Poetry/Practice/Universal Language of Absolutes/She

The Zen Master in Paradise was 365 years old, and over her lifetime instructed many disciples.Her name was She.

In each intake, there were ten cells, one for each disciple comprising five males and five females.

An officer of the monastery allocated each new disciple a separate circular cell containing plain saffron robes, a bunk, sandals, washbasin, wind chimes, and notably wall mirrors. The wind chimer is always silent.

On initiation day, they collected instruction sheets.

Practice One.

Your first meditation by the mirrors will lay down factual information about Paradise and its inhabitants.

We do not own Space.

We do not own Time.

We do not own Energy.

We do not own Matter.

Practice Two.

Create your own Mantra.

There are many interpretations of what a Mantra is. In its simplicity, any sound, word or rhyme will provide a still space to engage your mercurial mind and to give it some peace.The most significant benefit is understanding this function.

Primarily Mantras exist to overcome your brain's daily experiences that control our emotions and thoughts. Because of that, choose a word, song, or rhyme that is soothing.Your mind calms and has breathing space to experience new realities.

Your Mantra is essential. To be repeated whenever needed. Its real benefits produce a new form of ‘understanding’ for your use.Because the Mantra is yours, it will be your best form of meditation.Your practiced breathing is all-important

In your daily lives, each day begins, and each day is new, and has its particular space-time-energy-matter, displayed before you, whatever it may be!!

How you deal with that depends on your mental, emotional, and physical health, your reason, your awareness, and your connection to any form of reality you experience.

Adept as you are at coping in any circumstance, you will always achieve a balanced and more productive view if you have a personal mantra to recite.

When you adopt a mantra that suits you, it takes a little time for your brain to integrate the process. That process is simple repetition as often as you like to take the place of the mercurial thoughts that occupy your mind. Use the repetition before any stressful situation – internal and external – it is invaluable.

Practice Three.

When you’re daily work is finished sit in your cell facing the mirrors to address some aspect of yourself during your daily rounds.Each mirror has particular properties. It reflects parts of your life that you are not aware of, and through the mindfulness practices you are provided with information that needs your attention.

The process is designed to “wake you up” without stress toward a state of attention, and the paradoxical state of detachment, repeat your Mantra.

Practice Four.

Below the mountain, there is a broad field to be prepared to grow all your fruit, vegetables, and whatever you produce to sustain you. Work as a group and organize the strengths available. The previous occupants have stored enough food to support you until your first crop arrives.

Practice Five. All excess food is to be shared freely in the community.

Practice Six.

Each day you meditate in front of the mirror your daily activities, all your emotions, all your reactions reflect who you are. Mirrors encircle your cell. Only one is ever available to view. As you record them and recognize them, the mirror closes, and a new one opens for the next day’s meditation.As you proceed through them to the end, you will have achieved a new understanding of the core of your being.You can then proceed to the shrine of She.

As you have completed your allotted tasks, your entry is assured.

The Door to She

.When the door closes the shrine lights up with beautiful golden light, and you are in the presence of She.

The disciple kneels before She. The room is filled with aromatic incense. She seems to be breathing, and the collective sound of all ten wind chimes echo around the chamber. Ascension of being is taking place. And so it is with all disciples.The loss of ego is the new access to being. Painless and beautiful. The exotic heavenly mystical music of the wind chimes vibrates through the chamber. So dance with your partner where you both belong. Their mutual destiny is within the timeless stars. She stops breathing, and the chimes go silent. The shrine is empty again. Ten sets of saffron robes and sandals lie on the floor………………………………

Each day in Paradise counts as one year.