and you will build strength on that. Keep confirming health at every level. Keep addressing the definitions for guidance, they constantly point to reality.

We know that to condemn someone to solitary confinement is a cruel form of punishment. We have through past agreements isolated ourselves from the factors that are necessary for that ‘soundness of mind and body'.

 Perhaps a quiet acceptance of many of our health problems could be the very therapy that provides its own improvement. Certainly every new medication, every new therapy, and each new technology is ther to contribute to our health. No doubt we are living longer, but the expectations of a life free from the ravages of all disease, may well be only realised when there is a complementary, mental, and physical approach.

 One of the great motivators towards every new form of treatment apparently is fear! It can attack us at any time, and its main function (for its own protection) seems to be to hide itself from view. Whenever we have an attack of fear, we attempt to dispel it, because we are afraid of its presence. We are not afraid of the moment, but of the consequences of the original thought, or feeling, that has brought on the fear. If we have a pain in the stomach, and we worry that it is cancer, we immediately think of the consequences if our diagnosis is true!

How long have I got to live?

What will my family do if I die? 

By focusing on these mostly imaginary consequences, all of these secondary fears only compound the problem. The initial fear goes underground, and there, does its finest work, and it would be easy to speculate that it contributes to many illnesses. Fear must be confronted as soon as it appears, for whatever reason. Hold it there, and by admitting that it is the fear itself you are afraid of, its power to hold sway over your life will be diminished.

 Most important though for our general well-being, is to see health functioning in society. Observing the definition in action can do that.

 There is on the horizon at this time of writing, a New Millennium technology, the Internet. One could speculate that  it has the potential resources to correlate, and disseminate information that is reasonable, and factual. It of course also has the potential to wreak havoc with misuse.                                                There certainly is a need for global knowledge to expedite the measures necessary for the human society to survive another millennium with a large portion of its health intact, and the retention of all the advances in social health management to date.

 The universal cultivation of knowledge, and information that prescribes interdependent unity, will best be done when we can celebrate the 'differences' between us, as so-called 'individuals'.

Concomitant with that we must rejoice in our 'sameness' one to the other.  True relationships, and the basic feeling of interdependence between us, is the most important part of our lives, and the most direct road, to true health.

Chapter Five.


Production:' a thing produced by human activity '.

Key factors: production, thing, activity, and human.

 The dictionary given definition of production is factual enough, as far as it goes, but of little consequence with regard to the reality of production, and its meaning. It would be beneficial if we could provide a definition that clearly provides direction, and a clearer understanding of the basic components necessary for successful outcomes that are in practice. We are obviously very interested in production given the abundance of products the human race now has at its disposal. Consequently I have chosen the primary factors.:  




Linking these together and forming the new definition:

'Organisation from source then effective alignment through to successful achievement'   


A definition I believe that makes it easy to identify the principles implicit in every aspect of human production.It would be true to say that any manifestational effect emanates directly from an understanding and knowledge of the cause, or source, hence correspondence, and inevitably human production.

Think of any item in the room you sit in. Does its presence match up with the definition? Consider the cause, and effect.

In industry and engineering we depend on this planet for source minerals - organise them into materials suitable for manufacture, their effective alignment toward the particular product, and all the engineering procedures necessary - through to successful achievement of all the things we utilise - ships - aeroplanes - trains - motor cars  - computers – food.

Be aware that all of these things have always existed in the environment. It has been the application of the definition that brought them into existence.

In education continuing development throughout the decades lies in language. We constantly use the source material  - reorganise it, and align it effectively into its specialised categories  - into schools, and universities, for dissemination.

That we have successfully achieved that is evidenced by the measure of human progress - however mechanical.

All production whether it is in industry  - education - science - philosophy, must reach for source material, there is no such thing as nothing - something is, all the something's are  'necessary factors '.

Unless we establish those, we can have difficulty with production. Once established their organisation is necessary, their effective alignment means successful achievement.

The source.

All of us must produce to some degree - because without production there is no support.  That we continually produce so much is evidence of the support we provide. There is an abundance of everything, but clearly given the millions of human beings who die of starvation on this planet there is a critical need for 'organised distribution'.

Just as clearly as most Western cultures enjoy the benefits of an abundance of products, which are in turn distributed in an organised fashion, the means of extending that service is already available. We know it can be done - why don't we provide more support?

When we understand the true value of 'necessary factors', then our production ratio will rise accordingly. Production relates not only to things and our use of them, but to our ability to control, and nurture the planet that supplies all our needs.

We are constantly seeking information that will produce outcomes that improve our situation, and provide us with certainty.

 At this time it would appear that unless we adhere to a balanced sustainable form of production we are in danger of denying ourselves the means of existence.                                                            

Our dictionaries of the present day are a prime example of our search for meaning, and direction. That meaning, and direction, was implicit in the words used to find them - but they were not recognized!          We need to accept, and understand from experience, that the essential things that will produce commonsense outcomes are 'necessary factors', and their use in defining what is.

At this time Mother Earth that we so much depend on, groans under the exploitation, and destruction of its resources. Remove the greed, and avarice that drives much of that exploitation, and it appears that this planet has provided enough sustenance to feed, clothe, and house the world's population, and would continue to do so, with proper management.  

Ohǃ So true.

The correct organisation, and distribution of all that is manifest, would be humankind working in harmony with natural law. Also the correct organisation of established principles to create societies that equitably share the abundance this planet has to offer. With accurate, and correct information, this will guide us toward sustainable production.  We must realise that 'production' in the form and manner it is manifested at this time is in the main, a corruption of the concept, primarily driven by profit motive, and ownership.    We have the ability, and expertise, to work in harmony with nature, and to have a true association with the resources that are still available, and to resurrect them. It is in fact our moral obligation to correct the imbalance that is at present causing so much global misery.

The greatest potential danger we have, I believe, is the acceleration of technological development without the protection of standards that can control the information so that it is used for the benefit of all.

We exist in an era where Western Governments opt for the privatisation of essential services. Privatisation is essentially the transfer of citizen’s common property (power, water, technical communications etc, all the essential services required for a civilised society to function) to multinational corporations whose main criterion for existence is profit.

Governments proclaim that they are no longer equipped to handle these services for its citizens, so they conveniently pass these responsibilities on to private multi-national corporations, and take away the rights of its citizens to that common property, and then allow them to be charged exorbitant rates for the use, and supply of their own services.

