Plant identification

The Plant identification project is for making quizzes where students can try to identify plants from photographs.

Individual pages can be transcluded to make quizzes. Be careful not to make the quiz pages too large, out of courtesy for our friends with slow connections.

How to make pages for individual plants


To start, just go to the Plant list page, and add the plant to the list there (in alphabetical order) using the following link style:

*[[../Scientific name/]]

This will create a "red link" to the subpage you want to create. Click on that red link, then paste the following onto the page:

<noinclude>Add this to a quiz page by copying and pasting 


| First image = 
| Second image = 
| Third image = 
| Fourth image = 
| Binomial = 
| Common name = 
| Wikipedia = 
| Wikibooks = 
| Commons = 

<noinclude>[[Category:Plant identification|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

Use just the individual page name for the image, the template will supply "File:" and the number of pixels, (and the image must exist in the File: namespace). For example:

Acer griseum0.jpg, not [[File:Acer griseum0.jpg]]

How to make quizzes


Quizzes can be made for any reason. For Wikiversity purposes, some will be created as adjuncts to the Bloom clock, but users are encouraged to make quizzes for any purpose, such as study aids for University or other classes.


  • Quiz 1 (Mid-Atlantic, USA: Winter)