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This is a contributed topic on major areas in theoretical and mathematical physics.

Mathematical and theoretical physics edit

Major, suggested areas are:

  1. Netwon's theory of Gravitation
  2. photoelectric effect and Einstein's explanation/ formulae
  3. Einstein's special relativity theory
  4. Einstein's General Relativity theory
  5. quantum mechanics;
  6. quantum field theories (QFT), TQFT and HQFT #algebraic and Axiomatic Quantum Field Theories (AQFT)
  7. quantum electrodynamics (QED)
  8. Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)
  9. quantum gravity (QG)
  10. quantum automata and Quantum Computing
  11. non-Abelian gauge theories
  12. Non-Abelian Quantum Algebraic Topology #Standard Model (SUSY)
  13. non-commutative geometry in QG and SUSY
  14. supersymmetry and supergravity theories
  15. Harmonic oscillator and coupled oscillator theories;
  16. fluid dynamics and Rheology;
  17. Kinetic theory of gases and Classical statistical mechanics #quantum statistical mechanics (QS)
  18. Theories in High energy physics and Elementary particles #Ergodic systems Information theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics #Complex system dynamics (CSD)
  19. Functional Analysis
  20. Chaotic Systems and Chaos
  21. non-Newtonian calculi #Mathematical and theoretical biophysics #Solid-State Theories: Semiconductors, Hall effect,Josephson effect, etc.
  22. Theories of superconductivity and superconductors
  23. Symmetry and quantum group theories
  24. Paracrystals and paracrystal theory
  25. Theories of Noncrystalline materials and glasses #Theories of Phase Transitions and Symmetry Breaking
  26. Ax
  27. Ay
  28. Az

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References edit

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