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Commonsense. edit

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Just like the principle of a jigsaw puzzle, that meaning lies significantly in the fact that all pieces are interdependent and interconnected. When completed they provide a picture of the whole. We have endeavored to produce a picture of the evolutionary process of language in human history.

The evolution of language prefixes all modes of thought in human culture. It directs us toward a new view that all that evolves is in a vertical direction, not the linear direction commonly understood.

Everything is in Scale:

Each red spot at the top of the scale below denotes an absolute title from the list below.

Communication -Truth - Progress - Knowledge -Reality - Health - Dependence -Principles - Intelligence

Standard - Direction -Original - Connect -Include - Recognition - Create - Accept - Secure.

Each Absolute can be defined by any other two Absolutes infinitely and the infinite ability to define each other and

deliver true and honest meaning.

Direction =

True Progress

Real Knowledge

Include Connection

Using conjunctions a definition of Direction can be defined as "True progress of real knowledge must include connection"


From the top it is a descending scale of measure of each absolute recorded.

Please take due regard to the extended definitions of each concept, and the necessary process required to arrive at evident, and reasonable conclusions.

All principles, factors, are the basis of all our actions and are not based on anyone’s opinions or assertions. Any experience of 'mutual agreement’ for the Reality it is, then you will understand that so called ‘thought’ ‘opinions’ ‘assumptions’ or ‘assertions’ have nothing to do with the experience.  Because each person is a microcosmic human entity we can know with certainty the basic necessities required for all of us to exist on this planet. Nature has endowed us with a commonality, and within that structure there are rules required for survival, which it is reasonable to suppose, are absolute.                                                                                

With ‘correct’ knowledge one can assume that if 1+1 = 2 then it will follow that 2+2 = 4. It is only on the basis of correct alignment that there is predictability. If the above equations are correct, then all equations using the same principle in mathematics are correct. If Nature determines that all human beings must of necessity be delivered air, food, and water to live, we can reasonably presume that any beings that can live without these requirements are not human.  Any other construction anyone may put on this is outside our normal domain.                                                              

Universal principles (absolutes) have a universal commonality, and we use them in abundance!

All motorists who conform to the Road Code, and do not drive through red lights, have at that point in time conformed to the implicit principles in ‘mutual agreement’. There is implicit conformity to the Road Code, the concept of ‘mutual agreement’. At an elementary stage it is a simple recognition of ‘what is’. At a realization stage it is the experience of all the principles involved in that activity that make it a ‘whole’ ‘complete’ experience. They are available constants that can provide us with a view to ‘who we are’. Co-existing within the context of motorists at traffic lights, we can also recognize the principles of interdependence, mutual responsibility, freedom, and conformity to law. Consider contemporary international road traffic without a Road Code?                                                                              Please consider ‘microcosmic’ experiences in the moment – which is in Reality all we ever have. As a simple exercise we could take four learner motorists aside, and instruct them on Road Code rules concerning traffic lights. We then instruct two of them to drive up to a chosen set of traffic lights, and observe their activity. If one chooses to drive through a red light (for whatever reason), we could safely say there was no ‘mutual agreement’ between the two drivers.  

We do the same with the second pair of drivers. When both these drivers conform to the Road Code we can just as safely observe that there was ‘complete mutual agreement’ at that moment when they both stopped at a red light.                   

Implicit within the concept of  ‘mutual agreement’ reside all other principles. There is Conformity, Reason, Understanding, Intelligence, and they all become an active ‘whole’ exactly at that point. It can be the realization by any of the participants (observers or drivers) of that conformity between them in that instant that can make each moment a ‘complete, and Universal whole’.

Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka”, He later gave his explanation of the principle of water displacement to weigh silver, and gold, before the principle was understood? It is the  understanding of the principle involved that offers us completeness,

Psychological definition of ‘sanity’: ‘A condition of normalcy with respect to behavior’.                                                                                                                            

Given the above definition presumably it would be ‘easy’ to accept the ‘mutual agreement ‘ example given as a condition of normalcy with respect to the behavior of motorists at green lights. It is an analogical reference example to portray the human condition at particular points in time, and the completeness of that singular activity. These forms of activities we enact at every moment in time, and they are a measure of our sanity. That we can observe that principle at that point in time is because it is a microcosm of the complete principle.  Completeness is the benchmark of sanity

The point of any analogy is to draw attention to the similarity of circumstances in which the principles can be ‘seen’ to operate. There can be a multitude of ‘differences’ between each analogy, but the principles are not different! It certainly does not mean that the principles that constitute the whole are different. It is the implicit principle enacted between participants that establishes the reality of ‘completeness’. The only constructive information we ever have of Reality is only of this moment, but that moment can be the experience of Eternity, which encapsulates all Reality. It is only in the ‘moment’ that ‘completeness’ or the ‘whole’ can be recognized, contrary to the paradoxical nature of this sentence. Consequently, those which are quite specific (motorists, green lights, “mutual agreement'' etc,) have implicit within them all the factors, principles, necessary to provide us with an understanding of their Universal qualities, which means understanding the moment. The purpose of all factors, principles, is to overcome the illusory view that there can only be a ‘comparative, and incomplete perspective’, which obviously denies the reality of that which is ‘whole’. It is essential that we learn to view ‘wholes’ (which are in abundance) to overcome the habitual problem of seeing ever ending extensions, which lead nowhere.

Where am I going?


Through definitive language processes we can begin to understand the immediately available opportunities we have to recognize the constant properties that are implicit. The purpose of our presentations is to make the reader aware that there are principles involved, and they always have been. This in turn allows us to address the question of ‘who we are’. With principles we can comprehend the real qualities of existence – we can understand. Comprehension begins when principles are understood.                                 

Consider the extent of human progression, and the use of principles (and how they were understood) in all human endeavors that are the foundation of evolutionary progress. That progress imposes obligations on us to further their transparency.                                      

The nature of human experience based on the concept of ‘comparative different’ realities skews objective identification, and leads also to a denial of ‘what is’.