Governments in essence break their agreements with its citizens, and if the elected representatives are not fit and responsible persons to manage the affairs of Government they should summarily be removed.

Knowledge, and its manifest production of new technological, and scientific concepts, must bring with it ethics and standards that will exercise control over their use, and the recognition of the responsibility we must exercise.    

Common sense tells us that we cannot continue to produce at the rate we do – but the application of common sense to restrict unnecessary production, and the consequential irreversible environmental decay, is at the moment, predominant for its absence.

Over the years, the greatest frustration in writing this material were the constant references to this truth that came from every source of communication, without the overall recognition of complementation, and the need for convergence of principles, and their universal ability to create equilibrium.


Fundamental principles are all the same; let the mathematician talk to the artist, the engineer to the chemist, and the farmer to the philosopher. Let there be commonality, and a real convergence of understanding, for beneficial outcomes.

 Younger minds will find it easier to accept the concepts of production we are exploring. Where there are entrenched views in the older generation, overcoming such barriers can be a less than easy task, and so it has always been.

New generations will come to recognize, and further develop the fundamental principles that are the foundation for any progress; it seems a natural law that these principles are always in the ascendancy. We must be thankful for that!

There are unfortunately many pseudo creeds, with quite bizarre credentials, and practices, who use brainwashing techniques to exert control over a person's mind, and their pocketbooks, and put them in the quite desperate position of being over dependent on the source of influence. To exert that kind of influence over anyone, and restrict his, or her, natural freedom, can never be condoned. To insulate one from the dangers of such cults, observe how your attitudes change as you work with 'necessary factors'.

They are the guidelines, the standards that offer you strength, and security. They reform so-called negative states, and allow a healthy reproduction of your true self.

The process of becoming, and making transparent that reality is our human obligation, to manifest and produce what we are. You may note the repetitive use of this term, repetition is the best means of getting the message across.                                        

Lies do not persist, but truth does.                     

Our very existence, and progress, gives the truth to that process (oftentimes in spite of our history). You will note the paradoxes – timelessness, and history – constant, and becoming. Human evolution is as I see it, the process of becoming what we are, the ultimate paradox!

Although technology, and science, have in the past, and will in the future, provide many benefits, (given the chance); they will never by themselves resolve the problems that human consciousness has created.


It would certainly be beneficial if there was a critical shift from so-called 'thinking' to a new awareness of our very special, and pure reality. It is there we will find the universal agreements necessary for us to survive. To be able to awaken to that essential reality, will automatically evolve new, creative attitudes to address the plethora of problems we have created.

It is essential to recognize the danger we are in. It is also essential to recognize that we are the architects of our own suffering. Only when we can honestly, and with discipline, unravel the erroneous belief systems that control us, will we emerge as whole human interrelated beings.  

Necessity is the mother of invention, all production should be based on that simple premise, and everything produced that is not necessary for humanities health, and well-being, and this planet's survival, should cease.

Production today is driven primarily to satisfy what people believe they need, which is controlled by their desire and the persuasive powers of advertising, and propaganda. This process has no conceivable peaceful end that would provide fulfilment, both in terms of human emotion, and material production.       What we really need goes to the very heart of our natural being-ness, and will only produce outcomes that will create the peace, and harmony we desire.

Closely researched 'necessary factors', and the new definitions, will all point to our basic essential needs.

What do we need?  

Responsible production.    

Healthy production.

Balanced production.                                                                                                                                     Can we produce knowledge that sustains?

Can we produce original standards?

Can we produce honest activity?

How will this all be achieved?

It won't come through a radical revolution by the masses. It can only come, when you the reader recognize the erroneous belief systems that bind, and blind you. Recognition will be the incentive to explore a new consciousness, which sees reality, as it is. Your attitude towards the world will then change, your actions toward it will change, and consequently the world will change. With everyone you contact there will be an infectious transference of your realisation – to some degree. That is real production – a healthy, bloodless, revolution.

Chapter 6.

Intelligence:  edit


There is mechanical intelligence, and there is creative intelligence - they are the same, but on different gradient levels. There is a world of difference in scale between the two. As it is our lot to be born into a world where language precedes us, and mechanical intelligence predominates, it carries with it the burden of attitudes that permeate all societies, and cultures.

This gives us a generalisation, but we need much more information on how that process is achieved.  

All and everyting.


You will recall that it was mentioned in the preface that we must learn to think in a new way, other than that which we have acquired from birth. The measures of our thought processes determine our attitudes, and they in the main become fixed, and can be intractable - hence we have problems with race, religion, and politics.            

Ingrained attitudes, and beliefs, no matter how noble or justified you believe them to be, are the barriers to new information becoming available to you. It is in effect a loss of consciousness, a loss of part of us that is necessary for our well-being, and growth. You, as an individual in this society can learn to be aware of your attitudes, become vigilant in their effect upon you  - then there is the possibility that you can change, and make room for creative intelligence to begin its work. Let go of attitudes you don't really need  - it releases creative energy .For however long you have lived in this world you have acquired attitudes that dominate your life. It will require measured useful discipline in your daily understanding of  'necessary factors ' to begin the change.

That you are being successful in that, will be measured by the new insights (epiphanies) you experience as you progress. As you progress you will realise that the work you are engaged in is about a fundamental change in you. Life external to you, and your experience of it, can only change when you begin to understand - then you will include more, where before you may have tried to exclude!

Definitions that are easy to read.


With intelligence comes knowledge, which can be creative, or destructive. There is absolute knowledge that continually highlights the development of human progress.         

It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Immediate knowledge of a comprehensive truth is the basis of any new learning process. The knowledge you will acquire in defining these factors is not of a mechanical nature, but of a higher order of understanding, and every cognition becomes part of your very nature, and the fertile soil that will produce real knowledge.

No matter how little that is, it is the comprehensive truth that our being thirsts for. Immortality is not a continuous extension of mechanical life, it is the experience of living an eternity in the moment, a complete, and unambiguous experience of the truth.


We can be very cynical about scientific achievements, and the wake of destruction that knowledge has brought - from the atomic bomb, and its horrors, to the constant threat of nuclear warfare, and the deadly residue of nuclear waste polluting this planet. But if we must have a belief system to maintain us, let us believe in ourselves, and the miracle of who we are. The greatest miracle of all is that there is innate knowledge that we all share, and when we begin to utilise our intelligence, and communicate that to each other, we then begin to understand the nature of our being, and that understanding is essential for knowledge to reach for dimensions that are equally essential for our survival.

