The Spirits:

Lie still. Relax. You’ve done too much,
-Ambitious creature!- dreamed too much…
And made yourself ill, with this to show?
Look at yourself. You’re doomed, alive.

Look… and see… remember well
That which you have forsaken
Is eternity so bare
That you would bear mortality?

For here, you could remain with us
And here, could lie forever

And yet, you’ve chosen to die.
For that is the cost of life in all its incarnations;
With no absolute, no base but balance.
Nothing can live unchanging,
And nothing eternal live past an instant

And to think of it! The shadow of Death overbearing, always the knowledge your time will end.
Not knowing how, or where, or when, or why…
That is the cost of being alive.

The Newborn:

But therein, brethren, lies the greatness,
That life could change, yet somehow persist.
And would always be something of challenge, unique
While amidst the familiar, the ages past

See in that Death, the greatest choice.
That we could sustain our lives as we pleased…
or encourage fate, and resk adventure.

That in the Valley of the Shadow of Death,

Each Light, for it,
Would be all the brighter