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Index of Algebraic GeometryEdit

Algebraic Geometry (AG), and non-commutative geometry/. On the other hand, there are also close ties between algebraic geometry and number theory.


Disciplines in algebraic geometryEdit

  1. Birational geometry, Dedekind \htmladdnormallink{domains {} and Riemann-Roch theorem}
  2. Homology and cohomology theories
  3. Algebraic groups: Lie groups, matrix group schemes,group machines, linear groups, generalizing Lie groups, representation theory
  4. Abelian varieties
  5. Arithmetic algebraic geometry
  6. duality #category theory applications in algebraic geometry
  7. indexes of category, functors and natural transformations
  8. Grothendieck's Descent theory
  9. `Anabelian Geometry' #Categorical Galois theory
  10. higher dimensional algebra (HDA)
  11. Quantum Algebraic Topology (QAT)
  12. Quantum Geometry
  13. computer algebra systems; an example is: explicit projective resolutions for finitely-generated modules over suitable rings


Cohomology is an essential theory in the study of complex manifolds. computations in cohomology studies of complex manifolds in algebraic geometry utilize similar computations to those of cohomology theory in algebraic topology: spectral sequences, excision, the Mayer-Vietoris sequence, etc.

  1. cohomology groups are defined and then cohomology functors associate Abelian groups to sheaves on a scheme; one may view such Abelian groups them as cohomology with coefficients in a scheme.
  2. Cohomology functors
  3. fundamental cohomology theorems
  4. A basic type of cohomology for schemes is the sheaf cohomology
  5. Whitehead groups, torsion and towers
  6. xyz

Seminars on Algebraic Geometry and Topos Theory (SGA)Edit

  1. SGA1
  2. SGA2
  3. SGA3
  4. SGA4
  5. SGA5
  6. SGA6
  7. SGA7

Algebraic varieties and the GAGA principleEdit

  1. new1x
  2. new2y
  3. new3z

Number theory applicationsEdit

Cohomology theoryEdit

  1. Cohomology group
  2. Cohomology sequence
  3. DeRham cohomology
  4. new4

Homology theoryEdit

  1. homology group #Homology sequence
  2. Homology complex
  3. new4

Duality in algebraic topology and category theoryEdit

  1. Tanaka-Krein duality
  2. Grothendieck duality
  3. categorical duality #tangled duality #DA5
  4. DA6
  5. DA7

Category theory applicationsEdit

  1. abelian categories
  2. topological category #fundamental groupoid functor #Categorical Galois theory
  3. non-Abelian algebraic topology #Group category
  4. groupoid category #  category
  5. topos and topoi axioms
  6. generalized toposes #Categorical logic and algebraic topology
  7. meta-theorems #Duality between spaces and algebras

Examples of CategoriesEdit

The following is a listing of categories relevant to algebraic topology:

  1. Algebraic categories
  2. Topological category
  3. Category of sets, Set
  4. Category of topological spaces
  5. category of Riemannian manifolds #Category of CW-complexes
  6. Category of Hausdorff spaces
  7. category of Borel spaces #Category of CR-complexes
  8. Category of graphs #Category of spin networks #Category of groups
  9. Galois category
  10. Category of fundamental groups #Category of Polish groups
  11. Groupoid category
  12. category of groupoids (or groupoid category)
  13. category of Borel groupoids #Category of fundamental groupoids
  14. Category of functors (or functor category)
  15. double groupoid category
  16. double category #category of Hilbert spaces #category of quantum automata #R-category #Category of algebroids #Category of double algebroids
  17. Category of dynamical systems

Index of functorsEdit

The following is a contributed listing of functors:

  1. Covariant functors
  2. Contravariant functors
  3. adjoint functors
  4. preadditive functors
  5. Additive functor
  6. representable functors
  7. Fundamental groupoid functor
  8. Forgetful functors
  9. Grothendieck group functor
  10. Exact functor
  11. Multi-functor
  12. section functors
  13. NT2
  14. NT3

Index of natural transformationsEdit

The following is a contributed listing of natural transformations:

  1. natural equivalence #Natural transformations in a 2-category #NT3
  2. NT1

Grothendieck proposalsEdit

  1. Esquisse d'un Programme

\item Pursuing Stacks

  1. S2
  2. S3

Descent theoryEdit

  1. D1
  2. D2
  3. D3

Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry (HDAG)Edit

  1. Categorical groups and supergroup algebras
  2. Double groupoid varieties
  3. Double algebroids
  4. Bi-algebroids
  5.  -algebroid
  6.  -category
  7.  -category
  8. super-category #weak n-categories of algebraic varieties
  9. Bi-dimensional Algebraic Geometry
  10. Anabelian Geometry
  11. Noncommutative geometry
  12. Higher-homology/cohomology theories
  13. H1
  14. H2
  15. H3
  16. H4

Axioms of cohomology theoryEdit

  1. A1
  2. A2
  3. A3

Axioms of homology theoryEdit

  1. A1
  1. A2
  2. A3

Quantum algebraic topology (QAT)Edit

(a). Quantum algebraic topology is described as the mathematical and physical study of \htmladdnormallink{general theories {} of quantum algebraic structures from the standpoint of algebraic topology, category theory and their non-Abelian extensions in higher dimensional algebra and supercategories}

  1. quantum operator algebras (such as: involution, *-algebras, or  -algebras, von Neumann algebras,

, JB- and JL- algebras,   - or C*- algebras,

  1. Quantum von Neumann algebra and subfactors; Jone's towers and subfactors
  2. Kac-Moody and K-algebras
  3. categorical groups
  4. Hopf algebras, quantum Groups and quantum group algebras
  5. quantum groupoids and weak Hopf  -algebras
  6. groupoid C*-convolution algebras and *-convolution algebroids
  7. quantum spacetimes and quantum fundamental groupoids
  8. Quantum double Algebras
  9. quantum gravity, supersymmetries, supergravity, superalgebras and graded `Lie' algebras #Quantum categorical algebra and higher--dimensional, Failed to parse (unknown function "\L"): {\displaystyle \L{}-M_n} - Toposes
  10. Quantum R-categories, R-supercategories and spontaneous symmetry breaking #Non-Abelian Quantum Algebraic Topology (NA-QAT): closely related to NAAT and HDA.

Quantum GeometryEdit

  1. Quantum Geometry overview
  2. Quantum non-commutative geometry


  1. new1x
  2. new2y


  1. new1x
  2. new2y


Textbooks and bibliograpiesEdit

Bibliography on Category theory, AT and QAT

Textbooks and Expositions:Edit

  1. A Textbook1
  2. A Textbook2
  3. A Textbook3
  4. A Textbook4
  5. A Textbook5
  6. A Textbook6
  7. A Textbook7
  8. A Textbook8
  9. A Textbook9
  10. A Textbook10
  11. A Textbook11
  12. A Textbook12
  13. A Textbook13
  14. new1x

All SourcesEdit



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