 It is necessary to use common terms like concepts, realisation, transcendence etc, if we are to approach a point of recognition that will in effect free us from their mechanical usage. Our ego finds a great deal of satisfaction, and fascination with terms, that if they ever become a reality will undermine ego's stranglehold on our true spirituality. Its protection is to take a great deal of interest in all of these terms so that they can be converted to its own use. The investment that is made in developing the personality we have will not be surrendered easily.

If the terms, concepts, or 'necessary factors' were not available to some degree, we could not do anything about it. But they are, and through this new discovery of definition we can remove the blindfolds, and begin to see what is, by bypassing the restrictions of ego.

Ego also devises unrealistic lofty notions of what spirituality is, which quite cleverly takes us off in a direction far removed from what we are. Following these so-called spiritual paths leads us further and further into the darkness – witness present day ethnic, and religious violence. The words or symbols that we use to describe true perception come about because of agreement. No one becomes spiritual from a blank page, it is innate spirituality made transparent through agreement with reality.          

Scientific, religious, and philosophical minds would be advised to take as their base line the fact that

‘We Are’. It is indisputable, undeniable. Try saying that we are not!

The transposition is easy.

For understanding to grow between us, we need to know what every other being is subject to. We need to understand what being here means. What are the correct premises that we can use to create functional wholesome human structures that celebrate the manifestation of sane, reasonable, development. The only location to discover these premises is here. Understand what is implicit in this situation from the viewpoint that we are not going to learn anything. We already know. Use 'necessary factors' to recognize, and observe.

So that we can understand and amplify the concept of intelligence, I have again chosen a group of factors to form a new, and comprehensive definition:




Thus we can define intelligence to be:                   

 'the recognition of principles for reasoned association and an understanding of source '

There is a lovely story that seems to fit this definition very well.

A farmer died, and in his will he left a herd of 17 very valuable pedigree cows. He had three sons and he left a 1/2 of the herd to one son, a 1/3 of the herd to another, and a 1/9 to the other.

3 sons - 17 cows. 1/2 - 1/3 - 1/9.

As they want to keep the animals intact this equation won't work .One of the sons, realising the solution to the problem, went to a neighbouring farm, and borrowed a cow. He added it to the herd and made the equation.                                              

One son had a 1/2 of 18 = 9

One son had a 1/3 of 18 = 6

One son had a 1/9 of 18 = 2                  

Total  = 17

After making the equation he returned the spare cow he had borrowed! The son recognized a simple principle of mathematics; you cannot do something that does not add up.

He reasoned by association, you must add something to it.

He understood the source, there must be balance.

This was creative intelligence in action. It does not mean that the farmer was conscious of the definition in reality, but when we understand through a valid definition then we can recognize the process in action. All of the factors can be applied at any level to anyone to measure the creative intelligence available. From that point useful and simple techniques can be devised to extend what is available.  

When we are controlled by habits of thought, opinions, traditional ways of acting, or reacting, to a situation, it is easy to understand why ethnic, religious and racial hatreds have persisted to the present day. We need to find the means to think for ourselves if any transformation is to take place, and correct solutions found.

All the difficulties we have lie in the construction of false basic premises, perpetuated by the use of dichotomies in our language.                                          

We suffer from the things we are not willing to make known, and the individual damage this does when it is a social consensus is horrendous. Human suicide rates point to the terrible suffering the individual goes through because they are not willing to make known (for whatever reason) the 'differences' in their basic natural approach to life.

Our history tells us of the terrible wrongs that have been inflicted on fellow human beings, because sections of society use wrong basic premises to judge others. We should question the democratic credo that the majority rules if the premises it operates on are wide of the mark. Misdirection in education of whom, and what we are, and our relatedness, one to the other, has driven us to our present mechanical, near mindless state, where our spirituality is stifled.

There are too many 'stupid' opinions that are given credence. Re-establish what is right through recognition of 'necessary factors', and let every human being take their rightful place in the society, and culture in which they live. We are fundamentally all equal; no one is above any other. We must be 'for' that basic principle, and all other premises, which have as their basis, truth, responsibility, sharing, love, and understanding. How else will we progress?

The understanding of basics, and the knowledge that they are a constant reality, waiting to be made manifest, is vital to secure progress at all levels. Engaging ourselves in awareness of our condition, realise we are less than we can be, and that our spiritual capital is being monopolised by powerful forces that seem bent on misusing it for monetary profit alone, and in that process bring about the destruction of this planet.

The use of ‘necessary factors’ is the use of a universal language, and of itself it is not governed, or limited, by any opinion. It has the potential to promote pure thought that is of your own making, in that process it will be realised that it can only be achieved when there is implicit relationship based on fundamentals.


Chapter 7                                    


Law. edit

' rules established among a community enjoining or prohibiting certain action'

Key words: rules, establish, community, enjoining, certain, action.

All social law based on moral precepts, is a system of fundamental agreements designed to protect the citizens who come under its authority. Law in a democratic society can only be designed when a government is elected by a clear mandate to design laws, which offer safety, and security, for all its citizens

Law whether in the form of natural law, or manufactured laws, is ever present, it is a process! To be alive requires us to conform to specific disciplines to maintain our existence. We must eat, we must drink, we must breathe, and we must sleep. Any serious detraction from any of these specifics, for whatever reason, threatens that existence. In the same manner, man-made laws designed in a democratic society should meet standards that are created for everyone's protection. This presupposes that our fundamental condition of being as such, is dependent on the social character of any society we live in.  


This is clearly the case historically, where so many people, in so many nations, have lost their lives because democratic practices were less than ideal. Every human being is entitled to the protection of just, and equitable laws that are easy to conform to, and produce the natural order required for any society to live in harmony.

Consider that your personal manifest entity is a product of natural evolution. In the process of evolving there is an abundance of natural laws required to function for you to exist. That supposition is then the same for all of us. We must conform to laws consciously, or otherwise, to survive. Given that that kind of formation is equal to us all, it is axiomatic that we have basic obligations toward each other to conform to laws that are universal. It is in the recognition of such truths (I believe), that we have a prescription for harmonious social evolution.

Reaching this present millennium, it is clear that the inherent obligations we have inherited, have a long way to go before there is exposure to a reality that reflects the truths that require to be made manifest.     To be wholesome each 'individual' should have freedom within just laws to promote democratic ideals that benefit all societies. Any self-centred approach, contrary to natural law, will by its very nature, be the catalyst for failure, and against ethical, and moral standards.

