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Lightning is a lecture and an article from the charge ontology research project on the origin and constitution of lightning.

A lightning storm over England is imaged. Credit: Catalin Fatu.

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1 Complete the text:

A composite

spectrum is approximately a

law over at least the ≈ 5 decade wavenumber range 10-13 m-1 < wavenumber < 10-8 m-1 and that may extend to


2 True or False, Some lightning that occurs is actually positive charges moving downward to the Earth's surface.


3 Which of the following are associated with electromagnetics?

angular momentum transfer
solar wind
the baryon neutrino
charge neutralization

4 True or False, Like all elementary particles, the electron has a corresponding antiparticle of opposite spin but equal mass and charge (-1).


5 Spin-charge separation has which characteristics?

a chargon
a spinon
taking place inside solids
extremely tight confinement
neutron affinity
X-ray absorption

6 True or False, Cloud-to-cloud lightning occurs between charged portions of clouds with opposite sign.


7 TeV muons from gamma-ray primaries are rare because?

only produced by higher energy gamma rays
suppressed gamma-ray flux
decreasing flux at the source
GeV gamma rays
interstellar light

8 True or False, Some lightning strikes may be originated by cosmic rays.


9 Complete the text:

Charged-current charged pion production is a process in which a

interacts with an atomic

and produces a

, a charged

and recoiling nuclear fragments.

10 True or False, Antilightning is lightning spinning backward in time.



  1. Lightning is an effort by the Earth to balance charges impinging on the ionosphere from the solar wind.

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