Poetry/Practice/Universal Language of Absolutes/A Fairy Tale

A small group of scientists and paleontologists are exploring indigenous barren country.

They camp for the night beside the river, and light a fire.

They prepare their search equipment which include metal detectors and then settle down for the night.

As the morning sun rises they have breakfast, and wash their dishes in the river.

They then map out the direction each of them should go, ensuring their safe return.

They take enough food and water for a 12 hour journey, They all have modern equipment

to keep contact with each other, and off they set.

About 6 hrs later one of the team reports back that he has found some ancient coins and will keep searching on his way back.

When they all return safely their main interest is in the ancient coins, exactly ten, all in the same condition.

They light the campfire again, cook a meal and discuss each individual experience on the path each one took.

After a night's rest they carefully attempt to clean the coins in the river, without much success.

They also attempt to value the coins.

During all this time a young indigenous male and female walk towards them.

“We saw your campfire from the mountain top and came to welcome you”

The scientists explain to them who they are, and why they are here.

They tell them about the coins they have found, but are unable to clean them properly

to assess their value.

The young couple say we can clean them for you so you will know their value.

The coins are handed over to the young couple and they squat beside the river and with sand and tufts of grass they carefully clean both sides of the coins and each coin begins to glow.

They return the coins to the scientists and say “They are priceless”

With amazement the scientists ask “How did you do that?”

The young man replied “The river is in constant change - you chose the wrong time”.

The young girl said “There is an abundance of coins in the ground and they are all priceless,

only if you share them! They are interdependent, interconnected and infinite.

You must use your moral compass to understand that”

The scientists seek permission to take their photographs which they all did.

The young couple smiled at them, said goodbye, and went up the path toward their mountain

and disappeared.

The scientists decide that they must stay where they are and collectively go back to where the

coins were first located. With all there equipment working together they were amazed at

how many they found.

They returned to camp and at the right time they all followed the same cleaning practice as

shown by the young couple, and all the coins glowed.

The overall experience to them all was profound, and the moral question became prominent.

They had found an inexhaustible mountain of treasure! What to do with it?

For days they discussed the issue, not knowing that the coins themselves were directing them

to their proper usage to make a collective decision.

Just like the principle of a jigsaw puzzle, their decision lay significantly in the fact that all pieces are interdependent, interconnected, and infinite. When completed they provide a picture of the whole. It directed them toward a new view that all that evolves is in a vertical direction, not the linear direction they commonly understood.

Unanimously they decide that the coin's wealth must be used beneficially for planet Earth, and all life on it.

They then formed a legal contract and swear that they will keep the treasure's location a secret.

When they returned to civilization they then formed a Foundation which would be legally responsible for the

distribution of all the wealth.

Simultaneous occurrence is complete implementation.

Eventually throughout history every country on the planet Earth, were the benefactors of the priceless coins.

At a later date each scientist checks their personal camera but there are no images of the young couple.