Self-centred dogmas develop only alienation from any real sense, and feeling of 'community'. We have already spoken of the effect of withered emotions in this respect, and how in this state, we are unable to communicate directly with what is.

Unless we establish that we are a fundamental natural reality, then we do not understand that we all inevitably come under the same laws, and are all equally subject to them. The process of inner evolution to me begins when we can address that reality – that is the only basis from which we can extend.

 Be careful in your use of 'necessary factors'. To identify a factor, and then use it in a negative fashion to judge how wrong a person is, is a misuse of the principle. It is a useless waste of energy to find out how wrong a person is, (a predominant mechanical attitude), no one can extend on what is wrong. Society should find the area in which the individual is right (however little), and build on that.  Remember the washing cycle.

This chapter for me is about the pressing need to understand how we apply our basic laws. The need for differing law systems of the world to integrate into an acceptable understanding of what justice really is, is imperative. That proposition would have a necessary predisposition that the species Homo sapiens all have the same innate desire to establish ethical laws that will produce sane, and healthy societies.

Justice and Equality defined.

The distinction between 'individual' and social behaviour patterns has been a universal debate seeking an endeavour to unite the differences. There is the argument that questioning the individuality of a person is tantamount to questioning their right to freedom of expression, and association. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it is only in social interaction for, and with society, that we can grow, and flourish, as healthy individuals.

Where criminality is concerned we continue to build bigger, and better prisons, and we continue to treat the individual on the basis of how wrong they have been. That only compounds the felony, with subsequent heavier, and heavier taxation to meet the ever-increasing cost of imprisonment. Hardened, violent, psychotic criminality requires considerable attention, but those less conditioned can be more readily rehabilitated if the emphasis is on where their true strength lies.                                       

We need a profound change in societies attitudes that will promote safer communities  - coupled with that; we need a definition of law that will support that change. There is a constant yearning for humanities laws to match up with contemporary society. To generate just and moral laws to provide more peace, and more understanding. Where there is law there is freedom, and commensurate with that there is responsibility - there can be no freedom without law, and responsibility!

We will redefine law using the list of factors, and see if it is possible to be specific about laws that will produce mutually acceptable outcomes.  


My choice from the list is:




The new definition reads ‘standards of discipline that effectively control community values'.

Although all factors are equal, look closely at the concept of values. What do we really value in life!

Do we value correctness - we do.

1 + 1 = 2. That is correct, so we can move on.

2 + 2 = 4. That is correct, so we have advanced.

Until we have correct values established nothing makes sense!

The only correct basics are 'necessary factors' - that is all there is. To negate any of them in any individual is to deny them. A consequence of that is that we deny them in ourselves, which then allows us to practice condemnation, and punishment.

It is well documented that we can kill each other much easier if we put a condemnatory title on the people we classify as being enemies, or subhuman. On that basis it is evident we are able to commit the most heinous crimes.

No one is above another - we are all equal. Every man, woman, and child is entitled to that basic recognition.

Investigate the list of factors to make sense of what is available in conjunction with the new definition. Let the law use these factors to evaluate, (evaluate means, 'find what is right'),and then judge the criminal. Appropriate means can then be taken to design programs that will be more effective in rehabilitating the so-called individual depending on where they are found on the scale. Where on the scale of values in the new definition does the 'criminal' measure up?

Locating that measure will quite effectively provide us with information on the level of conformity to the complete definition.

This is not an exercise to identify an automaton, but a realistic search to find that which we truly value. We are finding today that despite all the technological, and scientific advances, there is an abundance of criminality that for many imposes severe restrictions on their freedom.

There is a moribund stupidity to consider that there is such a thing as "free speech".

You pay a penalty or derive praise from the calibre of your speech.

One Dr Josph Goebbels paid a horrendous penalty for his historical propaganda.

We all need that.

Sophisticated, and sensitive education in 'necessary factors’ should be societies aim for future generations, and that means unfolding what is.   The more we understand, and disseminate that which is right, the more freedom we shall all have. Unless there is an increasing awareness of  ‘necessary factors'  - that which is of critical value, and will provide enlightenment  - societies will continue to choose so-called solutions based on wrong premises.

You may recall the chapter on dependence, and the conclusion through the correct definition that we are interdependent. Unless there is a consciousness of this condition there is misguided conditioning to seek and secure ' individual freedom '. Just as independence is a myth, so too is the concept of individual freedom, and attempts to achieve that are denials of our true orientation. The more energy we put into that form of production, the less peace, and security, we have. We have already touched on this problem with regard to cruel punishment  - solitary confinement. It is against the nature of human beings to be alone - there is a fundamental need to be related. From that essential point, we can establish laws that will be just.

Our search is for more productive, objective, and subjective education in 'meaning'. Only when we can communicate with each other in a language, which has implicit meaning within its real meaning, will we begin to understand that we are related, and that the justice, and security we seek lies in that inclusive relationship. The meaning that presides in language is not private - it is free, it is universal, and it is, quite rightly, the domain of everyone.

Chapter 8

Awareness. edit

Awareness: The dictionary given definition of awareness is,  'conscious, not ignorant of '.

Key words: conscious.

It will be emphasised again that all matters dealing with 'necessary factors' are assessed on a vertical scale, and that whatever you attempt to measure, will of necessity be from that basis. There will be the tendency then for you to shift your viewpoint from a linear dimension to one that is transcending.  Your new 'awareness' will only encompass that which is - but it will be seen in all its wonderful manifestation in the present moment. In that moment you will know that nothing is hidden, everything is visible, and you have the right, and the ability, to see what is. That experience can never be achieved in isolation, but only in relation to the world external to you.

The Golden Hour as Dawn Awakeness

In the world in which we ordinarily exist linear time is the process of fragmentation, and in that process we never see the whole, or rarely experience the moment, and our ordinary self, can, and does act as a barrier to prevent us from experiencing other dimensions. What we see is life in fragmentation -- which is conducive to denial, negation, and consequently mechanicalness.

There is evident evolutionary progress, and this is important to recognize, but we need to develop an awareness of our individual, and social contribution to substantiate its validity, for unless we can experience that relatedness, we become victims to time, and its fragmentation.

