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The Miracle of Absolutes. edit


Absolute Beauty in Tme.

Everything is, and everything that is, is there to be examined, and that of necessity includes us and our relationship with Nature and Reality.                                             Because each person is a microcosmic human entity we can know with certainty the basic necessities required for all of us to exist on this planet. Those basic necessities include Air - Food - Water.- Space.

Beyond basic necessities we evolve to recognise that there is beauty in the world and given our sensory receptors they add a new dimension to life.

Nature has endowed us with a commonality, and within that structure there are rules required for survival, which it is reasonable to suppose, are absolute.  

That evolutionary path is its own paradox whereby we presume to have the ability to make decisions along the way, and within those decisons still recognise that we are structured within an evolutionary process. 


"The road's half travelled when you know the way".  


With ‘correct’ knowledge one can assume that if 1+1 = 2 then it will follow that 2 = 1+1. It is only on the basis of correct alignment that there is predictability. If the above equations are correct, then all equations using the same principle in mathematics are correct. If Nature determines that all human beings must of necessity be delivered air, food, and water to live, we can reasonably presume that any beings that can live without these requirements are not human.  Any other construction anyone may put on this is outside our normal domain.                                                                                      

Universal principles or absolutes have a universal commonality, and we use them in abundance!

The only constructive information we ever have of Reality is only of this moment, but this moment can be the experience of Eternity, which encapsulates all Reality. It is only in the ‘moment’ that ‘completeness’ or the ‘whole’ can be recognized, contrary to the paradoxical nature of this sentence.

Through definitive language processes we can begin to understand the immediately available opportunities we have to recognize the constant properties that are implicit. The purpose of our presentations is to make the reader aware that there are principles involved, and they always have been. This in turn allows us to address the question of ‘who we are’. With principles we can comprehend the real qualities of existence – we can understand. Comprehension begins when principles are understood.                              

Consider the extent of human progression, and the use of principles (and how they were understood) in all human endeavours that are the foundation of evolutionary progress. That progress imposes obligations on us to further their transparency.  

Natural simplistic conclusions that are significant:

1. Centrifugal force goes from the center outwards.

2. Centripetal force goes inward toward a center.

3. A perfect wheel is a perfect circle.

4. A line is the joining of two points.

5. A point is the intersection of two lines.

By definition all factors are significant. We may conclude from that that combinations of factors would lead to significant conclusions.

Present = Immediate Reality                                                                                                 Reality = Immediate Present

Communication = Making Known                                                                                         Making Known = Communication


Any ‘significant conclusion’ (no matter how simple) requires a ‘correct vision’ to validate its existence e.g., an Archimedes – Edison – James Watt etc, etc.

Simplistic ‘significant conclusions’ are enacted at every point in time through the simple process of ‘mutual agreement’ and they require no comprehensive analysis other than a common-sense acceptance of their Reality


Back to Archimedes, or any other human who has realized some of the factors that constitute exact evidence, and offer us identifiable laws that we can use as true standards. In effect they offer us proof of their existence through their realization of some of Nature's bounty!! It is at that point in time when there is realization of the factors that constitute reality that anyone can truly ‘know’ the form reality takes. When that form of realization is extended toward another human being then it is axiomatic that ‘knowledge’ of  ‘who we are’ is ‘complete’. We then experience the totality of ‘agreement’ that exists between us that forms the foundation of human existence.  A ‘true’ experience is not contingent on ‘a mind in a box’ knowledge of the experience. Experience has implicit within it the factors of Truth + Understanding = Knowledge. (Viz, Archimedes).      



Direct experience of Reality is not attained through thought processes, or the retrieval of historical knowledge. Our very existence necessarily depends on factors within the structure of Nature, and Reality and Evolution.  

Conventional dichotomous thought processes attempt to ‘separate’ ‘individualize' and ‘categorize’. In essence it is an attempt to control ‘what is’. That process inevitably can never ‘experience’ the Reality of the object, or the person. The dichotomous thought process can only be overcome when direct ‘experience’ of ‘what is’ is attained, and we understand in part, or in whole, the nature of Reality.                                                       

A ‘true’ experience is not contingent on ’mind in a box’ knowledge of the experience. Experience has implicit within it the factors of Truth + Understanding = Knowledge  (viz, Archimedes experiences). Experiences of that which are ‘whole’ are experiences of an order beyond what we will call ‘conventional’ experience.

In a hypothetical ‘think’ tank which operates on the basis of comparative perspective (deals with dichotomies) it will always be unclear the fundamental factors that establish Reality, e.g.,

Where there is a verbal battle raging between two people, proponents of the comparative perspective will find it difficult to establish that ‘communication’ is being presented. Conventional wisdom would deny that it is communication, and would be unclear as to the reality that is being presented. At whatever level we find them, basic factors are all that we have to, or can, deal with. That must be established – that must be clear, before there is extension.

A doctor (who also deals in dichotomies) who finds a patient presenting with physical ailments, will address ‘disease’ in an attempt to have the patient return to health. When we learn to deal with health as the only reality then we have a stable foundation to extend from, and the medical profession may have a clearer direction to go in.

The ‘comparative perspective’ would presumably see dichotomies as an acceptable reality, with causal infinity, and infinite regression as bed-mates. The opposite of causal infinity could be construed as ‘completeness’, which if true, it would be wise to exercise our ability to recognize that which is whole, that which is complete. In so doing we conform to a reality that provides us with a strong foundation that is natural, and correct.

A ‘comparative incomplete perspective’ can be due, I would suggest, to the inability to see ‘wholes’. The cause is dichotomous thought, and the result is fragmentation, and division. It is not natural to hold the view that a ‘comparative perspective’ is the only activity we are capable of.  When there is the ability to observe (not from a comparative perspective, incomplete, or otherwise) that which is ‘whole’ ‘complete’ then it is a view of a microscopic reality. That view allows us to be where we are without the prospect of ‘causal infinity’ denying our immediate Reality. It also holds the potential that we can experience the totality of our Reality, of ‘who we are’.

The only constructive knowledge we can depend on lies in the Magic of absolute principles whose interdependent, interconnected and infinite meanigns always

offer us the truth.