If our conception of what is, or what is universally eternal, is not realised by any secondary manifestation then we should find it in its original, and primary state, which can only contain elemental Truth, the substance of all ‘necessary factors’

We are now able to achieve through correct definition a true awareness, and realisation of real self-knowledge, and our relationship to everything that is. That is the only basis from which we can extend. To take us as individual separate I's is the wrong basis, and any attempt to extend from that only leads to greater error. If the back and front sights of a rifle are in error (not aligned correctly) then in extension the bullet is wide of the mark. The only correct basis to extend from lies in the use of 'necessary factors'. Remember that you were born into a world where the concept of time preceded you; you therefore became subject to that world and experienced its fragmentation.

My choice from the list to redefine awareness is:

Precise Information

True Value

Accurate Recognition

The new definition now reads,  'precise information, that is recognized as being accurate, and of true value '

In essence, to view wholesomeness you must reach for another dimension that will provide you with a correct view - proper awareness. In that experience you will know that Truth is not subject to time.

True awareness is and can only be a matching process, you must find agreement within yourself to that which is external  - you cannot become aware of something that does not exist. Beauty could not exist for you unless you already knew what the concept was. There is no such thing as nothing, something is!

What are the something's?

There is: Mutual Agreement

"     "  Constant Support

"     "  Responsible Action

You have that innate knowledge - let it become a conscious matching reality, and awareness is achieved.

The only criteria for acceptance of this material is your own personal experience of its validity, and the awareness levels that you reach. True awareness allows recognition of your own 'higher reality', and is indisputable. It is the springboard from which you can achieve an understanding of your true self, and which will allow you to accept your own reality, and that is a qualitative change in conceptual awareness, and a conviction of your own being.

It is a valid question to ask for 'proof' to support the contentions laid out before you. You are reading this material external to you, and to some degree you are assimilating this information.

Is that 'communication '?


Also the most evident proof all life provides is that we need Air - Food - Water.

In that communication, according to the definition, you seek precise information through 'necessary factors '.

In motorised transport is there 'mutual agreement ' on the roads?

Is there  'constant support’ for universal improvement on the roads?

Is there 'responsible action' on the roads?

Utilise all the evidence that is available within these context examples, it removes any ambiguity.  

Supposition, denial or negation, is no substitute for objectivity. Affirming this form of definition goes a great deal toward increasing conscious control, and general awareness.

Discipline yourself, and be patient in your observation of these definitions in action, and awareness will be a reality. Relate whatever definitions you create to that which is external, and it will automatically relate yourself to the vertical scale, and to a true moment of experiencing NOW.

All vertical scale experiences have of themselves higher, and lower dimensions, so that awareness can be a momentary fleeting insight, or a sense of that which is, that seems to last an eternity.

 These new thoughts, new experiences, are beyond conventional thought, and allow you to see the inner meaning, and significance of everything that is interrelated, and interdependent. These new techniques interrupt conventional thought patterns, and your adaptation to them will depend on how quickly you recognize their validity as being something, which is quite fundamental, that allows you to think in a new way. Perhaps the term 'to think' is a bit misleading, as your new experiences are just that, something quite new.  

To become aware of that which is, it is necessary to become aware of the habits, and attitudes, that act as barriers to that reality. When we talk of 'higher levels', and 'ascending', it may confuse the reader into thinking that there will be a remove to something other than what is. 'Necessary factors' work to address exactly what is, here, and now. They are the instruments that dismantle the belief systems that deprive us of true experience. When we experience what is, our erroneous beliefs are irrelevant.

We are already fully aware! It is your relationship to what is, that determines your experience.

Dichotomies are the only barrier to true awareness.  With true awareness, there is an immediate insight to what is, and then we can legitimately address it, for what it is. This is a reversal from ordinary perception, which conceptualises the object, and puts up an instant barrier to what is. Once there is realisation, you have a beginning, but that does not mean there is nothing else to do.

When you do experience what is, upon reflection you will know that something other than mind, and thought, registered that experience.

My energies gradually became focused on what is factual, on what is present. Therein lies the secret of what really interests you. You will become more in tune, and alive to your basic 'needs', the means to liberate your consciousness. The new exchange between you, and what is, will make it easier for you to expand.

Although it can be interesting working with groups who confirm the same realities, it is not necessary that you have a teacher or guru to give you what you already have. Revelation becomes a natural process, and you have a right to that understanding, for your own, and everyone else's benefit.  True strength lies in the free conscious realisation that we are gifted with faculties that are miraculous. That form of realisation validates our being, and our life. How we use these faculties, as they were intended to be used, is all part of our re-orientation process. Realisation frees up the restrictions that have been mechanically imposed on us. The correct use of these faculties is expressed in many ways through all facets of the social spectrum. Their misuse is also expressed in many ways, and we pay a terrible price for not recognizing them for what they are.  

There are many ancient disciplines designed to overcome our inability to see that which is significant, the most recognized being the Eastern dominated cultures, and traditions.

Any form of healthy concentration, or focus of attention (meditation) allows significance to appear when parameters are removed, the primary intention of those who practice these disciplines. The need for these disciplines is required to overcome the mechanicalness imposed on most societies throughout history that develop with fictitious belief systems, which has the effect of preventing that form of enlightenment which is our natural heritage.  



It is beyond the scope of this writer to analyse the vast array of information on this subject, but only to say that the material you have before you has the potential to secure the same enlightenment attributes, over and above its educational value.

New definitions have the capacity to create new disciplines for objective and subjective needs. Its success is subject only to the effort each individual, or group, is able to apply to the process of definition, and the proper utilisation of their outcomes. Honesty is a factor, which cannot be misused.

Given the accelerating rate of plant, animal, and human habitat destruction that goes on this planet, there can be no greater need for such integrated understanding, and awareness, to halt the destruction.  

The boundaries we created around ourselves were boundaries of darkness that cast no shadows. Perhaps as shadows, there is at least hope.

Chapter 9.

Honesty edit

Agreement: 'mutual understanding '.

Key words: mutual, understanding.

Once again, before you embark on any disciplined effort to appraise this material, and to measure its effect upon you, you must come to an honest agreement within yourself, that you will be willing to look at new ideas.

Bear in mind that however long you have existed on this planet you have a vested interest in the psychological pattern that makes up your being, and your personality. Be willing also to accept that whatever psychological profile you maintain also colours your view of the world, and humanity.                  The world, and people external to us, only change when we see them in a new light, and it can only be the introduction of new ideas that have the potential to improve our vision. Recall Einstein's edict:           'that we cannot solve the problems we have by the thought that created them'.

There are philosophies, and religions, which place a great deal of importance on the existence of opposites, and indeed will attempt to use them as the groundwork to explore the human condition, and also offer them as a solution to many of humanity's ills. With some justification, because of historical conditioning that they exist, the so -called opposites take on a perplexing reality through a mistaken belief in their substance. Opposites are a myth! The barrier to establishing real agreement is dealing in opposites – denying what is.

To overcome such conditioning a new educational approach would require the application of 'necessary factors' at all levels, so that conscious connections to reality become the norm.

Our greatest challenge is keeping up with Natures honesty

There are differences, and these make up the wonderful panorama that provides exquisite beauty, but they are not 'different'. We each in our own unique way manifest the human possibility. The potential is limitless – this is the beginning – there is no end!

If you choose to continue researching this material, you will have your own unique approach according to your own level of development, and the way you receive these concepts. It is of vital importance that you consciously evaluate the quality of agreement that exists in your society, for that is a reflection of the personal qualities that are always available to you. It must be recognized as a reality, that there is existing agreement, before we can improve agreements between people.

Is there consistent duplication of rational standards that express conformity?

Look at this question in the context of education – schools, universities, teachers and pupils. The dedication to the production, and transfer of knowledge.

Look at it in the context of industry – workers, scientists, and engineers.

The dedication to the production of commodities, which we use.

Look at it in the context of agriculture – farmers, agricultural scientists, food production.

Dedication to the production of that which sustains us.

Individual and social problems arise when we do not recognize factors that are productive of agreement. As you progress in the work of finding 'necessary factors' you will find new meanings that will broaden your scope of understanding. They will develop in you an automatic mechanism for honest evaluation. You will begin to find that all life offers meaning, when we begin to consciously evaluate what is.  Mechanical applications toward life do not project real meaning, but when we experience real meaning, then we are in agreement with implicit principles.

We have discussed the difference between creative, and mechanical intelligence, and the predominance of mechanical attitudes that have such a powerful hold over the way societies are structured.                                 

We need to give credence to the value of mechanical agreements in society - without them life would be quite chaotic! Governments, schools, universities, hospitals, legal systems, trade etc., could not function unless we had these secondary agreements.

The dictionary given definition of agreement 'mutual understanding' has creative potential but we will as usual add to this definition dimensions that allow us to recognize factors necessary to go a little further up the scale.

From our list I have chosen:

Co-operative Resolve

Support Rules

Proof   Effective

This quite easily translates into our new definition:

'Co-operative resolve to support rules that prove effective’

To reach beyond our mechanical appreciation requires self-discipline, discipline that directs you toward your level of 'agreement' in the community where you live. Constant affirmation of that, produces a new view that transcends our ordinarily held mechanical viewpoint.

With the means you now have to redefine, you will be able to provide definitions that you, yourself, can clearly agree to.                                                     

Given the above definition, how much agreement can you find in the society in which you live, and how much support can you recognize that you contribute? Do you agree with the idea that there is some 'cooperative resolve ' in the community where you live?

Could you agree to the idea that 'rules are supported ' to some degree in the community where you live?

Could you agree to the idea that they to some degree 'prove effective'?

Look for these forms of agreement according to the definition, and the context that you find them, and when you truly recognize them, you will be looking at an internal, and external reality. That measure of agreement is a transforming experience. Become conscious of the fact that all that you are, comes about by your measure of agreement with what is. The problems we have in the present time are the result of past secondary agreements. Observe for yourself the nature of the problems you now have  - keep remembering them, and you will gradually become aware of the kind of agreements you have had in the past. Always measure these agreements in terms of your new understanding of  'necessary factors ' remembering that there are no dichotomies. You will of course still hold as valid all of the negative terms that are part of our mechanical language structure, but you must begin to transpose them, so that consciously you create a vertical scale that allows you to locate your measure of agreement.


Did you lie to someone in the past?

That is the measure of how truthful you have been!

Did you cheat someone in the past?

That is the measure of how honest you have been!

You cannot measure what isn't! The concept of opposites mean fragmentation – it would be productive to resurrect the components of unity.

As we are mechanically conditioned to believe in opposites they provide ambiguity, and hold us in a state where we can attempt to negate, and deny what is. The fact of the matter is we do not have the ability to negate anything. We must affirm what is, with more strength, and conviction. Establish what is - and move on. 

Establish new life.


The basic agreement factor has been fundamental in our developmental processes, whether they are mechanical, or creative. Secondary agreements, which hold us in a condition of denial, need realignment. Know that secondary agreements can be changed - basic agreements, the stuff of 'necessary factors' cannot. What is of vital importance to us all is to recognize the agreement factor functioning in all our relationships, and its potential benefit for real 'mutual understanding'. When we grow in agreement with this work through quiet discipline, and practice, that agreement allows us to be free to express, and be in tune with our essential nature. There is no loss in sharing, only a strengthening of our relationships.

It is vital that we recognize, and agree, that much industrial, and scientific development has meant a diminution of emotional life. Western cultures mostly look for emotional crutches in the form of entertainment, and the acquisition of material goods. We then go on to build up, at an inappropriate cost, measures to protect what we believe we own.

It cannot be emphasised enough, that this planet is a finite resource, to be nurtured and cared for, not a possession to be criminally misused, and destroyed. Human cultures the world over abound with contracts to construct, and solidify the concept of private ownership. Our mechanicalness is bound up with concepts of ownership – there can be no real freedom in our physical, and emotional relationships so long as we are fettered by agreements that are detrimental to self-realisation.

There is abundance, but it must be a shared abundance, so that no one is denied the right to become, to grow, and develop toward a healthy, happy, human being.


Younger minds, I believe, have greater potential to revert back to fundamental agreements. They have not as yet acquired all the bad habits of a consumer based society, and can be much more open, and honest about their current values.

The goal of any educational principle should be the merging of the best from each generation. Passing on these basics will break down old ideologies, and the constructs of monetary system agreements that are patently ridiculous, criminally dangerous, and destructive. Our attitudes towards an equitable distribution of this planet's wealth must not be governed by envy, but by honestly addressing, and recognizing what is revealed in your new definitions on wealth, and agreement.

The powerful political, and economic propaganda of most Western cultures implores its citizens, and their societies, to keep on growing, and in the main to seek monetary wealth. It seems to me that using such propaganda can be fundamentally wrong, and not the basis for a healthy and constructive human society.

Can we develop new   agreements based on compassion, and a sensibility that will encompass the best of our mechanical agreements, and use them?  Use them knowing we can change secondary agreements; we can make things better, through a shared consciousness of what is.                            The key to universal agreements that will bring about radical changes to contemporary societies lies in the complete recognition that ’we are’. Negativity, or condemnation of societies present evolutionary trends is not productive. Find the beneficial factors, establish their reality, and use them to build new cultures free from avarice, and greed. All property must be used so that its benefits are not monopolised by a very select few. Remember that Truth is not an individual possession, nor does it emerge because of our individual desires, or wants. Only when there is authentic real communion through honest endeavour, will we realise the source of our own being.

Will it be an easy transition?                            

It will be a lot easier if we have a universal understanding that we are on the right path.

Agreement about our common goal (returning to source) as the true reality means that we share a universal dependency, one to the other, to achieve that objective. There is no other impulse so universal that is available to us, and we are obliged, always, to act on it.

Nature is always the source.

There is predictability because of fundamental principles that cannot be changed. To presume that human nature is not rested on fundamental principles, and therefore has an unpredictable future is to deny all of the evidence that is available to confirm the progress of Homo Sapiens.

Sanity and truth depends on us having identity, and that can only be evident when we are in the company of at least one other. In exchange of identity there is agreement at that level, and at its most qualitative it comes in the form of original agreement with all the complementation that makes truth recognizable, and the eternal standard. Our source is Universal, and that form of consciousness is not separate from that which is manifest.

That common obligation, that common impulse, is neither a free will, nor a deterministic act, which reaches for spiritual unification; it is the expression of us as we are. In its fulfilment, it is a re-experience of beginning. There can only be 'agreement' when it is an honest, and active expression toward what is. Then our relationship to what is, meets the criteria for true human involvement. In that circumstance, it is not a deterministic, or free will act that requires any deliberation – it just is.     

When you are blessed with that insight, and ongoing knowledge, you can engage in life with a newfound pragmatism, with the knowledge that truth is expressed in everything, and everyone.                                   A word of caution, your insight to life as it is, may make you want to shout it from the rooftops, but unfortunately, for the moment, those in the street will not be able to hear you. Take a quiet disciplined approach to sharing information. Making known exposes misguided myths that hold us in a state of confusion.

The inevitable, valid question must arise concerning how it is possible for us to 'know' such a fundamental, and basic beginning. That question can only be answered by your own experience of reality. To define is to validate what is.

Insight that transforms the 'individual' comes only through relationship with the basic, and true relationship of one other. That transformation can be the catalyst for social changes that act on the basic premise that we are all interdependent. Dismantling myths that are less than beneficial will reveal truths that can bring about healthy social change.  


Chapter 10.

Life. edit

Life: 'individuals manner of existence'.

Key words: individuals, manner, and existence.

In a previous chapter I have stated that there are no deep religious, or philosophical mysteries. This makes it incumbent on me to try to answer the inevitable questions that arise from such a profound stance. The answers of course will surely lie in each individual's experience of life, as it must eventually be seen in the process of gradual enlightenment. Clearly all religions, all philosophies, have their own measure of relevance, but whatever they may be, they require a formula providing a transparency that allows the individual to make correct interpretations that lead to that enlightenment.

Remember the analogy of the pencil, and two-dimensional beings, and how all forms of three-dimensional existence would be a 'mystery' to them. To exist in a two-dimensional state a three-dimensional description of a pencil would be to those beings a most profound mystery. In such a case the 'mystery' is then a matter of scale, which is resolved when there is momentary movement to a third dimension. Experiencing another dimension may be interpreted as a removal from your present experience, and circumstance, to 'somewhere else'. That is quite definitely not the case. Heaven or Hell does not exist above or below. Every possibility of the purest enlightenment, or the deepest misery, exists here and now. We have the innate potential to rise above the worst of human misery. Mysteries only appear to be so when we cannot see what is! The only thing we can have trouble with is a mystery; something we cannot understand. When we establish what the truth is (truth is not a problem), then we have understanding.

How important they are.

The tools you are using here are critical for us to identify the rewards that life has to offer, before we lose sight of them altogether. There is the danger of a generation divide, where the good language structures we have developed for survival, and development are further being distorted between the young, and the old. Valuable cultural traditions in all societies are breaking down between generations, with the loss of identity between them, leading to alienation. Unless we can halt this process, there seems to be a kind of inevitability that intolerance of race, religions or ethnic groups, will extend to intolerance of different age groups.

Observe the 'necessary factors' in action in your life and the mysteries will resolve themselves - 'necessary factors ' are the rungs on the dimensional ladder. Life is its own reward, and we need the appropriate strength through recognition of its values to support, and contribute, to all facets of its manifestation.

Because of my interest in new definitions I have come to believe in the existence of universal natural law – law that cannot be broken. This would seem paradoxical given the apparent transgressions humankind is capable of, but the awareness of the existence of natural law was for me governed by the measure of my perception.

It seems that life may be likened metaphorically to the lifespan of that most honest fish, the salmon. As a fingerling, it leaves its source, and heads downstream to the ocean where it grows, and matures, lives its life, surviving whatever hazards it may encounter. It then takes on the terrible journey back to source, deposits its eggs, and dies. Human evolution may well be seen as such a journey back to source, back to our origins, where at the end of the journey what must die is ego!

Salmons leap.

Our dictionary's given definition of  'life' provides little information on that which we need to provide us with the transparency we seek. Let us use our list and see if we can develop a definition that offers us some insight to that which is of critical importance to our well-being.


              ORIGINAL AGREEMENT  

              SHARE PRINCIPLES    

A new definition of 'life':  'present evidence of original agreement to share principles'.

Could you find any evidence at the present time that we share principles?

Let us look at some major human activities and see if that is a proposition, bearing in mind that we need correct definitions to evaluate such a proposition. We need correct definitions that we can agree upon, and that make sense!

We have already discussed our ability to break secondary agreements - we now need to know the transforming power of original agreements. These are the agreements that cannot be broken, and under which we all have a binding obligation to meet, at some level.

Below is listed a number of headings of major 'life' activities, and their at present dictionary given definitions alongside, let's see if you could agree to the new definitions that will be provided, as being more revealing, as they were to me.

Dictionary given definitions of:

ART: 'exercising human skill'.

SCIENCE: 'principle of systematic and formulated knowledge'.

PHILOSOPHY: 'the pursuit of wisdom '.

MATHEMATICS: ' the science of space and numbers in the abstract '.

RELIGION: ' system of faith and worship '.

PSYCHOLOGY: 'the study of the human soul, and mind'

As they are, the relationship between them is tenuous, and fragmentary - we should see if we can strengthen that relationship that conforms to our definition of what life really is, and how the major components provide us all with so much support. In each case I will again choose six 'necessary factors' to compose our new definitions.

Strong Supports.

ART: Creative Activity

    Communicate Awareness

    Basic   Reality

New definition of art: ' a creative activity that communicates an awareness of basic reality '.

SCIENCE: Product Information                                                                                                                                       Develop Understanding

        Basic Principles

New definition of science: 'produces information on basic principles that develop understanding '

PHILOSOPHY: Discover Values

            Basic Correct

            Provide Progress

New definition of philosophy: ' to discover values that are basically correct which provide progress '.

MATHEMATICS: Principles Balance

            Create Stability  

            Accurate Standards


New definition of mathematics: ' principles of balance that create stability through accurate standards '.

RELIGION:  Community Agreement

          True Value

          Produce Benefit

New definition of religion: ' community agreement that true values produce benefit '.

PSYCHOLOGY: Location Standards

            Duplicate Reality

            Evaluate Agreements  

New definition of psychology: ' locates standards by duplicating reality through evaluating agreements '

These new definitions point to the things that we attempt to do, to provide greater understanding in our life. They offer more transparency in their interpretation. It is how we 'use' these definitions, for the benefit of all, that offer us the best chance for continuing development. Compare them now with the dictionary given definitions. Note that the dictionary definitions seem to have no direct or systematic relationship, there does in fact seem to be a disconnect which does not allow complementation. Now compare our new definitions one to the other, and I'm sure you will see that although the terminology has been transposed, the meanings are the same. The principles used for defining 'necessary factors', are not different – science, and philosophy, do not operate on 'different 'principles - principles are all the same! When we know, and apply these principles, then there can be a community of understanding - we will in effect be operating on the same wave- length toward that harmony that is critical to all our well-being, and the fulfilment of our obligation. What we have done is identify the principles implicit in life's activities that have the means to extend our conscious activity. Linguistic habits create for many of us, a mechanical disposition toward negativity, despite the very obvious advances human society has made.  This condition is also directly related to our intellect, how we act or react emotionally in our relationship with the people, and the culture we live in. We need to firmly establish who we are within that context to promote our own well-being, and that is best done by addressing, affirming, and supporting what is.

Attempts to understand life, and its meaning, are attempts to understand source, or beginning. When we appreciate that everything is, that this is a source, then we can make progress toward greater realities. Beingness is contained in all matter, all energy, all space, and all time. Use 'necessary factors' to create an activity that will enhance your understanding of what is. Wherever you are use two 'necessary factors' to complete a question of your choosing, e.g.,

Is ........................... manifest?   (orderly control)

Do ..........................manifest?  (mutual agreements)

Is ............................manifest?  (stable support)

Any two principles you choose to complete your question equals any other statement in terms of 'necessary factors'. The act of repetition provides certainty; the message carries across, especially, when you are dealing with the truth.

We need to explore the proposition that human problems are denials of what is, negating that 'necessary factors' exist in a person's life. We have the human problem of the corrupt use of what is manifest. That translates to ill health, criminality, war, and all the activities that deviate from true human expression. The only place we will find answers, will find the truth, is here. When we establish that, we can then make progress. To go away from a source looking for answers, is counter productive.

Our new definition of life addresses  'original agreement ' - that is the agreement, which cannot be broken. Throughout history, we could trace the natural fulfilment of that agreement to some degree, eg., the ongoing development of positive human endeavour.

We now have the means through the correct definition to become aware of it in action. Incorrect concepts in our language system create the illusion of reality, and have the power to deny us a deeper, and more truthful level of that reality. When the ideas that control us are inadequate, we can become subject to self-deception, and human activity in all its manifestations suffer. To live a truly full human life we should address the factors that will provide a healthier, and saner mentality.

Rally to restore sanity.

Layer by layer the belief systems that control us effectively mask our true identity, and it is each individual's task within the social structure to unmask that identity, and live a full and wholesome life, and that is expressed through rational cooperative activity, in awareness. With that awareness, there is then real communion, and within the structure of that communion, we are able to communicate in a language that has real meaning, and provides direction. Mechanical thought patterns offer little hope in addressing those belief systems that bind us to a way of life that clearly needs a new direction. Since we take these illusory belief systems as being reality we go to great lengths to make them ever more solid.

It is important to appreciate that language has implicit within it many levels of experience, and when we utilise the definition process as outlined; we can begin to recognize the outcomes as a living experience. True enlightenment, (so called) is agreement with what is.

In defining the factors, your thoughts on them can of course be different to your 'experience' of them. It is the creative experience that gives the concepts life. Focus your attention on 'Lost Shadows', and address that in relation to yourself.  

The value of this book is not dependent on my interpretation of the truths inherent in it, or indeed, whether or not it has made any impression on the reader. It has already been stated that this material is not created based on any opinion of mine, the material has always been there and it has only been my good fortune to have recognized, and directly experienced the value of definition as it was presented to me as a young man. The simplicity of definition as described does provide us with correct information, which in turn locates new pathways of thought.

Certainly others, in future, as they progress, will create greater successes in developing this information. My success lies only in my personal interpretation, and there will no doubt be many verbal inconsistencies, but these will not mar the fundamental truths that will allow the reader to apply them, as they are able.

Language does not have any boundaries - it can for the better expose you to new outer, and inner dimensions. We have opened up a whole new world - a realisation of beginning.

All of the list of principles are infinetly interchangeable and with them you can create infinite truthful definitions.

As a member of a universal society you have a fundamental right to your real identity - good luck to you!

It may be of interest for readers to know that quite late in my adult life I attended a three year Liberal Studies course at Christchurch University, New Zealand from which I graduated.

One of the tasks in English literature was to write an essay on ‘The Millstone’ by Margaret Drabble.

Having left school at 14 years of age, this was my first attempt at an assessment of any literary work. Using the techniques of definition I had acquired I went through every chapter and defined all the concepts that were used, shaping my essay around the definitions. The result of this exercise was that as a male it gave me a profound emotional, and practical insight into the life of a young single mother, with a young child, and all that that means.

The astonishing result was that I got an ‘A’ plus pass, which established in me the validity of using new definitions in any endeavour.  

The End.






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